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Care should be taken to keep blankets dry to prevent health issues.

If blankets are worn are wet, horses may become susceptible to rain rot and blanket rubs.

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Prevent Health Issues with Centaur Heated Blanket Dryers

Written by: Aemilia Phillips
Client: Centaur
Release Date: 2015-06-28

Wellington, FL - June 29, 2015 - Storms, rain and snow can be challenging for horse owners, barn managers, and equestrians of all disciplines. Temperatures may be too wet or cold for horses to go without blankets, but the extra layers can create additional health risks.
Luckily, equine enthusiasts across North America now have access to Centaur Heated Blanket Dryers. After experiencing huge success in the often-rainy UK, Centaur has expanded across the Atlantic to provide a product that will keep horses warm, dry, comfortable and happy.

According to equine care experts, numerous health issues can occur when horses wear wet blankets. Primarily, the wetness reduces the ability of the hair to insulate the horse, and maintain a healthy body temperature.
But if wet or damp blankets are worn for an extended period of time, more serious health issues can arise. Wet hair and skin makes horses more susceptible to painful blanket rubs, which can develop into rain rot and other fungal infections underneath the blanket.
With Centaur Heated Blanket Dryers, however, the struggles of blanket management can be eliminated. Centaur Heated Blanket Dryers completely dry wet horse blankets in just a few hours, employing a method similar as a heated towel rail.
Regular clothes dryers aren't designed for horse blankets, and can easily damage the waterproof coatings. Centaur Heated Blanket Dryers provide a controlled and gentle system, employing a unique technology to dry blankets from the inside out. Using a Centaur dryer will preserve often expensive blankets for years to come, and over a long winter and rainy season, the dryer will pay for itself.

The uses of Centaur Dryers aren't limited to wet blankets. The product can be used to warm up an equine athlete before work, pamper horses on an extra cold day with a warmed blanket before turnout and sooth sore muscles after a tough workout.
Top athletes want the best for their equine partners. The best of the best international equestrians believe in Centaur and have joined the team as ambassadors. The group includes Olympic Gold Medalists Scott Brash and Charlotte Dujardin, eventing star William Fox Pitt, and Olympic Silver Medalist and Sam Griffiths.
Centaur knows winter can be tough for the riders as well as the horses, and that's why the company also manufactures a boot dryer, ideal for keeping boots warm and dry. Using thermostatically controlled, gently radiating heat, the dryer preserves the shape and prolongs the life of both riding and paddock footwear.


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