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Margie Engle and Quervo Gold

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Margie Engle Masters World Equestrian Games Trials with One-Two Finish

Written by: Jenny Ross Koning
Client: Morrissey Management Group (MMG)
Release Date: 2006-03-25

Jenny Ross and Jenny Kappler for Phelps Media Group, Inc. International

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Photo Credit: Margie Engle and Quervo Gold. Photo By: Ken Braddick/HorseSport USA

Margie Engle Masters World Equestrian Games Trials with One-Two Finish

Wellington, FL – March 25, 2006 – Today’s fourth and fifth classes of the World Equestrian Games (WEG) Selection Trials concluded a week of grueling competition at the Palm Beach Polo Equestrian Club in Wellington, Florida. After five intense rounds in the Internationale Arena over courses designed by Leopoldo Palacios-Jugo of Venezuela, Margie Engle of Wellington, Florida successfully paved her road to the World Equestrian Games.

Held under FEI Table A Article 238.1.1, the two classes allowed each rider to compete with two horses, and the time taken on course broke ties for today’s placings and prize money distributions. For the WEG selection process, faults are cumulative throughout the trials, and the time on course is not a determining factor. The 2006 World Equestrian Games will be held in Aachen, Germany, on August 20th through September 3rd.

After the first three classes, Wyndhurst Stables’ Quervo Gold and Margie Engle topped the leaderboard. Engle remained on top today after a one fault finish in Trial Four and a five fault score over the Trial Five course. Accumulating an overall score of 11 faults, Engle and Quervo Gold were crowned the winners; however, Engle’s trump revealed a one-two finish for both of her mounts. Engle’s stellar performance today with Hidden Creek’s Wapino, who lowered the height of one rail in each class, elevated the chestnut gelding, owned by Hidden Creek Farm, into second place in the overall standings with a total score of 17 faults.

“I was really happy with the way that both horses jumped all week,” commented Engle. “I started the trials worried about Quervo Gold’s stamina, but he had plenty of energy. Today the ground was really getting to Hidden Creek’s Wapino.”

As both the forerunner and second place finisher in the current rankings, Engle has an impressive choice to make regarding who her equine partner will be in Aachen, Germany. When asked about which horse she prefers to take, Engle replied, “Maybe I will take both horses to Europe and see who is going better after showing there. I need to discuss it with their owners and think about it myself. [Hidden Creek’s] Perin will go to Europe to show for sure.” She concluded with a grin, “It’s a loaded question.”

Laura Kraut of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, and Miss Independent, owned by the Miss Independent Group, rank third overall with a score of 19 faults in the WEG Trial Standings. The ten year old mare lowered one rail in Trial Four and acquired only one time fault over the fifth course.

“All the rails that I had with Miss Independent this week were from rider errors,” admitted Kraut, “I am so proud of her and how she jumped.” Kraut’s one time fault in Trial Five won her the blue ribbon in the class and tied her with Kimberly Prince and Couletto K. James. Prince’s horse, owned by Overlook Farm, tripped the timers at the exact same speed as Miss Independent, leaving both riders with identical times of 72.69 seconds and identical blue ribbon placings.

In the overall rankings, Lauren Hough and Casadora, owned by Laura Mateo, occupy fourth place. The Wellington, Florida resident expressed, “Today was not a good day. Casadora was very foot sore; she is a flat-footed horse and was not the same horse today as she was this week. However, I was happy with how she jumped in the triple combination.” After leading Trials One and Two and earning 10th in the third trial, the pair finished 14th in Trial Four and 10th in Trial Five.

Sitting in the fifth slot overall is Candice King and Joan Kalman’s horse Tarco. The horse and rider combination finished fourth in Trial Four with just one time fault and captured sixth place in Trial Five after an unfortunate knockdown. A smiling Candice King stated, “I knew that Tarco had all of the scope and ability needed to do well, but was missing the experience.”

She added, “My goal for the summer was to make the B-Team. I got Tarco as a five year old, and he is ten now. I have really loyal supporters who have stuck with us through ups and downs.” King concluded, “This week was an endurance test; I thought that Leopaldo asked all the important questions with his courses this week.”

Christine McCrea and Promised Land, owned by Candy Tribble, are sixth in the overall standings and achieved two third place finishes today. McCrea ranked third in Trial Four with one of three clear rounds on course and produced another great ride in Trial Five with only a four fault penalty. Ranked seventh in the WEG standings is Molly Ashe and Neuville, owned by Jane F. Clark, who completed the trials with a total of 26 faults.

The WEG Selection Trials are part of the World Equestrian Games Show Jumping Team selection process; however, they do not guarantee placement on the United States team. The team is determined by a Selection Committee who evaluated the performances of horse and rider combinations over time. On Sunday, March 26th, the Selection Committee will choose six horse and rider combinations according to the WEG Selection Trial results and award two additional Wild Cards. Two Wild Cards have already been offered to Beezie Madden and Authentic and McLain Ward and Sapphire.

