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Kentucky Spring Horse Show Wrap-Up, May 12-16

Written by: Rebecca Walton
Client: Kentucky Horse Shows LLC
Release Date: 2010-05-18

Lexington, KY - May 18, 2010 – It was all about speed during Sunday’s $55,000 Commonwealth Grand Prix at the Kentucky Spring Horse Show. There was a steady rain throughout the class in the Main Stadium, but that did not slow anyone down. Daniel Bluman was the first on course with Fatalis Fatum and advanced to the jump-off in the lead position. The pair set an incredible clear time that could not be beat. Todd Minikus came very close with Pavarotti is second place, and Alexa Pessoa galloped to third place aboard Madison.

Daniel Bluman and Fatalis Fatum drew the top spot in Sunday’s order, but the skilled pair were able to complete the first round without fault and advance to the jump-off. They led the way over the short course as well and knew they would have put in an incredibly fast round to beat the world-class riders coming behind them. Bluman opened up a quick pace with Fatalis Fatum to the first fence and never let up. Each rail stayed in its cups and the pair was able to leave a stride out to the final fence, blazing across the finish line in 44.57 seconds. The duo’s fast round would set the bar for Sunday’s jump-off and they eventually led the victory gallop.

Todd Minikus was next on course with Pavarotti, and they were not about to let Bluman win without a fight. Minikus gave Pavarotti all the room he needed to run to the fences and they gave it their best shot. Pavarotti leapt over each fence without touching any of them and stopped the timers at 44.65 seconds. They were just 1/10th of a second away from Bluman’s time and took home the second place prize.

Alexa Pessoa and Madison were next to compete over the short course. The pair almost had Bluman’s time, but as they came to last fence Madison got too forward and Pessoa had to add a stride at the last minute. They did not have any faults, but their time of 45.40 seconds would put them in third place.

“I knew I had to go as fast as I could during the jump-off,” explained Bluman. “I’ve trained with Pablo and Todd, and both were coming after me. I knew it was going to be a really fast jump-off so I had to be as fast as I could and then hope all the rails to stayed up.”

Sunday marked the final day of competition at the Kentucky Spring Horse Show, but the exciting jumper action will continue this week during the Kentucky Spring Classic. Riders will have the opportunity to continue earning points for the Hagyard Leading Rider Award during the $30,000 Hagyard Lexington Classic on Thursday, May 20. On Saturday, May 22, the top show jumpers will compete for the winning title in the $55,000 Mary Rena Murphy Grand Prix, sponsored by Audi of Lexington, which will get underway at 6 p.m. in the Main Stadium.

For more information on the Kentucky Spring Horse Shows please go to

Jumper Highlights – Wednesday through Saturday

The Kentucky Spring Horse Show got underway Wednesday at the picturesque Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, KY. A brief thunderstorm rolled through during the day’s competition, but in the afternoon the sun started to appear and riders had the opportunity to compete for top prizes in the Main Stadium. Pablo Barrios (VEN) took home two blue ribbons after winning the $5,000 Open Jumper 1.40m class with G & C LaGran, and capturing the $5,000 pen Jumper 1.45m victory aboard G & C Quick Star.

Jonathan McCrea and Promised Land, owned by Candy Tribble and Windsor Show Stables, were the first to enter the ring when the 1.45m class commenced. They easily cleared each of the fences and advanced to the jump-off round. The duo picked up a quick pace and made their way to the first fence, a large oxer. McCrea and Promised Land left all the rails in the cups and set a fast time of 41.274 seconds, which would hold up for the second place prize.

After completing a clear first round effort, Daniel Bluman and Fatalis Fatum made an excellent effort to catch McCrea’s time. The duo was right on the pace as they cleared each fence, but Bluman had to steady hard to the final vertical and the added strides put them into third place as they tripped the timers at 41.508 seconds.

Pablo Barrios was confident he would be able to catch McCrea’s time when he stepped into the ring with G & C Quick Star, owned by G & C Farm, Gustavo & Carolina Mirabal. After completing a clear first round effort the pair moved on to the short course. They cut the turn to the difficult liverpool fence and made another slice coming home over the double combinations. The duo’s efforts allowed them to cross the finish line in 39.637 seconds to win the class.

