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Siempre and Hugo Huesca gallop to victory in the $30,000 Stillwell-Hansen Grand Prix at the Monmouth County Horse Show in Freehold, NJ

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Local Favorite Hugo Huesca Edges Laura Chapot in $30,000 Stillwell Hansen Grand Prix at Monmouth County Horse Show

Written by: Kenneth Kraus
Client: Monmouth County Horse Show
Release Date: 2006-08-20

Kenneth Kraus for Phelps Media Group, Inc.

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PHOTO CREDIT: Siempre and Hugo Huesca gallop to victory in the $30,000 Stillwell-Hansen Grand Prix at the Monmouth County Horse Show in Freehold, NJ. Photo ©2006 by Randi Muster. Photo my only be used in connection with this press release.

Local Favorite Hugo Huesca Edges Laura Chapot in $30,000 Stillwell Hansen Grand Prix at Monmouth County Horse Show

Freehold, NJ – August 20, 2006 – The overnight rains cleared out by early Sunday morning, and the sun was shining brightly at one o’clock, the start time for $30,000 Stillwell-Hansen Grand Prix, the main event at the 111th Annual Monmouth County Horse Show at East Freehold Park in New Jersey.

It was standing room only as an excellent Sunday afternoon crowd gathered at the Stillwell-Hansen Arena for the grand finale of this year’s show. The class was scored under USEF Table II, Sec 2 a, Time First Jump-Off. Germantown, Tennessee’s Blake Alder designed the challenge for today’s thirty-two starters.

Only eight of the thirty-two managed to negotiate the first round track fault free. The course featured 12 numbered obstacles with 15 jumping efforts, with the triple combination at the conclusion of the course proving to be the toughest part of the challenge. Of the twelve horse and rider combinations that had a single knockdown, seven came down at that final line of oxer, oxer, vertical at 12-A-B-C. Seven duos had two knockdowns, two had twelve, and four had sixteen or more or were eliminated.

The jump-off started with the same first three fences from round one. A long gallop from 1 to 2, and a tight rollback to 3 was followed by a gallop around the bottom of the ring to 6, a big yellow oxer. Then a left hand rollback to 7A and 7B, two tall verticals. The jump-off ended with a long gallop around the top of the ring to fence 8, a big red, white and blue oxer in front of the VIP Pavilion.

Callen Solem, the first to master the course, led the way back for the tiebreaker with Gael Force, owned by Drumacross Farm. Solem picked up two rails as she scooted around the short course, cruising home with eight faults in 39.862 seconds. Linda Sheridan followed and took the lead on Newsprint Farm’s Holography. Pulling just one rail, Sheridan crossed the finish line with four faults in 38.314 seconds.

Defending champion Laura Chapot, although failing to get last year’s winner Sprite into the jump-off, did qualify last year’s runner up Samantha, owned by the Sundance Group. Chapot didn’t disappoint the boisterous crowd as she scored the first clear round of the speed phase, coming home clear in a fast 36.080 seconds.

Cody Auer, with two chances in the jump-off was next. She scored four faults on her first mount, Jolie Dame du Marais. Auer’s time was 40.677 seconds.

Following Auer, Ken Berkley on Carlos Boy, owned by Alexa Weisman, appeared to have a top three finish locked up, but after jumping the final fence, he missed the timers on landing, and was scored with four faults. His eventual time was 47.206 seconds. The error would bump him down to sixth place.

Then it was time for the most popular and exciting ride of the day.

Hugo Huesca, based in nearby Farmingdale, New Jersey, and with a huge throng of fans in the stands, returned next with the veteran grand prix horse Siempre. Huesca flew from 1 to 2, made excellent cuts where he needed them, and won the class with a flat out gallop to the final fence. When the scoreboard flashed up the time of 36.051 seconds, Huesca’s following erupted as one, cheering for the narrowest of wins, a 29/100th of a second margin over Samantha and Laura Chapot.

Helen Goddard with Naritas scored four following Huesca, and Cody Auer with Okida had the time (35.734) but had two knockdowns along the way.

“I’ve been in this country for seventeen years. I have a farm locally in Farmingdale, NJ, and this is my most exciting day ever,” said Huesca following a victory lap that had the crowd on their feet. Then Huesca spoke of his biggest and most gratifying win. “I’ve had many other placings, but this is only my second grand prix win, and certainly my biggest win ever,” he noted. “This is the horse show that is closest to my home. It’s the best feeling. So many people have come here to watch me, and my students were watching and cheering for me. It just feels great.”

Olympian Anne Kursinski helps Huesca, and was thrilled with today’s performance. “He was so smooth. Hugo knows how to go fast. He’s Mexican, and I think it’s that Latin blood that makes him go so fast,” she laughed. “But sometimes he gets too excited and get’s his tongue over the bit, so today I said, ‘just be cool.’ And he was, it was just a beautiful, smooth clear go.”

Huesca admitted that Kursinski’s assessment was correct. “That’s true, sometimes I get a little over excited,” he laughed. “But, I had to be fast because Laura is a very fast rider, and it’s tough to beat her most of the time. But I had to be careful to win. For sure I won it on the gallop to the final fence.”

