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Debbie Witty of Trilogy Saddles

Debbie Witty of Trilogy Saddles

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Marcus Fyffe Dressage Supported Through Another Season by Trilogy Saddles

Written by: Annan Hepner
Client: Marcus Fyffe Dressage
Release Date: 2016-04-28

Wellington, FL - April 28, 2016 - It truly takes a team to excel in high performance dressage, and Marcus Fyffe Dressage relies on generous sponsors to help their success. Among their valued supporters is Trilogy Saddles. David Marcus and Nicholas Fyffe, both international Grand Prix dressage trainers, spend hours in the saddle on a daily basis, so comfort, performance, and functionality of their saddles are paramount. Trilogy owner Debbie Witty is based in Wellington, Florida, and has been working with Marcus and Fyffe for years.

Witty is a certified saddle fitter from the Society of Master Saddlers of England. After recognizing an opportunity in the marketplace for a saddle line that addressed the needs of each individual horse and rider, Witty developed her line of Trilogy Saddles.
"As professionals, we are riding many horses every day," Fyffe said. "We need to be sitting in comfortable saddles that fit perfectly in order to do our jobs really well. Trilogy has different models that fit many different body types of both horse and rider."  
Having a comfortable, well fit saddle can make all the difference for the horse and rider, and Marcus Fyffe Dressage focuses on each piece of the puzzle in order to help clients achieve a successful partnership for their horses.
"They are really thorough. They work with all different levels of riders with all sorts of levels of horses," Witty said. "David and Nicholas help their students with their tack and much more. They look at the overall picture rather than just what's in front of them for the 45-minute lesson."
What differentiates the work of David Marcus and Nicholas Fyffe is their attention to detail as well as their consistent support of their students through high standards not only in training, but in care as well.
"They are really invested in the whole package of the horse and rider so that the rider learns as much as possible and the horse is as comfortable as possible," Witty said. "When they are off the horse they are as much invested in their well being as when they are riding. They pay attention to all of the details."

Trilogy Dressage Saddles are built in England by some of the most experienced craftsmen in the world. They feature a British tree made of laminated beech wood and a specially tanned hide from England that offers the rider an elastic broken-in feel.
Witty's 20 saddle fitters across the U.S. benefit from ongoing training in new techniques and methods of evaluation, ensuring they are well equipped to find the best fit for horse and rider.

"Debbie gets it right every time," Marcus said. "In our business, we look to work with people who are the best at what they do, and I really believe Debbie is. In the years working with Debbie, we have never had a horse or rider that she couldn't make happy. That speaks volumes to me."


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