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Tatiana Dzavik and Truffle, winners of the ASPCA Maclay Region 1 qualifier.

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Tatiana Dzavik Wins ASPCA Maclay Region 1 Qualifier, Region 4 Victory Goes to Jennifer Waxman

Written by: Jennifer Wood
Client: National Horse Show
Release Date: 2007-10-02

Final List of Qualifiers from Regionals for ASPCA Maclay National Championship Named

New York, NY - October 1, 2007 - The final two qualifiers for this year’s ASPCA Maclay National Championship were held this past weekend. The winner of Region 1 was Tatiana Dzavik of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The victory in Region 4 went to Jennifer Waxman of Chagrin Falls, Ohio. The national championship will be held on October 31-November 4, 2007, at the Syracuse Invitational Sporthorse Tournament in Syracuse, NY.

This year marks the third time that Dzavik will compete in the ASPCA Maclay National Championships. She rode Truffle, a horse owned by her trainer Missy Clark, to the win in the regional qualifier, which was held at Grand Fall Classic in Westbrook, CT. Dzavik has placed second in the past two years in her region, so moving up to the win this year was “great,” she said. “I hope winning regionals this year will change my luck for finals too.”

There was no test for the Region 1 riders this year, but they faced a challenging first round course that included a bounce combination. Dzavik had full confidence in Truffle, who is “very, very experienced” in the ring. “Just like all of John (Brennan) and Missy’s horses,” she added. “There was no problem with him (on course); he was absolutely perfect.”

Dzavik is a working student at North Run, the barn run by Missy Clark and John Brennan. Since this is her last junior year, she is looking forward to attending the national championship. “I’ve been working really hard all year, and I’m very excited to go to Syracuse,” she said.

Fifteen-year-old Jennifer Waxman and her horse Falcon have experience in the ASPCA Maclay National Championships. Last year in Syracuse, the talented rider placed third in her first time at the national championship and was fifth in her qualifier. She returns this year as a 15-year-old and is ready to improve on her performance. She qualified this year at the Kentucky National Horse Show in Lexington. “We were kidding her at Regionals this year. Last year, we hadn’t done much of the big equitation classes. She had much more pressure, and it was more intense this year. She handled it well and gave a solid performance. We were thrilled with it,” said her trainer, Ken Smith of Ashland Farms.

Waxman and the other top three riders were asked to complete a test by the judges, which included a trot jump, counter canter, and a halt. Waxman was the last to test, and Falcon was ready to go. “He got a little antsy in the line-up because we went in right after the flat phase,” Waxman explained. “I’m glad he kept his composure! He didn’t enjoy standing there, but he was perfect for the test.” The young rider gave special thanks to her parents and her trainers, Ken and Emily Smith.

2007 ASPCA Maclay Region 1 Top Ten
1. Tatiana Dzavik, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
2. Katherine Stewart, Fairfield, CT
3. Kyle Wolf, Westport, CT
4. Cortie Wetherill, Wellington, CT
5. Kate Salzman, Riverside, CT
6. Jennifer Walters, Shelburne, VT
7. Matthew Metell, Falmouth, MA
8. Alexandra Arute, Avon, CT
9. Victoria Birdsall, Topsfield, MA
10. Michael Hughes, Allendale, NY

2007 ASPCA Maclay Region 4 Top Ten
1. Jennifer Waxman, Chagrin Falls, OH
2. Henry Pfeiffer, Temperance, MI
3. Kels Bonham, Claremore, OK
4. Amelia McArdle, Barrington, IL
5. Catie Boone , Lexington, KY
6. Michael Burnette, Carmel, IN
7. Lauren Patava, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
8. Catie Hope, Barrington, IL
9. Elizabeth Perry, Kalamazoo, MI
10. Emily Reynolds, Glen Ellyn, IL

