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During an Election, Humanity Counts. Linda Bird is a Voice for the Innocent Victims.

Written by: Phelps Media Group, Inc.
Client: Pure Thoughts Horse Rescue
Release Date: 2008-10-29

October 29, 2008 -- Wellington, Florida -- With most of the country in turmoil about the economy, sometimes we forget about an important fundamental in our society, and that is humanity. We forget that the cornerstone of our country is based on this issue. It affects every aspect of our daily life. Not just the way we treat one another but how are we insuring and raising consciousness to those who live with us in this society. Day after day there is more evidence of a "throw away" society and it begins in the most basic of acts. How are we treating and protecting those who cannot protect themselves, those who are the innocent victims? By definition of innocent victims I am referring to living creatures both human and animals who must depend on others for their care and their life. Children of course rely on adults... and our domesticated animals rely on us for every aspect in their life.

This has been a longtime concern of Linda Bird and a cause that she has worked diligently at for years. Linda has been a long time advocate for children and families. This is the mentality we need at the state and federal level. We need to start worrying about our children, the family structure, and children in trouble. We need to support organizations that are there to help the children. It may not be possible to change the mindset of people who are unfit parents but we can insure that there are safety nets for these children, safe havens for them to go to. We need to offer more support for these innocent victims to keep them safe from harm. There is no crueler act than the crimes committed against children who rely on their parents, guardians and elders to care for them, love them, offer them security and most of all keep them safe. What a horrible twist of fate when those that they love and look up to are their abusers. We must have an answer for these situations.

Linda Bird is also a supporter of animal welfare. Recently, Linda became aware of a horrible situation in our country. Horses -- young, beautiful and loving horses being sent to slaughter for human consumption. On October 7th, Linda Bird, along with other concerned politicians such as Ron Klein, Robert Wexler and Joseph Abruzzo came out to view the alternative to horse slaughter. They came out and witnessed the horses of the Triumph Project and Pure Thoughts Inc. Horse & Foal Rescue. They were shocked to find out that these horses are not "old & infirmed" as the Congressmen and Senators in Washington D.C. have been led to believe by pro-slaughter advocates such as Charlie Stenholm, Bob Goodlatte, Colin Peterson and others. Quite the contrary, these horses are in great health, young, able to be ridden and being adopted by loving families and horse lovers every day. Linda Bird stated, "It is important for our elected officials to see the situation for themselves. When elected to State Senate District 25, I will stand up for Florida's families and Florida's natural resources, including these beautiful animals."

There are many issues that face the State of Florida as well as our country during this time that we are choosing our representatives who will have our voice. It is important that we place people in office that will represent us and speak for us. We need to have in office individuals who will ensure the protection of innocent victims, the children and the animals. It is our actions, as a society, which defines us; we must ensure that the representative we elect into office represents our views and our commitment to humanity and mankind.

The Triumph Project - Victoria McCullough of the Davis-McCullough Foundation founded the Triumph Project as an awareness campaign to enlighten the world through unified efforts, both in the United States as well as abroad, of the betrayal of our equine ally. Throughout history, horses have served us by escorting us to battle, tilling our fields, drawing our carriages, and enriching our lives as our companions and friends.


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