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New York City's Georgina Bloomberg

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Georgina Bloomberg's The Rider's Closet Website Debuts

Written by: Kenneth Kraus
Client: Gotham Enterprizes
Release Date: 2008-04-01

Donations and requests for clothing information now available on-line

New York, NY - April 1, 2008 - - Georgina Bloomberg of New York City announced the debut of the new website associated with her very popular charity, The Rider's Closet.

The website is located at:

Bloomberg, one of the nation's leading show jumping riders, created The Rider's Closet in August of 2006. The Rider's Closet is a program that helps collect rider's used show clothes and an assortment of used riding equipment in good quality, and then donates those items to the various intercollegiate riding programs and other worthwhile programs.

According to Bloomberg, the new Rider's Closet website will facilitate her burgeoning charity and will streamline both the donations and the subsequent distribution of those donations. "I'm very excited about this," she said. "I'm very happy with the website we've come up with. It's not a fancy or hard to navigate website, but rather something very simple, a place on the web where people can go and get the information they need easily, and more importantly, get the help they need, just by logging on to"

Bloomberg said that by making online requests and inquiries, the entire process will become more efficient. "I love receiving all of the letters that I get every day," she laughed, "but the website will help the procedure move along much more efficiently and will speed up the entire experience."

"I came up with the idea a few years ago," recalled Bloomberg. "My father had a house that had been sold, and when I began to pack up, I found a closet full of old riding clothes that I had used during my pony days. Most of the clothes were still in great shape. I had simply outgrown them, and I really had no idea what to do with them." Bloomberg went on to explain that she found out that she was not alone in this predicament. "I talked to a number of my good friends that had quit riding, and even some that were still in the sport, and I found out that they too had similar closets full of used clothing and equipment, with no outlet to get rid of them."

Bloomberg said that the response to The Rider's Closet has been much more than she ever expected. "Much more!" she smiled. "I get letters every week asking for clothing. The letters come from young children, or from mothers looking for help for their kids, all the way up to college age riders telling me that they don't know if they can remain in the sport because of the high cost of the proper gear. The great thing about the Rider's Closet is, I have been able to help every single person in one way or another," Bloomberg said.

Bloomberg reports, that in addition to the help of Bob Caccione with the IHSA, and Peter Cashman, the head of the US Military Riding program, a major U.S. company has joined forces with The Rider's Closet efforts as well. "Dover Saddlery has been kind enough to not only send me their used or returned items, but also to send me gift certificates," she said. "This enables me to help those who are asking for something that I may not have. Now, I can send them a certificate and a catalog, and that has all been thanks to the great support from Dover."

"I receive on average, four boxes of donations a week, some small and some huge. In most boxes there are letters of support stating that the people had no idea where to send the clothes before they heard about the Rider's Closet," she said.

She then detailed the most requested items. "The most requests are for the expensive items like riding boots, but every request has been different. A lot of the requests come from kids who have outgrown their riding clothes and need everything," she laughed. "Or, from someone who wants to start showing, but doesn't have the right attire and wants to get started. We've been able to help them all."

And what items does the Rider's Closet need the most? "Boots are an item that I can't get enough of," Bloomberg revealed. "Also, men's clothing is something that I don't get too much of, but that intercollegiate programs really need."

On the other hand, Bloomberg mentions that in addition to riding clothes, the charity is receiving non-equestrian related clothing items. "I give these items to a donation center so that they aren't wasted, but I would rather keep my work focused on riding clothes. I also have received items such as books, DVD's, and note cards. These items are a little tougher to donate, although I appreciate everything I have received."

Some of the programs that have already benefited from The Rider's Closet include Centenary College - Bard College - Pace University - Sarah Lawrence College - SUNY New Paltz - College of St. Elizabeth - Colby Sawyer College - Dartmouth College - University of Kentucky - Ohio University - Judson College - Bloomsburg University - Becker College - Midway College - United States Military Academy - The Ridge Rider Pony Club of Goshen - 4H in Orange County, NY. - O'Neill High School - University of Florida - Columbia University - Dreams Come True Therapeutic Riding - Vinceremos Therapeutic Riding - Gallop Inc. at Kensington Stables - John Bowne High School Agriculture Department - Tulane University.

"So many of us in this sport grow out of our clothes so easily, and we have equipment we no longer need or use, mostly in great condition. Conversely, there are so many people out there that really need decent riding clothes, but can't afford the equipment and clothing they need. Riding is such an expensive sport," Bloomberg said. "I knew we could do something about this, it was just a matter of connecting the dots. The Rider's Closet website, at: connects those dots."

"We can use everything! Shirts, gloves, sticks, spurs, breeches, boots and even schooling apparel and chaps," she said. "If it's something a rider has grown out of, something they no longer use - as long it's in a good, usable condition, we can use it all and we promise we will put it to good use."

"And everything is tax deductible," Bloomberg smiled.


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