Earlier in the day Barrios was victorious in the 1.40m class with G & C LaGran, owned by G & C Farm, Gustavo & Carolina Mirabal. The pair beat 11 other clear entries when they completed a fault-free effort in 60.649 seconds.

Todd Minikus and Little Annie came the closest to catching Barrios, but their time of 63.877 seconds was still three seconds behind him. Daniel Bluman took home the third place honors aboard Lifestyle after stopping the clock at 65.968 seconds. The fourth place ribbon was presented to Clementine Goutal for her ride aboard Kelline Fonroy, owned by Cloverleaf Farm when the duo crossed the finish line in 68.001 seconds. Christine McCrea and Baloubet Junior Z, owned by Candy Tribble and Windsor Show Stables, also completed the difficult course in less than 70 seconds, breaking the beam at 69.031 seconds for the fifth place honors.

Pablo Barrios continued his stellar year on Thursday during the $30,000 Hagyard Lexington Classic. G & C Sinatra took home the first place award with Barrios after completing a double clear effort in 41.04 seconds. Barrios then tried to catch his own time when he rode G & C Blanchee Z across the finish line in 41.55 seconds for the second place prize.

Thursday night’s event was held in the Main Stadium, which is the site of the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™. It was the first of the five classes that make up the Hagyard Challenge Series. The classes are held at the Kentucky Horse Park during the Kentucky Spring Horse Shows and then Kentucky Summer horse shows. The rider who accumulates the most points throughout the five-class series will be awarded the $50,000 Leading Rider Bonus Award.

Christine McCrea took an early lead with Romantovich Take One, owned by Candy Tribble and Windsor Show Stables. The pair left all the rails in their jumps, easily advancing to the jump-off. They set a very quick pace as they entered the ring for the short course, completing a double clear effort in 42.09 seconds, which held up for the third place award.

When Pablo Barrios (VEN) entered the ring with G & C Sinatra, owned by G & C Farm, Gustavo & Carolina Mirabal, and Barrios, the crowd knew they would be in for an excellent show. Barrios had multiple wins during the 2009 summer season and the 2010 winter season. During the Kentucky Spring Horse Show he has already won four classes, Thursday he planned to continue his winning ways.

Barrios and G & C Sinatra picked up a gallop to the first fence and cleared it with room to spare, before moving to the next obstacle in an easy eight strides. As they winded their way through the course Barrios and G & C Sinatra used tight turns and fast gallops to cover the ground very efficiently. With every rail in its cup the duo raced across the finish line in 41.04 seconds to take home Thursday night’s winning check.

The last horse in the ring, G & C Blanchee Z owned by G & C Farm, Gustavo & Carolina Mirabal, was also a Barrios mount, and despite being in the lead Barrios still tried to beat his time. The pair completed a clear round and sailed into the second place position as they stopped the clock at 41.55 seconds.

Friday’s class to watch at Kentucky Spring Horse Show was the High Junior Jumpers in the Main Stadium. The Kentucky Horse Park, host of the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™, was once again a perfect venue to view jumper riders at their best. Reed Kessler had an exciting yet bittersweet win on her 16-year-old horse Flight in the High Junior Jumpers, and earlier in the day Kent Farrington and Notre Star won the $5,000 Open Jumper 1.45m class.

Thursday, Reed Kessler had an exciting win on her horse Mika in the first class of the Hagyard Challenge Series, the $30,000 Hagyard Lexington Classic. The pair earned the fourth place prize in the evening’s grand prix adding another great finish to their year. Kessler has been very successful in 2010, with big wins during the winter circuit on many of her mounts. Friday’s win on Flight was thrilling, yet bittersweet. Kessler explained, “I had a lot of fun on Flight. He is 16 this year so he is a little bit older. By the end of the year I am going to have to give him to my mom to do in the Low Amateurs. It is about time that he moves down. Every single class now is precious because it may be my last class with him.”

