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Gigi Stetler is pleased to release the “My Perfect Bones” supplement line for horses and humans.

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My Perfect Bones Provides Natural Supplement Treatment for Humans

Written by: Jenny Ross and Rebecca Walton
Client: Aaron’s Catering of the Palm Beaches
Release Date: 2012-03-19

Wellington, FL - March 19, 2012 -My Perfect Bones is an amazing, all-natural supplement that is now available to help treat human ailments. Gigi Stetler, the owner of RV Sales of Broward, helped develop the incredible line of pills with chemist Jay D. Foster. The four different varieties of supplements have helped cure everything from osteoporosis to a temperamental digestive system.

The product line for humans includes My Perfect Bones, My Perfect Joints, My Perfect Tummy, and Mag Plus. The product began with My Perfect Bones, which has been shown to reverse bone loss naturally. It contains the active ingredient MCHC, which a 1984 issue of Current Medial Research Opinion reported creates a dramatic and significant reduction in pain, due to advanced osteoporosis. The disease is deadly and often times the medications used to treat osteoporosis can have incredibly bad side effects such as Osteonecrosis or death of the jawbone, esophageal irritation, and arrhythmias. MCHC, magnesium and other trace elements found in My Perfect Bones are all natural nutrients that will re-mineralize your bones. This can help promote healing and quicker recovery after bone fractures, or it can be used as preventive measure to create stronger bones that are less likely to fracture.

The next supplement that is available is My Perfect Joints, which helps naturally prevent and reverse the wear and tear of articular cartilage with the aid of Glucosamine and Chondroitin. My Perfect Joints formula also contains an enzyme from pineapple; Bromelain and plant extract Boswellia, natural anti-inflammatory agents. The trace minerals found in this product include Boron and Manganese, which have shown effective in nourishing the joints.

"As I aged, my vigorous workout routine left me a lot more sore and with much less energy," noted Richard Angulo. "Taking My Perfect Joints allowed me to maintain the same workout without any pain. Aging no longer hinders me from working out as hard as I want."

Also available through My Perfect Bones is the My Perfect Tummy Supplement, which helps control excess acidity and promote a normal digestive process when added to meals. Excess stomach acid or acid reflux has also been shown to cause severe joint pain in some affected people, and My Perfect Tummy helps treat the cause as well as the symptoms. The product contains Spirulina, which has cleansing, restoring and fortifying benefits. Spirulina promotes the body's natural cleansing process which has shown to create more energy. It also stimulates the metabolism, and activates natural defense mechanisms.

The final product in the My Perfect Bones Supplement line for humans is Mag Plus, which assists with the production of ATP for energy and rhythmic function of cardiac and vascular muscles. It is also essential for supporting optimal bone density, as well as maintenance of blood glucose levels. Magnesium supplementation may also reduce total cholesterol, raise HDL cholesterol, and prevent platelet aggregation. The final highlight of this amazing product is that it provides Malic Acid, which complements the magnesium in the relief of pain associated with muscle spasm and cramping.

My Perfect Bones is available to the public to treat human and equine ailments. The product line for humans includes My Perfect Bones, My Perfect Joints, My Perfect Tummy, and Mag Plus. There is also and equine supplement line that includes My Perfect Bones for Horses, My Perfect Joints for Horses, and Mag Plus for Horses.

To find out more about these incredible products or to make your own purchase, please visit

About Gigi Stetler

Gigi Stetler is the incredible founder of the very successful RV Sales of Broward and has most recently begun her own RV sheets line: Gigi Riding in Style. Stetler is also the author of the excellent novel "Unstoppable! Surviving is Just the Beginning." Now the Unstoppable Life brand includes the Mind, Body and Soul. It offers the page-turning novel for the Mind, the My Perfect Bones supplement line for the Body, and Stetler's personal life and business coaching sessions for the Soul. For more information about Stetler please visit


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