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Pure Thoughts Horse Rescue Equine Awareness Event a Huge Success

Written by: Jenny Underwood
Client: Pure Thoughts Horse Rescue
Release Date: 2008-10-01

Wellington, FL - October 1, 2008 - On Saturday night, Victoria McCullough, held an Equine Awareness event at Mida Farm. Attendees included a local news station, State Representative Joseph Abruzzo, the County Sheriff, the "Prince of Palm Beach", and many other prominent individuals in the area. The event was held in celebration of the passing of the H.R. 6598 Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act through the judiciary committee.

Speakers during the evening included Victoria McCullough, of the Davis McCullough Foundation & Pure Thoughts Horse & Foal Rescue, Joseph Abruzzo, our Florida State Representative, and Jennifer Swanson, the Director of Pure Thoughts. Swanson's emotional speech spoke of the Triumph Project, Pure Thoughts, and the truth behind slaughter auctions.

"Victoria McCullough and Pure Thoughts went to the Suagrcreek Livestock auctions, one of the largest kill auctions in our country. That day they saved every single horse that was to go to slaughter. It was a day that 163, and now after some births, 166 lives were saved," said Swanson. "This is the day The Triumph Project, founded by the Victoria and the Davis - McCullough Foundation, was born. The Triumph Project was created so that for the first time, we did not have to play God and choose which horses would receive a second chance and who would be left to die a tortuous death."

It is rumored that only the old and infirm horses go to kill auctions and are slaughtered. Of all the horses saved that day, only 7 horses were actually old and infirm. Many studies have been conducted, and results have shown acts of violence against animals directly correlate with acts of violence against humans. Our society strives for a safer, more peaceful environment. Yet it cannot be ignored that crimes committed against horses have a parallel impact on us.

Swanson went on to explain the collaboration between the Triumph Project, Pure Thoughts and the National Horse Welfare. With this came PURE, which stands for Promote Universal Respect for the Equines.

"This organization is already hard at work for horses here in the State of Florida and elsewhere. We are working on a case in Naples and also New Jersey. This type of organization is essential for horses nationwide," said Swanson. "This organization focuses specifically on equine welfare. Everything from abuse, neglect, to information for caring for your horse more economically with the help of hay co-ops, and feeding information will be offered. This will be a place where people who can no longer keep their horse can hook up with people who are looking for a horse, throughout the country."

There is an alternative to horse slaughter. There are many organizations that would benefit from horse adoption. In the United States alone, there are 550 horse rescues, 4.6 million horse owners and over 10,000 horse-based organizations. For example, 4-H has 6.5 million members, USEF over 900,000 members, Pony Clubs over 12,000 members and over 88 mounted police organizations.

Swanson continued on the involvement of the rescue efforts and the legislation. Two months ago, McCullough asked to attend the Judiciary Committee meeting to present the facts and alternative to slaughter. Her request was denied. McCullough then phoned Joseph Abruzzo. In a matter of hours she received her invitation to attend the Judiciary Committee meeting. A thank you went out to Joseph Abruzzo for his fast actions and his commitment to the issue of horse welfare in our country.

"It is imperative we have people in Washington that will stand up for horses and animal welfare. Since then, Victoria has traveled to Washington D.C. four times and the voice of the horses was heard," said Swanson. "On September 23rd, the bill passed the committee. We have a long road ahead of us still; it must get through Congress and the Senate. Now is the time that the horse's voices are finally being heard, loud and clear. THERE IS AN ALTERNATIVE TO SLAUGHTER"

If you are interested in helping support the National Horse Welfare Organization, please sign up. This will insure you are kept abreast on the issue of horse welfare nationwide. You can also receive sample letters to mail to your Congressman and Senators regarding alternative to slaughter.

For more information, please visit or email

Photo Credit: Jennifer Swanson, Director of Pure Thoughts Horse and Foal Rescue giving speech at the Equine Awareness Event. Photo © 2008 Jenny Underwood/PMG. This photo may be used free of charge only in relation to this press release.


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