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Zazou Hoffman and Littlefoot, winners of Region 1 ASPCA Maclay qualifier

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Amelia McArdle Captures Region 4 Win for ASPCA Maclay; Zazou Hoffman Rides to Blue in Region 1

Written by: Jennifer Wood
Client: National Horse Show
Release Date: 2006-09-26

Jennifer Wood for Phelps Media Group, Inc. International

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Photo Credit: Zazou Hoffman and Littlefoot, winners of Region 1 ASPCA Maclay qualifier. Photo © 2006 Jennifer Wood/ This photo may be used free of charge only in relation to this press release.

Amelia McArdle Captures Region 4 Win for ASPCA Maclay; Zazou Hoffman Rides to Blue in Region 1

New York, NY – September 26, 2006 – The final two regions held their qualifiers this past weekend for the ASPCA Maclay National Championships. Region 1 (Northeast- CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT) had their qualifier at the Grand Fall Classic in Westbrook, CT. The Region 4 qualifier (Midwest- IL, IN, KY, MI, OH) was at the Kentucky National in Lexington. Zazou Hoffman of Santa Monica, CA, won Region 1, while Amelia McArdle of Barrington Hills, IL, won Region 4.

The ASPCA Maclay class has been held since 1933, and its winners are some of the biggest names in equestrian sport. Previous winners include: William Steinkraus in 1941, Frank Chapot (1948), George Morris (1952), Leslie Burr (1972), Stacia Klein Madden in 1987, and Nicole Shahinian Simpson in 1992. The ASPCA Maclay National Championship will be held this year during the Syracuse Invitational Sporthorse Tournament on November 1-5, 2006 and is produced by the National Horse Show Association.

McArdle trains with Katie Kappler and rode Aztec, a ten year old Dutch gelding that she got this winter. “He really makes everything smooth,” McArdle noted. “He’s my first all-around equitation horse.” This was McArdle’s third top ten finish at the Maclay Regional, but her first win. “It’s the best I’ve ever done,” she remarked.

The 15 year old rider competed against 48 other entries in the qualifier. “The top 12 in the qualifier were really good. I thought they were solid, tough competition,” McArdle acknowledged. “The course was good. It didn’t make anyone fall apart, but it sorted out riders.” McArdle was called back on top after the over fences phase. After the flat phase, she was named the winner without a work-off. “It was nice to have it over and not have to worry about more errors that could have occurred.”

McArdle has qualified for all four equitation finals this year and will compete in the Small Junior 15 & Under Hunters on MVP. She is looking forward to riding in the National Championships in November. “I feel like I have more of a chance than I had in past years,” she revealed. “I feel strong and that I have a good chance of doing well. I’ve never been this consistent before in the equitation.”

Fourteen year old Zazou Hoffman had her best Maclay regional finish as well. She and her father flew out on the red-eye flight from California for her to compete in the Region 1 qualifier. Hoffman shows in Region 1 because her trainers, Missy Clark and John Brennan, live in Vermont. Hoffman rode Littlefoot, who she has been partnered with for over a year. She had plenty of competition experience on him last summer, and they competed in the equitation finals. Hoffman must balance living in California and training on the East Coast, but she takes it all in stride. Hoffman commented, “Plus, I don’t have an equitation horse at home in California!”

About Littlefoot, she said, “He felt really good this weekend. He was going perfectly and felt well-prepared and happy to be there. I think he really likes that show.”

Hoffman rode against 73 other riders in Region 1, which was the region with the most competitors in the country. Hoffman was not fazed by the sheer amount of riders in her class. “I wasn’t very intimidated because I’ve been showing at that type of competition all year. It makes me feel confident knowing that I can put in a good round and be happy with myself.”

Before her class, Hoffman faced some nerves. “I really wanted to go to Syracuse this year,” she confirmed. “After my jumping round, I was confident that I was in good shape.” She was called back on top after the jumping phase, had a solid flat phase, and was named the winner without a test. “There was no test, which was nice because there was no chance for me to move down,” Hoffman said. “It would have been fun to do a test though, because you know you’re already qualified at that point. But, I’m not complaining!”

“Hopefully, I’ll improve at Syracuse this year,” Hoffman went on to say. She noted a few points that her trainers have stressed with her riding that will help at the National Championships. “It’s the experience I’ve gotten since the Maclay Championships last year that helped me this weekend. Missy and John want me to feel confident, be more aggressive with my ride in the ring, and get done what we planned.”

Final Results ASPCA Maclay Regional Qualifiers:

Region 4, Midwest (IL, IN, KY, MI, OH)
September 20-24 - Kentucky National, Lexington, KY
1. Amelia McArdle, Aztec, Barrington Hills, IL
2. Haylie Jayne, Ivy, Elgin, IL
3. Kendra Vicary, Universal, Whitehouse, OH
4. Whitney Kent, Arto, Zionsville, IN
5. Jennifer Waxman, Falcon, Chagrin Falls, OH
6. Nicholas Dello Joio, Vintage, Wellington, FL
7. Hayley Barnhill, Deuce Bigalow, Collierville, TN
8. Euri Uchiyama, Captain Cook, Cincinnati, OH
9. Mara Kranz, Indio, Algonquin, IL
10. Rachel Udelson, Baron, Russell, OH

