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EquiView360 Announces U.S. Launch of First-Ever Total Equine Monitoring System in Wellington

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EquiView360 Announces U.S. Launch of First-Ever Total Equine Monitoring System in Wellington

Written by: Taylor Renner
Client: EquiView360
Release Date: 2016-03-30

Wellington, Fla. – March 30, 2016 – In 2010, a team of highly skilled engineers in Spain first established EquiView360 (known as GesEQ in Europe) with the goal of creating a product that could optimize and control a horse's health and wellness in the most efficient way using state-of-the-art applications and technology.
Since then, the patented smart camera early distress detection and notification system grew rapidly in popularity among equestrian communities in Spain and all around Europe. Now, for the first time ever, EquiView360 is offering peace of mind to U.S. equestrians with their complete equine wellness and monitoring system launching in Wellington, Florida.
The EquiView360 patented early distress detection system analyzes your horse's health and wellness 24/7 and sends alerts if any abnormal behavior is detected. The EquiView360 software analyzes, on a real-time basis, your horse's detailed activity, movements, behaviors, silhouette and sounds. It combines them with both user input data specific to the horse (feed, status of work, vaccines, etc.) as well as environmental factors and uses algorithms developed over years of testing to create an individualized wellness index for the horse.
When the horse's wellness index reaches a user-defined threshold, warning or alarm, the system automatically sends an alert or notification to the caretaker list. As the system continuously monitors your horse, its artificial intelligence "learns" your horse's normal behavioral patterns, which then allows the system to detect distress at its earliest symptoms to allow early intervention from serious and life-threatening health risks such as colic, being cast, foaling, etc.
In addition, the EquiView360 application stores, manages and controls data regarding all of the daily care and performance on each horse, facilitating efficient and professional management as well as enabling owners and caretakers to understand a horse's health and wellness in the most in-depth and comprehensive way possible. The application offers features that allow users to log important health information, documents and records such as vaccinations and worming, schedule tasks and reminders, generate reports, track competition results, store training information, organize feed inventory and much more!
The video surveillance system permits users to monitor a horse 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Take a look inside your barn from anywhere at anytime through your smartphone, tablet or desktop with real-time streaming. Camera surveillance can be installed, not only in your horse's stall using the smart early distress detection monitoring software, but also in the barn entrance, tack rooms, feed rooms — wherever you want — to provide added security and peace of mind. The EquiView360 cameras even possess night vision capabilities and record and archive up to seven days of downloadable footage to view through the application.
EquiView360 is a comprehensive tool designed to help you and your horse succeed in every aspect. The EquiView360 team believes that what makes a good owner, rider and caretaker is the ability to always be thinking in the best interest of the horse and its welfare.
The EquiView360 team has dedicated itself to this vision — to improve the health, wellness and performance of our horses — and the result is the EquiView360 application, early distress detection monitoring program and video surveillance system. The EquiView360 smart technology uses every detail, large and small, to analyze your horse and its health and wellness. Control over the detailed management of a horse promotes wellness and optimal performance — the ultimate mission of EquiView360.
Get EquiView360 today and enjoy peace of mind knowing that EquiView360 will always keep you and your horse connected, whether you're out for the evening, traveling, at the office or simply relaxing at home. Let EquiView360 help you and your horse reach your highest potential!
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About EquiView360:
EquiView360, known as GesEQ in Europe, is a revolutionary way to manage your horses' total wellness and performance in one easy-to-use system. Watch your horse from any device 24/7 with the patented smart camera early distress detection and notification system. Access the remote live streaming view from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Store daily care details and facilitate caretaker communication critical for optimized wellness and performance. All of this and more in one integrated system. EquiView360 is dedicated to empowering equine wellness!


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