Kessler and Flight were the third pair to go clear over the long course. When Kessler began the short course she had to beat Kim Land on Merlin, who completed two fault-free efforts and stopped the clock at 32.014 seconds. Merlin and Land had held their top position even after Christina Kelly and Toliver challenged them. Kelly and Toliver were nimble but too slow to catch Land, breaking the beam at 33.318 seconds and earning the third place prize. Kessler knew she had to be quick with her trusty horse to beat the current leader. Kessler sliced fence number 13 and took off to the last fence, number 11. She sprinted through the timers, halting the clock at 31.082 seconds to beat Land’s time by a second and win the day’s class.

No one else was able to catch Flight and Kessler’s time of 31.082 seconds. The next pair to leave all the rails in their cups was Lucy Blundon aboard Uthaliet Utopia. The pair tripped the timers at an exact 34.00 seconds moving them into the fourth place position. Paulena Johnson and Anyway were next to complete both courses without fault, and the duo stopped the clock at 33.576 seconds. Their excellent effort moved Blundon into fifth place, Johnson took home the fourth place honors, and Kessler’s victory was sealed.

Prior to the High Junior Jumpers class, Kent Farrington and Notre Star, owned by La Nutria, conquered the $5,000 Open Jumper 1.45m class. The duo was sixth to complete a fault-free first round and advance to the short course. As Farrington approached the jump-off course there was only one horse prior that had completed a fault-free effort. Next to complete a double-clear round was Cataro Ask and Mark Bluman. The pair made a valiant effort to catch Farrington, but and their time of 34.343 would not come close enough and they earned the third place prize. Baloubet Junior Z and Christine McCrea were the final duo to leave all the fences standing during the short course. The pair had a very efficient track and slipped through the timers in 33.471 seconds, resulting in a second place finish.

The fourth day of the Kentucky Spring Horse Show opened with exciting jumper action in the Main Stadium at the Kentucky Horse Park, host of the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™. Beginning at 8 a.m., 34 of the top jumper riders competed in the $20,00 Bluegrass Classic. Eight riders advanced to the jump-off, and it was Marilyn Little-Meredith that jumped a clear round in the fastest time with Blue Curacao to lead the victory gallop.

Marilyn Little-Meredith and Blue Curacao, owned by Mary and Paul Loeber, were the first pair to qualify for the jump-off and complete the short course without fault. They galloped to the second fence in a very quick six strides, and kept up their fast pace throughout the track. The duo would set an incredible time to beat, crossing the finish line in 31.194 seconds. They quickly jumped to the top of the leader board and their amazing score would eventually earn them the first place prize.

Clementine Goutal rode Wintina Deux, owned by Cloverleaf Farm, to the second double clear effort of the day. The pair had light rubs at the third and fourth fence, but they managed to leave all the rails in their cups. They stopped the timers at 33.384 seconds, which held up for the third place honors.

Scott Lenkart and Impulsive, owned by MacMillan Sport Horse, made a very good effort to catch Meredith’s time. They jumped each fence effortlessly and sailed through the finish in 31.769 seconds. Many people in the crowd thought the pair had taken the lead, but Lenkart and Impuslive were just a few tenths of a second short, garnering the second place award and sealing Meredith’s victory.

Hunter Highlights –Thursday through Sunday

The second day of competition for the professional hunter divisions concluded Thursday at the Kentucky Spring Horse Show located at the world-class Kentucky Horse Park. In the Stonelea Arena, the hunters competed for their division championships right before a short but strong rain shower rolled through. Hunt Tosh was the name to beat Thursday. He had numerous championship wins including the Green Conformation Hunters, aboard Trade Winds; the Regular Working Hunters, aboard Lonestar; and the Regular Conformation Hunters, on Tasty. Lastly, Tosh added a reserve championship in the First Year Green Hunters aboard Good Humor.