“He’s a wonderful horseman,” Kursinski added. “His flat work is superb, his basics are great, he works hard, and I’m just thrilled for him. He tries too hard and sometimes he’s too hard on himself, but today he was perfect.”

Chapot knew that she was vulnerable after her ride to the final fence. “I thought I was very fast to the first three jumps and then I kind of let up on the gas, particularly to the last fence,” she said. “And she jumped way up in the air over that fence, so I knew that someone who was faster to the last fence would probably beat me. And I knew Hugo had a fast horse. I was worried about him. But I’m happy with second two years in a row,” she said with a smile and then added, “It’s Samantha’s third second place finish this year to go along with one win. It’s been a pretty good year.”

Results Class 159 $30,000 Stillwell Hansen Grand Prix-Table II Sec. 2a-Time First Jump-Off
Monmouth County Horse Show-August 20, 2006

1 447 SIEMPRE HUGO HUESCA 0.00 78.130 0.00 36.051 $9000
2 350 SAMANTHA LAURA CHAPOT 0.00 75.561 0.00 36.080 $6600
3 523 NARITAS HELEN GODDARD 0.00 78.263 4.00 37.614 $3900
4 4 HOLOGRAPHY LINDA SHERIDAN 0.00 78.985 4.00 38.314 $2400
5 431 JOLIE DAME DU MARIAS CODY AUER 0.00 80.605 4.00 40.677 $1800
6 724 CARLOS BOY KEN BERKLEY 0.00 79.928 4.00 47.206 $1500
7 432 OKIDO CODY AUER 0.00 77.878 8.00 35.734 $1200
8 627 GAEL FORCE CALLAN SOLEM 0.00 77.583 8.00 39.862 $900
9 776 PERQUIN DARRAGH KERINS 4.00 74.305 $900
10 109 LOUISIANA SLOANE COLES 4.00 77.089 $600
11 140 URITHMIC BRIANNE GOUTAL 4.00 77.211 $600
12 392 NIGHT TRAIN DARRAGH KERINS 4.00 77.408 $600

Beacon Hill Riders Master Low and High Junior-Amateur Owner Jumper Classics

Out of a pool of 15 entries, ten horse and rider combinations jumped fault free over the first round course of the High Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumper Classic. The course was held under a Table II, 2 (a), Time First Jump Off, format with a time allowed of 87 seconds.

Only three riders jumped clear rounds over the short course, with Brianne Goutal taking the lead in a time of 26.652 seconds. Goutal of New York, NY, piloted Mon Gamin, who is owed by Cloverleaf Farm. She trains with Frank and Stacia Madden at Beacon Hill Show Stables in Colts Neck, NJ.

“This is the sixth classic that he’s won in a row,” reported Goutal with a grin. “I got to watch the Low Juniors go over the same course beforehand, and it wasn’t as easy as I thought it was going to be. The ring is pretty square, and the jumps were high enough. He hasn’t done the Highs in a little while. There were a couple awkward lines, for example 4 to 5 AB. If you didn’t stay out, you came in at a really funny angle. My sister Clementine had messed that turn up earlier on her first horse, so I knew I really needed to pay attention to that. So, I guess I should thank her,” she said with a laugh. “The verticals were tall enough, the triple was big enough, and I was really happy with how the horse jumped.”

When asked about Mon Gamin, Goutal disclosed, “He is ten this year. I bought him as a six year old, and I did him in the Low Juniors. In 2004, I rode him in the High Juniors at Palm Beach, and he won a couple classes.” She added with a giggle, “Then Clementine stole him from me, and she did him in the Lows for a little while. I took him back just this year. I just love him. He’s been great. He’s a lot less green than I remember, and he turns so much better now. He’s a stiff horse, but he always tries so hard that it doesn’t matter. He goes in the ring every time to win.”

“He’s a little funny to ride because he’s stiff in the mouth, but he reacts,” she described of her horse. “And you have to keep kicking, keep kicking, keep kicking- like you’re riding a pony. But he’s very careful, so you never have to worry about pushing him too hard because he’s always going to get to the jump and hold himself off the jump. So the only thing you ever have to worry about is keeping a leg on him.”

Charlotte Henderson aboard Spellbound jumped clean in the tie breaker and broke the beam in 27.812, which held for second place. Christy Distefano and her mount Upper Cut finished in the third spot with a clear go and time of 28.195.

Two other riders, Nicole Lakin and Maria Schaub, gave it a good run and had fast times; however, both riders tallied faults because of their speed. Lakin guided Double H Farm’s Alaska into the fourth spot after lowering the height of one fence. She crossed the finish line in 26.015 seconds. Schaub rode Marga, owned by Beacon Hill Partners, for sixth after picking up eight faults and a final time of 26.402 seconds.

The Low Junior/Amateur Owner Classic, also held under a Table II, 2 (a), Time First Jump Off, format had 27 competitors in the line up. Out of the starting order, ten riders qualified for the jump off after completing the course without fault and within the 87 second time allowed.