Region 1, Northeast (CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT)
September 21-24 - Grand Fall Classic, Westbrook, CT
1. Zazou Hoffman, Santa Monica, CA
2. Maggie McAlary, Amherst, NH
3. Jack Hardin Towell, Camden, SC
4. Victoria Birdsall, Topsfield, MA
5. Kelly Lively, Holliston, MA
6. Heather Dobbs, West Palm Beach, FL
7. Katherine Stewart, Fairfield, CT
8. Kathryn Stenberg, Rehoboth, MA
9. Brianna Snyder, Sanford, ME
10. Julianna Richardson

Tentative Qualifying List, 2006 ASPCA Maclay National Championship

Region 1
1. Zazou Hoffman
2. Maggie McAlary
3. Jack Hardin Towell
4. Victoria Birdsall
5. Kelly Lively
6. Heather Dobbs
7. Katherine Stewart
8. Kathryn Stenberg
9. Brianna Snyder
10. Julianna Richardson
11. Amanda Powers
12. Lauren Horth
13. Julie Welles
14. Jennifer Walters
15. Olivia Dorey
16. Meredith Stafford
17. Sarah Rayner
18. Lauren Sturges
19. Danielle Stacy
20. Lauren Duffee
21. Callie Seaman
22. Danielle Johnson
23. Cassie French
24. Jackie O’Connell
25. Haley Cohen
26. Julie Weiss
27. Catherine Pugliese
28. JoJo Gutfarb
29. Devon Poeta
30. Mathew Metell
31. Kate Salzman
32. Doscher Hobler
33. Jennie Nevin
34. Alexandra Soisvig
35. Jennifer Burke
36. Eileen McNamara
37. Kelsey Savage
38. Ashley Lee

Region 2
1. Kitt Ritter
2. Maria Schaub
3. Kacey McCann
4. Emma Lipman
5. Alyssa Grieco
6. Elizabeth Lubrano
7. Addison Phillips
8. Hillary Dobbs
9. Jessica Springsteen
10 Alexandra Duval
11. Carolyn Lichtenberg
12. Kim McCormack
13. Lindsay Clark
14. Jesse Kimmelman
15. Anna Becker
16. Carolyn Curcio
17. Tilden Brighton
18. Eleanor Kunsman
19. Kaelin Tully
20. Nicole Pucci
21. Grace Carucci
22. Dominque Mungin
23. Lindsey Mohr
24. Jacqueline Lubrano
25. Maya Bluestone
26. Chelsea Moss
27. Gabrielle Marush
28. Francesca Bolfo
29. Jillian Celestino
30. Christy Distefano
31. Michael Desiderio

Region 3
1. Nikko Ritter
2. Tatiana Dzavik
3. Megan Massaro
4. Sloane Coles
5. Katie McDaniel
6. Sara Green
7. Morgan Hale
8. Julia Capalino
9. April Wehle
10. Kristy Kenn
11. Samantha Senft
12. Katherine Newman
13. Annie Worthman
14. Jessica Tindley
15. Molly Braswell
16. Lexy Reed
17. Megan Shader
18. Catherine Pasmore
19. Taylor Land
20. Faye Keegan
21. Jacqui McWilliams
22. Amber Henter

Region 4
1. Amelia McArdle
2. Haylie Jayne
3. Kendra Vicary
4. Whitney Kent
5. Jennifer Waxman
6. Nicholas Dello Joio
7. Hayley Barnhill
8. Euri Uchiyama
9. Mara Kranz
10. Rachel Udelson
11. Danielle Pulliam
12. Brittiani Brown
13. Catie Boone
14. Susan Kolber
15. Catie Hope
16. Paige Beal-Andros
17. Henry Pfeiffer
18. Sika Sievers
19. Amanda Hall
20. Colby Hassfurthel
21. Marika Raff
22. Lesley Quillen
23. Laura Pfeiffer
24. Alexandra Weber
25. Elizabeth Morrow

Region 5
1. Brooke Coleman
2. Hanna Botney
3. Kristin Beckham
4. Victoria MacNaughton
5. Alexandra Biederman

Region 6
1. Lindsay Sceats
2. Kerrie Nelson
3. Alisha Davis
4. Sarah Tredennick
5. Kaley Silipo

Region 7
1. Lyndsay Thornton
2. Nicole Bourgeois
3. Kendall Bourgeois
4. Felicia Rosato
5. Brittany Kelley
6. Stephanie Barnes

Region 8
1. Torie Immel
2. Tina Dilandri
3. Mallory Olson
4. Alex Maida
5. Hannah Selleck
6. Nicole Husky
7. Paris Sellon
8. Shelby Wakeman
9. Alexandra Conforti
10. Veronica Tracy
11. Lucy Davis
12. Michelle Morris
13. Jennifer Stillman
14. Adrienne Dixon
15. Katrina Karazissis
16. Taylor Harris
17. Chelsea Wilkinson
18. Katie Harris
19. Sophie Benjamin
20. Nick Haness- winner of USEF West Coast Show Jumping Talent Search
21. Amber Levine

Photo Credit: Zazou Hoffman and Littlefoot, winners of Region 1 ASPCA Maclay qualifier. Photo © 2006 Jennifer Wood/ This photo may be used free of charge only in relation to this press release.


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