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Nicholas Fyffe and David Marcus, owners of Marcus Fyffe Dressage, have partnered with EquiView360 as the first U.S. brand ambassadors.

Marcus Fyffe Dressage Named First U.S. Brand Ambassador for EquiView360

Nicholas Fyffe and David Marcus using their laptop to check in on their horses through the EquiView360 application.

EquiView360 installed at Stillpoint Farm.

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Marcus Fyffe Dressage Named First U.S. Brand Ambassador for EquiView360

Written by: Taylor Renner
Client: EquiView360
Release Date: 2016-04-15

Wellington, Fla. – April 15, 2016 – The world's first cloud-based, patented smart camera early distress detection video surveillance system created just for equines is finally here! EquiView360 (also known as GesEQ in Europe) has been revolutionizing the way equestrian owners and caretakers manage and control their horses' health and wellness using state-of-the-art applications and technology since its inception in Spain in 2010.

This innovative and comprehensive product, which analyzes a horse's health and wellness 24/7 and sends alerts if any abnormal behavior is detected, has taken off in popularity since its original debut, with some of the most distinguished barns in Europe trusting EquiView360 to keep a careful watch over their horses at all times. With EquiView360's recent launch in the U.S. in Wellington, Florida, equestrians are excited to enjoy the same peace of mind Europeans have been experiencing for years with the total equine monitoring system.

Already catching the interest of top riders in Wellington, EquiView360 is excited to announce its partnership with Marcus Fyffe Dressage as the first U.S. brand ambassador of EquiView360.

Olympian David Marcus of Canada and international Grand Prix competitor Nicholas Fyffe of Australia have merged their businesses to create Marcus Fyffe Dressage. Based year-round at world-class Stillpoint Farm in the heart of Wellington's equestrian scene, Marcus Fyffe Dressage provides outstanding care for horses and personalized training for riders of all experience levels in a positive and professional environment. Their commitment to quality and an adaptable, goal-oriented approach have paid off with an impressive record of top results for themselves and their clients.

"I think, for me, the most exciting thing about EquiView360 is the alert notifications," said Marcus. "Anyone who has been in the equestrian business long enough has dealt with colic and other health issues. A system that can help with early distress detection is really exciting and gives peace of mind. Being able to check in on the horses when you are away from the barn at any time, in addition to the custom wellness notifications, is one of the most impressive things to me."

Fyffe added, "Living in Wellington, this is the first time I have not lived on the property with my horses. With EquiView360, I still have the comfort in that I am able to check on them whenever I want."

The EquiView360 team has dedicated itself to the vision of improving the health, wellness and performance of horses, and the result is the EquiView360 application, early distress detection monitoring program and video surveillance system. The EquiView360 smart camera technology uses every detail, large and small, to analyze a horse and its health and wellness. Control over the detailed management of a horse promotes wellness and optimal performance — the ultimate mission of EquiView360.

Marcus Fyffe Dressage strives to achieve this same overall mission. Their careful attention to detail and reputation for professional, world-class care and management of their horses make them a perfect fit as brand ambassadors for EquiView360.

"We are thrilled to have Marcus Fyffe Dressage as brand ambassadors for EquiView360," said EquiView360 North American and Latin American General Manager Susan Feeney. "David Marcus and Nicholas Fyffe form an innovative and forward-thinking team that is focused on helping dressage riders reach their personal goals. An important part of their success is focused on managing the health and well being of their horses in order to optimize their overall sports performance. Those values and the fact that they are among the best dressage riders/trainers in the world, we believe, represent the right image for our brand."

Get EquiView360 today and enjoy peace of mind knowing that EquiView360 will always keep you and your horse connected, whether you're out for the evening, traveling, at the office or simply relaxing at home. Let EquiView360 help you and your horse reach your highest potential!

For more information on Marcus Fyffe Dressage, please visit

Like EquiView360 on Facebook here and contact Susan Feeney for a personalized quote today at or 866-242-3818.


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