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Scott Brash and Hello Sanctos love their Centaur Dryer.

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Centaur Heated Blanket Dryers to Offer Blanket Warming for Horses at the CP National Horse Show

Written by: Carrie Wirth
Client: Centaur
Release Date: 2015-09-21

With low temperatures typically dipping down to 30 degrees, there will be a nip in the air at the CP National Horse Show at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky that runs from Oct. 27 - Nov.1. Fortunately, Centaur Heated Blanket Dryers will be on hand to offer a complimentary service to help horses feel warm and cozy and to help warm their muscles before competition. Centaur will set up a blanket warming station in the CP National Horse Show barn area and offer the free blanket warming services on a first-come-first-serve basis.  

The Centaur Blanket Dryer was developed to deal with a challenge horse people face: what to do with wet blankets. Why throw them over a stall wall and wait an eternity for them to dry? Why clutter the barn with smelly, wet blankets? Dry your blankets the best way, with a useful, tidy and portable Centaur Blanket Dryer.
The Dryers work beautifully as a blanket warmer as well. The universality of Centaur Heated Blanket Driers makes them perfect for rainy days, chilly morning turn-outs, and post work out muscle relief.
Following Centaur's success in the U.K., known for its damp climate, the internationally acclaimed Blanket Dryer premiered in the United States a year ago. Centaur understands the unique needs of the horse community, and also offers a gentle, thermostatically controlled boot dryer. Like the blanket dryer, the Centaur boot dryer is specifically manufactured to maintain the shape and prolong the life of footwear and other horse-specific equipment.
Top athletes want the absolute best for their equine partners, and their equipment. That is why the world's top riders rely on Centaur Blanket Dryers. Rolex Grand Slam winner and Olympic Gold Medalist Scott Brash counts on Centaur Dryers to make sure his grand prix champions Hello Sanctos and Hello Forever are as comfortable as possible.
"Just letting you know how thankful I am for the dryer," Brash said upon its delivery. "I must have washed and fully dried over 30 blankets in a day and a half!"
The Centaur Blanket Dryers and Boot Dryers can be found in the world's most well appointed tack rooms. Top riders and barns across all equestrian disciplines recognize the value of Centaur Heated Blanket Dryers. In addition to Brash, some of the world's most acclaimed international competitors are ambassadors, including Olympic Gold Medalist and World Cup Finals winner Charlotte Dujardin. She pampers her Valegro with perfectly clean and warmed blankets, thanks to the Centaur Blanket Dryer.
Regular clothes driers are not designed for horse blankets, and can easily damage the waterproof coatings. This unique towel-rail like technology dries blankets from the inside out in a controlled and gentle system that warms and preserves the life of often expensive blankets - a must-have for the rainy and cold season.
Competitors, stop by the warming station at the CP National Horse Show and see for yourself!
Click here for more information on Centaur.


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