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October Newsletter from Pure Thoughts

Written by: Phelps Media Group, Inc.
Client: Pure Thoughts Horse Rescue
Release Date: 2011-10-21

Dear Friends and Supporters,

As we near our 10-year anniversary, we reflect on the 1500+ horses that have walked through our gates; Emaciated, unwanted, injured, abused ... we have seen it all. Most recently, AJ Nugget, a 5 year old race horse with a body score of 1.5 (emaciated) and a serious open leg wound. AJ was at a Kill Buyer's farm, too skinny to ship to slaughter... wounded... rescued. Fortunately for AJ, our vet saw no damage to his tendons and ligaments leaving him a bright future for a new life when his rehabilitation is complete.

Cases like AJ are not uncommon and taxing on the rescue's feed and medical funds. These horses require extra feed/hay, special supplements and extensive medical care. We pride ourselves in offering each and every horse that arrives at Pure Thoughts 100% care and attention. From the medical aspect and rehabilitation to the retraining, we spare no costs in rehabilitating a horse in need. In the event a horse has issues that deem he or her not safe for placement, they become a sanctuary horse and will carry out the remainder of their life in our care.

Most times we are the last resort for a horse in need. Please help us continue our mission by making a donation today. The horses honor donations of any size and are extremely grateful for your continued support; as your donation allows full bellies, peaceful nights and no more worries what tomorrow may bring.

Thank you for making a difference,

Jennifer Swanson
P.S. A gift of $350 will provide 1 horse a months worth of feed and bedding.

Upcoming Events

Saturday, October 22nd 11am-5pm

We will be at Pet-A-Palooza in Jupiter at Carlin Park on Saturday, October 22nd from 11am-5pm. Come meet some adoptable horses and check out our booth!

Wednesday, October 26th 6:30-8:30pm

Join us for Margaritas and Appetizers at Cabo Flats!
Tickets can be purchased online at

Ongoing Events

Win a Team Zenyatta signed photograph to help AJ Nugget!

We are raffling off a Team Zenyatta signed photograph, 18x24 Breeders Cup Classic. Signatures include Owners Jerry & Ann Moss, Trainer John Sheriffs, Jockey Mike Smith and photographer Rick Buckley. 100 Raffle tickets are being sold at $25 a piece. Once all 100 are sold, a winner will be drawn. has graciously offered Pure Thoughts Horse Rescue 25% of any Fine Art Plaques Sold!

Intake & Adoption News

As we have not had a newsletter in over a year, we will start this section with the most recent intake and adoption stories. From here on out we will keep you posted on a monthly basis.

You may have seen our BVI intakes, Prayerful & Vivid Cat on CBS 12 or CH 5 (click to view each story). We are thrilled to annouce that after enduring their trip to Florida, both horses have found their forever home and will remain together!

After coming in when a local Arabian Stud farm closed, Ascap has found his forever friend in a young lady named Kylie.

When J'Adore did not cut it as a New York racehorse, he ended up at an auction full of kill buyers. Saved and tried as a polo pony only to fall short in that career as well, he found his calling living the slow paced life as a pleasure horse with his new, lifelong friend, Letty.

AJ Nugget was with a kill buyer and because he was too skinny to be shipped to the slaughterhouse, he was rescued. Although still severely underweight and a wound that requires daily medical treatment, he is now on his path to recovery.

One Nice Offer was pulled from the racetrack and sent to PTHR by his breeder after not showing promise as a racehorse. Lucky for him, Kolleen won 4 lessons with our trainer, Brad Gaver, on our online fundraising auction and after riding One Nice Offer, couldn't resist the idea of parting with her new found friend.

FullOfTutu was a racehorse turned surrogate broodmare for an equine clinic. When she decided to reject another mare's foal (she did eventually accept the foal), the vet clinic that owned her decided there was too much money at stake to use her again and decided euthanasia was her best option. PTHR stepped in and is giving this mare a second chance at a new beginning.

Training Tips with Brad Gaver

The key to successful training of your horse, whether it is for the first time learning, retraining or fixing a bad habit, is patience.

Q: My horse tends to kick and is not good for the farrier, what can I do to help him/her?

A: If I am concerned that a horse might be an aggressive or fearful kicker, I follow this procedure. It usually works pretty well.

You will need the "Gaver's Way Thinking Tree," the "Gaver's Way Supple Thought Extension," and the "Gaver's Way Endurance Consideration" all of which can be purchased on my website for a package price of $78. OK - now that I have finished with my attempt at humor, translation is, you will need a safe and secure place to tie your horse. If he/she cross ties, the wash rack works just fine. A thick COTTON rope, at least 15 feet long (the more worn and softer the better) and patience.

Click here to continue reading Brad's answer.

Ask Our Trainer and Co Founder, Brad Gaver, your Horse Training Questions at

A Special Mention

The Horses of Pure Thoughts are grateful to you all!

We would like to send a special thank you to Ted Blocker, the inventor of the Blocker Tie Ring (click to find out more on the Blocker Tie Rings) for graciously donating 12 Blocker Tie Rings to PTHR's cross ties and trailer.

We would also like to thank Fortiflex (click to see all the Fortiflex products) for their generous donation of several buckets in all shapes and sizes as well as pitch forks in their trendy new colors! The horses will love their new buckets and the volunteers will love the new pitch forks with all their prongs in tact!

A special shout out to all the participants and winners in our Online Auction (click to view the online auction) to raise funds. This will become a reoccuring event so please keep checking the site!

About Pure Thoughts Inc. Horse Rescue

Pure Thoughts Inc. is a national, all-volunteer 501(c)3 non-profit organization and is dedicated to saving the lives of horses that are victims of starvation, neglect, abuse or bound for slaughter for human consumption. In 2009, Pure Thoughts expanded to include a Thoroughbred Rehabilitation & Placement program pulling Thoroughbreds off the racetracks to rehabilitate, retrain and rehome them. As of August 2011, this program has become international. Pure Thoughts Horse Rescue is one of the largest horse rescues in the USA taking in over 1,500 horses since its inception in December of 2002.


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