In the First Year Green Working Hunters, Kelley Farmer and Taken triumphed for the championship award after winning the handy hunter class, earning the second place ribbon in the hunter over fences class, and a fourth place ribbon in Wednesday’s hunter over fences class. Taken is owned by Nancy Amling from Palm Beach, Florida. Hunt Tosh and Good Humor, owned by Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Wheeler of Keswick, VA., won the reserve championship ribbon.

Hunt Tosh and Trade Winds controlled the Green Conformation Hunter division. The duo won five blue ribbons including the model, two over fences, the handy hunter, and the under saddle class. The repetitive wins earned them the championship distinction.

Not to be overlooked was Morgan Thomas aboard Savant, owned by First Partners, LP. The duo claimed the reserve championship accolade after earning Wednesday’s blue ribbon in the over fences class of the Green Conformation Hunters, three red ribbons, and a third place finish in the under saddle class.

Victorious in the Second Year Green Hunter division was the horse and rider combination of Louise Serio and Do Tell, owned by Bridget Hallman. The twosome won the championship prize with two first place ribbons in the hunter over fences class and the handy hunter class. They also added a third place ribbon in Wednesday’s over fences class and a fourth place in the under saddle class. Following in the Second Year Green Hunter division for the reserve championship tricolor was Tammy Provost and Northern Crown, owned by Northernside LLC.

The championship rosette in the Regular Conformation Hunters was pinned on the bridle of Hunt Tosh and Tasty, owned by Showcase LTD. The winning pair won four first place ribbons including the model, the over fences, the handy hunter, and the under saddle class. In addition to the blue ribbons Tasty and Tosh won the second place ribbon in Wednesday’s over fences class.

The reserve championship honors of the Regular Conformation Hunters went to Sugar Boy with Tammy Provost in the irons. Sugar boy, owned by Wendy Hofmeister and Provost, was consistent in the division earning second place ribbons in all of the classes except Wednesday’s over fences class where they won the blue ribbon.

The Regular Working Hunters had numerous competitive entries. Achieving the championship honors was once again Hunt Tosh with his mount Lonestar. The pair earned two first place finished in Wednesday’s over fences classes, two second place ribbons in the over fences and handy hunter class, and a fourth place in the under saddle class. Following in succession for the reserve championship in the Regular Working Hunters was Rock Star and Louise Serio. Rock Star, owned by Bright Star 158, LLC, earned two second place ribbons in Wednesday’s over fences classes, a first in Thursday’s over fences class, and a third in the handy hunter class.

The Kentucky Spring Horse Show continued Friday at the Kentucky Horse Park as the junior riders competed in the Pessoa USEF Hunter Seat Medal. Rain began to fall at the Stonelea Arena as the first rider entered the ring, but by time the riders came back to test the sun was out again. Four riders returned for the final test and the top prize was awarded to Hayley Barnhill for her effort aboard Podest. The second place ribbon went to Alyssa Mansfield aboard Calice De Fuyssieu, Leylan Gleeson and Playboy took home third, and the fourth place honors were presented to Catherine Hanlon and Coronado.
Alyssa Mansfield was first to show over the test with Calice De Fuyssieu. The pair held the fourth position before the test, but their excellent trot jump and hand-gallop allowed them to finish in second.

Catherine Hanlon was next to leave the line-up aboard Coronado. The pair had a few minor errors and dropped to the fourth place position. Leylan Gleeson and Playboy held the second place position going into the test, but their errors earned them the third place ribbon when the final results were announced.

When the test got underway, Hayley Barnhill held the lead with Podest and she was determined to win the class. The pair was able to elegantly complete the trot fence and their wonderful hand-gallop to the third fence won them the first place prize.

Earlier in the day the WIHS Equitation class held its Hunter Phase in the Stonelea Ring. Kalvin Dobbs took home the top prize with Accord after earning a score of 85. The second place ribbon went to Emily Van Der Walde with Gregor when the pair earned a score of 84, Catherine Tyree rode Lancelott to the third place honors with a score of 83. The WIHS Equitation Jumper Phase will be held on Sunday and the overall winner will be announced.

