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Combined Forces Will End Horse Slaughter - Pickens and McCullough Build a Bridge

Written by: Phelps Media Group, Inc.
Client: Pure Thoughts Horse Rescue
Release Date: 2008-12-05

Wellington, Florida December 5, 2008 The divided Road has now connected and formed a highway that paves the way for ending the cruel act of Horse Slaughter as well as the abusive components related to horse slaughter..

For many years the fight against horse slaughter and for horse welfare has had two separate but equaling deserving roads, the fight for the domesticated horses and the fight for the wild horses of our country. Recently, those paths have united and become one. Congress did not pass this act nor was it done through any large organizations. Two individuals, both in the equine industry, achieved it. Upon learning about horse slaughter they realized this is a horrific act that must be stopped. Madeline Pickens and Victoria McCullough are paving a new road for the horses, an answer to slaughter and a beginning to the end of one the most heinous acts in our country.

On May 23, 2008, Victoria McCullough, of the Davis McCullough Foundation and Chesapeake Oil formed the Triumph Project and did what had never been done. At the Sugarcreek Livestock auction, which is one of the largest horse kill auctions in the U.S., catering to kill buyers rather than personal buyers, purchased and saved all the horses from going to kill. In November 2007, all the “old, lame and infirm” horses were purchased in addition to 75 other equines that were destined for slaughter. Since then, over 72% of these horses have been placed in loving homes and are being utilized for everything from trails, therapy, shows, to family pets. Through the success of the Triumph Project, McCullough has proven that the “facts, statistics and information” which have been given to the politicians, is incorrect. These domesticated horses that have been discarded without any accountability can be successfully placed and go on to live good quality lives. She has bulldozed a hole in the myth that the horses being sent to slaughter are unwanted, old, lame or in any way unable to live a productive life.

In November of 2008, Madeline Pickens, the animal-loving wife of billionaire T. Boone Pickens and known in Thoroughbred racing circles, was granted ownership of 30,000 at risk wild Mustangs for her Foundation and saved these horses from going to slaughter. This act insures the legacy of the American Icon to live on. The lives and the possible depletion of the “American Herd” will not be left in the government’s hands. Just as with the domesticated horses, there is an organized design for the future of these horses. “The plan is to place the horses at a ranch; Pickens said the ranch will not just be a refuge for wild horses. She wants it to be all-inclusive for different breeds, and especially ex-Thoroughbred racehorses that often end up unwanted or sold to killer-buyers who send them off for slaughter in Canada or Mexico. There are no remaining horse slaughterhouses in the United States.”

Victoria McCullough and Madeline Pickens join Congressman John Conyers in the continued battle in Washington D.C. for the horses, but they have formed a safety net for the horses and their future. It is an insurance policy for the horses and a statement to our officials stating. “If you can't, we will” It is not an easy undertaking but it is not impossible and will be done. If a person takes the time to think, it makes you wonder why it took these two individuals to do this. Why has this not been done before? The answers have always been there.

The facts are:

Less than 5% of the horses that go to slaughter are “old & infirm”
Legally injured and lame horses are not to be transported for slaughter
Many of the injuries and abuse happen at the kill auctions and in route to slaughter
There are over 550 horse rescues in the United States
There are over 4.6 million horse owners in the United States
There are over 10,000 organizations in the United States that are horse oriented or utilize horses in their program, (the 4H groups alone has 6.5 million members)

The joined force of Madeline Pickens and Victoria McCullough is unique in the horse slaughter and rescue arena. Never before has there been a simultaneous answer for both the wild horses and the domesticated horses, until now. There has always been a working solution to horse slaughter for the domesticated horses. Pure Thoughts Inc. Horse & Foal Rescue is just one of the many successful working components that make up the solution to horse slaughter. The problem that existed is this solution was not being told and the facts given about horses sent to slaughter was inaccurate.

Through the educated trail blazing actions of Pickens and McCullough the answer to horse slaughter is here and clearly the resolution that we have been seeking for the horses. This is clearly a lesson learned not only for all of us but also for today’s youth. You can make a difference; never think you stand alone on any issue.

The Triumph Project – Victoria McCullough of the Davis-McCullough Foundation founded the Triumph Project as an awareness campaign to enlighten the world through unified efforts, both in the United States as well as abroad, of the betrayal of our equine ally. Throughout history, horses have served us by escorting us to battle, tilling our fields, drawing our carriages, and enriching our lives as our companions and friends.

Pure Thoughts Inc. - is an all-volunteer 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to saving the lives of horses, yearlings and foals that were intended to go to slaughter for human consumption. These horses would have been brutally tortured and slaughtered. Pure Thoughts Inc. Horse & Foal Rescue also rescues horses from starvation, abuse and neglect, any horse in need. To date, over 1250 innocent equines have been saved and we will continue to fight for the horses. We cannot do this alone...we need your help!! Please help us and others save these beautiful animals and please remember in your thoughts the ones we were unable to reach.

Jennifer Swanson


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