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Jake and Erin Haas with Coachella

Peter Pletcher, Ellen and John Eakin, and  
Thanks For The Gold

Mimi Gochman with Caldwell and Romance

Liz Atkins and Esconial

Tommi Clark and Extraordinaire

Lisa Jacquin and Chapel Z

Lisa Goldman and Centurion B

Leopoldo Palacios Jugo

Alliy Moyer and Carlson

Kelley Farmer and Mindful

Wilhelm Genn and Bugatti

Flintfields Sign

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Rave Reviews for the Inaugural Great Lakes Equestrian Festival

Written by: Aemilia Phillips
Client: Morrissey Management Group (MMG)
Release Date: 2015-08-11

Traverse City, MI - August 10, 2015 - Sunday, July 26 marked the last day of the inaugural Great Lakes Equestrian Festival. Hundreds of horses, riders, trainers, owners and staff called the Traverse City area home during the four-week circuit. But the excitement of the debut of the new show series, under the management of Stadium Jumping, Inc., is something that will long be remembered. The show closed with great excitement, receiving unanimous approval and accolades from the horse show community. In response, plans are underway to expand the series to seven weeks in 2016, with an additional three weeks in August, pending USEF approval.
Here's what attendees had to say:
"This show is outstanding. This is the best show we've been to because of the management and what Karin Flint has done for the industry.  This show is going to be nothing but bigger and better as time goes on. The way Stadium Jumping has put it together­­- that has been an unbelievable plus this year." - Jake Haas

"Everything looks great. We were nervous when the future of the show was up in the air, and were so happy and excited that it was continuing this year. We come every year and always love it here. I think it's going to benefit the facility and the horse show itself." - Peter Pletcher

"This is so exciting and I love this show, it's always fun for us to be here. The horses enjoy it here, it's just as nice for them as it is for us. They can go and graze outside the barns and we can ride them on the trails. That's my favorite part." - Mimi Gochman

"I was looking for a new place to go in July. I had never been here and everyone was telling me how amazing it is, so I thought, 'Why not give it a go?' and it is a beautiful, amazing facility. I love it." - Liz Atkins

"It is so beautiful and even though we are all the way in California, we will definitely be coming back next year." - Tommi Clark

"We are glad to be back. It is beautiful here, and having Stadium Jumping managing the show is wonderful. I have always been a fan of Stadium Jumping. When you go to a lot of horse shows, good management makes a difference. I am glad they are here, and I think they are going to do great things."- Lisa Jacquin

"I've loved this horse show. The new management has been great this year, and they really figured out the footing. It's been better this year than the past 10 years. I think they've really nailed all of the little details, like the exhibitors' party with Josh Davis, and the food and beverages in the VIP. It's been really well done!" - Lisa Goldman

"Nowadays there are more rings in the middle of cities and in places that don't fit with horses. Horses need to be in nature. A place like this gives a lot for the sport; everywhere you look there are nice trees and nature. Here, its green, green, green! It's beautiful. The designers of this property used the topography and landscaped it very well around nature and this is a very important aspect for me." - Leopoldo Palacios Jugo

"I think it is so beautiful up here and the facility is great. I have been coming up here since I was a kid. When we get done early we get out on the water. It is just a great place to be." - Alliy Moyer

"I'm thrilled. We will definitely be back next year. I love the management, the courses, everything about the whole horse show. There was a whole different aura about the place this year." - Kelley Farmer.

"We have really enjoyed the competition. Everyone was super nice from the horse show office to management, and even Mike who does the footing, has asked us how the footing is working. It has been a very personalized experience." -  Wilhelm Genn

 "I'm thrilled from the response and how wonderful the staff has been. It has been seamless. Everyone has said, 'We loved it. We've already made our reservations to come back. To me, it's been a wonderful experience." -
Karin Flint, owner of Flintfields Horse Park

"It was a great first year. We want to thank our sponsors, exhibitors, trainers, owners, staff, officials and our Traverse City partners for helping to create a great experience. We look forward to producing great equestrian sport and creating lifetime summer memories." - Matt Morrissey, Show Manager, Stadium Jumping, Inc.

Dates for next year's Great Lakes Equestrian Festival are set for July 6-31 with an additional three weeks in August pending USEF approval.

Click here for more information about Great Lakes Equestrian Festival.
If you would like to purchase your photos from the Great Lakes Equestrian Festival contact go to Diana Hadsall's website by clicking here.


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