Final List of Regional Qualifiers
Region 1
1. Tatiana Dzavik
2. Katherine Stewart
3. Kyle Wolf
4. Cortie Wetherill
5. Kate Salzman
6. Jennifer Walters
7. Mathew Metell
8. Alexandra Arute
9. Victoria Birdsall
10. Michael Hughes
11. Julianna Richardson
12. Lauren Horth
13. Johanna Hyyppa
14. Lauren Vogel
15. Doscher Hobler
16. Mallory Contois
17. Olivia Jack
18. Abby Cook
19. Grace Rogers
20. Jennifer Burke
21. Natalie Crane
22. Eileen McNamara
23. Robert Lee
24. Nina Pola
25. Rachel Udelson
26. Molly Cikacz
27. Kelly Lively
28. Elise Fishelson
29. Samantha Strouss
30. Carolyn Crosby
31. Kelsey Savage
32. Olivia Dorey
33. Callie Seaman
34. Suzanne Snyder
35. Julia Weiss
36. Caroline Hughes
Region 2
1. Maria Schaub
2. Kim McCormack
3. Carolyn Curcio
4. Maya Bluestone
5. Addison Phillips
6. Danielle Cooper
7. Kacey McCann
8. Katherine Newman
9. Jesse Kimmelman
10. Jacqueline Lubrano
11. Elizabeth Lubrano
12. Chelsea Moss
13. Emma Lipman
14. Cassie French
15. Christina Gellos
16. Grace Carucci
17. Michael Desiderio
18. Tilden Brighton
19. Christina Lin
20. Kitt Ritter
21. Reed Kessler
22. Laura King-Kaplan
23. Kaelin Tully
24. Schaefer Raposa
25. Melissa Barton
26. Malena Smith
27. Rebecca Turner
28. Olivia Clancy
29. Genevive Zock
30. Ashley Miller
Region 3
1. Sara Green
2. Taylor Adams
3. Paulena Johnson
4. Emily Gardner
5. Catherine Pasmore
6. Katie Dinan
7. Faye Keegan
8. Claudia Billups
9. Taylor Kain
10. Molly Braswell
11. Jessica Tindley
12. Megan Fellows
13. Paige Dekko
14. Kaleigh Senesac
15. Chase Boggio
16. Hayden Warmington
17. Jamie Steinhaus
18. Catherine Billings
19. Matti Fisher
20. Katie Miranda
21. Isabel Vandeventer
22. Alexa Lieppe
23. Taylor Land
24. Stephanie Underwood
25. Tara Bostwick
Region 4
1. Jennifer Waxman
2. Henry Pfeiffer
3. Kels Bonham
4. Amelia McArdle
5. Catie Boone
6. Michael Burnette
7. Lauren Patava
8. Catie Hope
9. Elizabeth Perry
10. Emily Reynolds
11. Hillary McNerney
12. Cassie Moffatt
13. Noah Abramson
14. Hayley Barnhill
15. Laura Pfeiffer
16. Patricia Holbel
17. Ashely Romano
18. Catherine Tyree
19. Taylor Byram
20. Hannah Stevens
21. Lindsay Strafuss
22. Victoria Lee
23. Cathy Rolfs
24. Ryan Sassmannshausen
25. Olivia Skye Cameron
26. Caitlin Ceglarek
Region 5
1. Hanna Botney
2. Hannah Beresford
3. Lauren Weller
4. Jordan White
5. Abigail Crowell
6. Kirstie Dobbs
Region 6
1. Alisha Davis
2. Lindsay Sceats
3. Emily McCoy
4. Sarah Tredennick
Region 7
1. O.J. Berkes
2. Alexa Anthony
3. McKenzie Woolley
4. Hannah Evans
5. Dana Henson
6. Carly Anthony
7. Alexa Allen
Region 8
1. Tina DiLandri
2. Hilary Neff
3. Caroline Ingalls
4. Nicoletta Von Heidegger
5. Saer Coulter
6. Katherine James
7. Jocelyn Neff
8. Ali Ohringer
9. Samantha Harrison
10. Lauren Michaels
11. Taylor Harris
12. Kayla West
13. Tiffani Weeda
14. Veronica Tracy
15. Jennifer Weeks

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Photo Credit: Tatiana Dzavik and Truffle, winners of the ASPCA Maclay Region 1 qualifier. Photo © 2007 Reflections Photography. This photo may be used free of charge only in relation to this press release.


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