In the jump off, Jessica Springsteen and La Movida set the pace with a fast, clear time of 27.046 seconds. La Movida is owned by Stone Hill Farm of Colts Neck, NJ. Springsteen also rides at Beacon Hill Show Stables with Frank and Stacia Madden. She held the lead until Maria Schaub and Manhattan gave it their all and surpassed Springsteen’s time, stopping the clock in 26.896 seconds. Eleanor Bright’s Manhattan and Schaub train with Beacon Hill as well.

“The course had a fun jump-off for the kids,” said trainer Stacia Madden. “The first round had some options that they needed to take in order to stay within the time allowed. I think both Maria and Jessie are seasoned enough jumper riders that having to do those inside turns did not fluster them at all. Maria is on a new mount. This is her first show doing the Low Juniors with this horse, so I was really happy to see her have the confidence in the horse that she did to put him on the winning track and have it go her way.”

“Jessie is just making the transition up from the Children’s Jumpers to the Low Juniors,” continued Madden. “She’s clicking with her horse really well. It’s a horse that Sloane [Coles] showed in Florida, and we know him really well. But, it’s a High Junior horse, and Jessie is just now getting to know it in the Low Juniors. I was happy with both riders because they both rode great in unfamiliar situations, with Jessie making the transition to the Low Juniors and Maria on a strange horse.”

Schaub commented on Manhattan, “He used to do the grand prix classes with David Raposa a couple of years ago, and then he was doing the Adult Jumpers with his owner, Eleanor Bright. She is a wonderful lady, and I’m really appreciative that I get to ride him.” She noted, “He’s a really cool horse; we get along well. Eleanor’s not able to get to the barn much, so she decided to let me ride him and show him a little to keep his fitness up. I’m very fortunate that I get to show him. He felt fantastic. He was confident and very rideable, comfortable, and willing to do whatever I asked. It’s a nice feeling to be able to ride a horse as cool as him.”

When asked about her transition from the Children’s Jumpers to the Juniors, Springsteen related, “The transition was really fun. I was really nervous at the Lake Placid Horse Show, but now I’m getting used to it. So, I’m not as nervous anymore. My horse feels great in the ring. She’s kind of hot, so she wakes up and jumps so high over everything. My horse was really good today- quiet but fast,” said Springsteen with a huge grin.

Results of $3500 High Jr/AO Classic
1 115 MON GAMIN BRIANNE GOUTAL 0.00 81.261 0.00 26.652 $1050
2 16 SPELLBOUND CHARLOTTE HENDERSON 0.00 86.311 0.00 27.812 $700
3 637 UPPER CUT CHRISTY DISTEFANO 0.00 82.665 0.00 28.195 $420
4 82 ALASKA NICOLE LAKIN 0.00 82.884 4.00 26.015 $275
5 807 SKITTLES MICHELLE SPADONE 0.00 84.808 4.00 28.328 $210
6 112 MARGA MARIA SCHAUB 0.00 79.049 8.00 26.402 $175
7 193 JERSEY JANICE SYPHERS 0.00 80.700 8.00 27.508 $175
8 131 RASTELLA CLEMENTINE GOUTAL 0.00 83.093 8.00 27.802 $175
9 75 BRIGHT'S CREEK COCO M SHERRA HARRISON 0.00 81.867 8.00 28.584 $160
10 46 IT'S MORADO ANNABEL SIMPSON 0.00 86.610 elim. $160
11 154 BLAST ALEXANDRA ARUTE 7.00 89.716
12 346 PISANO JOYL. SLATER 8.00 83.165

Results of $1500 Low Jr/AO Classic
1 710 MANHATTAN MARIA SCHAUB 0.00 84.093 0.00 26.896 $750
2 103 LA MOVIDA JESSICA SPRINGSTEEN 0.00 80.764 0.00 27.046 $500
3 292 CONTO BARBARA ULRICHSEN RO 0.00 81.566 0.00 27.681 $350
4 430 ORLEEN SARAH RYAN 0.00 79.847 0.00 28.183 $250
5 48 SACRAMENTO ANNABEL SIMPSON 0.00 84.403 0.00 30.929 $200
6 91 CROFT TEMPTATION CAROLYN CURCIO 0.00 80.283 4.00 25.642 $175
7 301 ANCHO DE POMME SHANNON MCGRATH 0.00 81.057 4.00 27.278 $150
8 345 OLIVIER JOY L. SLATER 0.00 80.184 4.00 29.395 $125
9 714 LA LUNA 26 CATHERINE PASMORE 0.00 82.250 8.00 27.519
11 137 TEDDY BEAR MARIA SCHAUB 4.00 79.689
12 403 KENYAN'S PEAK DARBY TOBEN 4.00 82.577

PHOTO CREDIT: Siempre and Hugo Huesca gallop to victory in the $30,000 Stillwell-Hansen Grand Prix at the Monmouth County Horse Show in Freehold, NJ. Photo ©2006 by Randi Muster. Photo my only be used in connection with this press release.


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