The $15,000 Chronicle of the Horse/USHJA International Hunter Derby Presented by Dietrich Insurance was the class to watch Saturday evening. The Derby was held in the Main Stadium of the Kentucky Horse Park, host of the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™, at the Kentucky Spring Horse Show. Triumphant over the class of forty horse and rider combinations was Extraordinary and Jennifer Alfano. Only one point separated first, second, and third place with Louise Serio and her mount Sailor’s Valentine coming in second, and Kelley Farmer and Rosalynn coming in third. Farmer took home the High Point Handy Award for achieving a score 196 in her second round.

Out of the top six riders in the handy round the first to enter the ring was Rosalynn with Kelley Farmer in the irons. Farmer took three options and received bonus points for her efforts. When the round was complete she was given a score of 160.

Farmer and Rosalynn, owned by Mr. And Mrs. Ernest M. Oare, entered the handy round in 12th place overall so the pair had to go first over the modified course. The pair’s efforts in the handy round landed her an immediate score of 196, because they took all the options, had a beautiful gallop, and took all the inside turns. The score would be maintained throughout the night earning them the Top Handy Score Award. The duo’s combined score of 356 was held up for third place after the class came to a close.

Next to try their talent on the handy course was Jennifer Alfano and Extraordinary. The pair chose three options and earned a first round score of 181. Since Alfano would ride Jersey Boy in the second round later in the evening, Alfano rode Extraordinary early in the mix. The pair earned a high score of 177, which moved them into the first place position with a toal of 358.

After the pair’s fantastic round, Louise Serio and Sailor’s Valentine, owned by Westerly Farm, had a chance to grab the judge’s attention. The duo took two options and received multiple bonus points from the judges. Their score of 182 in the handy round resulted in a total score of 357, which just barely moved them into the second place position.

A constant drizzle overtook the Kentucky Horse Park, host of the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™, during the last day of the Kentucky Spring Horse Show. Rounding out the last class in the Stonelea Arena was the $1,000 Children’s Hunter Classic, which is a member event of the 2010 North American League and Washington International Championships. Winning the Children’s Hunter Classic was Piper Donnelly and her top mount Notorious.

The $1,000 Children’s Hunter Classic consisted of 10 numbered obstacles featuring multiple single diagonals, a four-stride off of a short right turn, and an in-and-out coming home. The top 12 horse and riders with scores above 60 were invited back to the ring in reverse order. Scores were added together from the Classic round and their individual division round for a final overall score. Riders stayed consistent overall with their scores from the first round to the second round. Dana Dettmer and Tempo set the pace with a first round score of 76 and a second round score of 79 resulting in a total of 155. This lead was held until Donnelly and Notorious entered the ring scoring an 83.5 in the first round and an 80 in the second round resulting in a combined score of 163.5, which moved them into first place. Last in the line up with a high score of 84 in the first round was Bella Cramer and Mactier, champion of the younger Children’s Hunters. Cramer had a good round but scored a 74 which put her with a total of 158, placing the duo in second place, followed by Dettmer and Tempo.

Prior to the Classic, Mattie Worsham and Secret Crown earned the championship accolade in the Children’s 14 and Under Hunter division. The pair received two first place ribbons in Saturday’s over fences classes and a third and fourth place in Sunday’s over fences classes.

Winning the reserve championship ribbon in the Children’s 14 and Under Hunter division was Stephanie Ingram’s horse Oceanfront with Kelly Arani holding the reins. The duo scored the same amount of points as Worsham so a tiebreaker was called and the leading over fences score determined the winner. Arani and Oceanfront earned a first place and second place in the over fences and a first place in the under saddle class. The pair also earned two fifth place ribbons in the over fences classeson Saturday, which was enough to garner the reserve championship prize.

The Children’s 15-17 Hunter championship was awarded to Bella Cramer and her top mount Mactier. Adding another ribbon to their weekend wins was Piper Donnelly and Notorious. The accomplished pair earned the reserve championship tricolor in the Children’s 15-17 Hunter division to wrap up a successful 2010 Kentucky Spring Horse Show.


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