Results for USEF WEG Selection Trial #4
1. Languester, Nona Garson: 0/ 75.17
Ryan Automotive
2. Ilian, Schuyler Riley: 0/ 76.41
South Beach Stable
3. Promised Land, Christine McCrea: 0/ 76.58
Candy Tribble
4. Tarco, Candice King: 1/ 78.04
Joan Kalman
5. Quervo Gold, Margie Engle; 1/ 78.60
Wyndhurst Stables
6. Hidden Creek’s Wapino, Margie Engle: 4/ 74.98
Hidden Creek Farm
7. Anthem, Laura Kraut: 4/ 76.83
Summit Syndicate
8. Armani, Jeffery Welles: 4/ 77.25
Kimmel Yager Equine
9. Neuville, Molly Ashe: 4/ 77.38
Jane F. Clark
10. Miss Independent, Laura Kraut: 5/ 78.54
Miss Independent Group
11. Nottingham, Schuyler Riley: 5/ 80.86
South Beach Stable
12. Quarco V’T Merelsnest, Robin Sweely: 5/ 81.02
Acorn Hill Farm
13. DeSilvio, Beezie Madden: 9/ 78.17
Abigail S. Wexner
14. Casadora, Lauren Hough: 9/ 78.40
Laura Mateo
15. Clasiko, Lauren Hough: 9/ 79.54
Clasiko Graoup
16. Roxana 112, Anne Kursinski: 9/ 79.92
Scott Hakim
17. Couletto K. James, Kimberly Prince: 12/ 76.41
Overlook Farm
18. Cim Christo, Georgina Bloomberg: 16/76.64
Gotham Enterprizes
19. Quilano de Kalvarie, Cara Rather: 17/ 80.75
Trelawny Farm

Results for USEF WEG Selection Trial #5
T1. Miss Independent, Laura Kraut: 1/ 72.69
Miss Independent Group
T1. Couletto K. James, Kimberly Prince: 1/ 72.69
Overlook Farm
3. Promised Land, Christine McCrea: 4/ 68.16
Candy Tribble
4. Hidden Creek’s Wapino, Margie Engle: 4/ 69.09
Hidden Creek Farm
5. DeSilvio, Beezie Madden: 4/ 69.23
Abigail S. Wexner
6. Tarco, Candice King: 4/ 69.80
Joan Kalman
7. Neuville, Molly Ashe: 5/ 71.84
Jane F. Clark
8. Quervo Gold, Margie Engle: 5/ 72.13
Wyndhurst Stables
9. Armani, Jeffery Welles: 9/ 71.80
Kimmel Yager Equine
10. Casadora, Lauren Hough: 9/ 73.21
Laura Mateo
11. Roxana 112, Anne Kursinski: 9/ 74.55
Scott Hakim
12. Quarco V’T Merelsnest, Robin Sweely: 10/ 77.60
Acorn Hill Farm
13. Ilian, Schuyler Riley: 12/ 70.76
South Beach Stable
14. Anthem, Laura Kraut: 13/ 73.60
Summit Syndicate
15. Cim Christo, Georgina Bloomberg: 13/ 74.63
Gotham Enterprizes
16. Languester, Nona Garson: 13/ 74.74
Ryan Automotive

World Equestrian Games Selection Trials Standings

Rider Horse Trial 1 Faults Trial 2 Faults Trial 3
Faults Trial
Faults Trial
5 Faults Total
1 Engle, Margie Quervo Gold 1 0 4 1 5 11
2 Engle, Margie Hidden Creek’s Wapino 5 4 0 4 4 17
3 Kraut, Laura Miss Independent 5 8 0 5 1 19
4 Hough, Lauren Casadora 1 0 4 9 9 23
5 King, Candice Tarco 15 4 0 1 4 24
6 McCrea, Christine Promised Land 5 8 8 0 4 25
7 Ashe, Molly Neuville 9 0 8 4 5 26
T8 Garson, Nona Languester 1 8 5 0 13 27
T8 Welles, Jeffery Armani 6 4 4 4 9 27
10 Riley, Schuyler Ilian 4 8 4 0 12 28
11 Madden, Beezie DeSilvio 5 8 4 9 4 30
12 Sweely, Robin Quarco V’T Merelsnest 10 0 8 5 10 33
13 Prince, Kimberly Couletto K. James 4 12 8 12 1 37
14 Kursinski, Anne Roxana 112 4 8 8 9 9 38
15 Kraut, Laura Anthem 9 16 4 4 13 46
16 Bloomberg, Georgina Cim Christo 10 16 0 16 13 55
17 Hough, Lauren Clasiko 16 8 0 9 33 66
18 Riley, Schuyler Nottingham 10 13 16 5 33 77
19 Kursinski, Anne Lorenzo 6 12 16 37 33 104
20 Sweely, Robin Discovery 10 25 16 37 33 121
21 Reather, Cara Quilano De Kalvarie 9 28 36 17 33 123
22 Baird, Cody Poleander 41 17 12 37 33 140
23 Bloomberg, Georgina Riviera 7 48 36 37 33 161
24 King, Candice Coco Cabana 13 48 36 37 33 167

Photo Credit: Margie Engle and Quervo Gold. Photo By: Ken Braddick/HorseSport USA


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