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Kaitlin Campbell holds the current lead in the 2012 Hagyard Challenge Series (pictured with Rocky W).

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Kentucky Summer Classic Horse Show Wrap-up: July 31-August 5

Written by: Ashley N. Williams
Client: Kentucky Horse Shows LLC
Release Date: 2012-08-06

Lexington, KY – Aug 6, 2012-- The applause and excitement could be heard resounding throughout the Kentucky Horse Park Saturday evening as the $50,000 Rood & Riddle Grand Prix got underway in the Rolex Stadium. It was the fifth day of the Kentucky Summer Classic, and the nation’s top riders gathered to show under the bright lights of the stadium for a share in the prize money, and the desired $8,000 SSG ‘Go Clean for the Green’ Digital Riding Glove promotion bonus. Out of 33 entries only five were able to ride the first course clear, and progress into the arduous jump-off. It was Blythe Marano and Urban who wowed the crowd tonight, taking the top earnings and the bonus money. Aaron Vale piloted Palm Sunday to the second place finish as the only other rider to go double clear.

Blythe Marano, was the first to outwit D’Ambrosio’s shortened course. She guided Urban, owned by Riverview Farm of Franklin, TN, to a speedy jump-off time, leaving all rails intact as she utilized Urban’s sure footing to her advantage. The duo tripped the timers in a mere 43.770 seconds, setting the target time as the pathfinder.

“Mainly I saw that the inside turn to the triple bar would make me appear to be going faster than I was,” Marano described her plan of action when recapping the jump-off. “I wanted to make it so that everyone else thought that was where I made such good time, and have to chase it. Fortunately it worked out for me tonight, because that is exactly what happened in almost every round.”

“He was a little fresh going into the jump-off. I think since we made it clear in the first round so early in the order, he had time to relax. I think that he almost thought it was a day class and that the jump off was the night class,” Marano laughed. “The course was great for me tonight, and when I walked it, I knew he was going to be great.”

Aaron Vale and Palm Sunday, owned by Amen Corner Farm of Folsom, LA, entered the ring behind Marano, using a quick plan to their benefit. It seemed as though Vale was going to best Marano’s time. He held a strong pace throughout the track, he opted for a larger turn going outside to the double combination, it cost precious seconds. Vale legged his mount over the final obstacle, and finished in 43.449 seconds to eventually secure the second place award. Pablo Barrios and Zara Leandra, owned by the ZL Group of Wellington, FL, took the third place in a time of 41.453 seconds as the fastest four- fault combination. Rebecca Conway and Twister, owned by Blue Hill Farm of Salt Lake City, UT, rode to a consecutive four-fault finish in 44.703 seconds. Shane Sweetnam returned for the jump-off aboard Diktator Van De Boslandhoeve, but they nicked an unlucky rail in the double combination and took the fourth place honors, with Conway taking the fifth.

Jumper Highlights: Tuesday-Saturday

The first day of the Kentucky Summer Classic was filled with exciting jumper action in the Rolex Stadium at the Kentucky Horse Park. Competitors had the opportunity to showcase their speed in the 1.40m Open Jumpers and show off their talents navigating the 1.35 Open Jumpers. Christian Heineking led the way in the 1.40m Open Jumpers with the quick NKH Selena, while Mallory Vale completed the fastest double- clear effort with MI Phone in the 1.35 Open Jumpers.

Christian Heineking and NKH Selena, owned by NKH LLC of Dallas, TX, were eleventh to go in the 16- horse competition, but they easily jumped to the top of the leaderboard. The talented rider guided his talented mount over obstacles, and with each rail firmly in its cups, they crossed the finish line in a stellar 61.908 seconds to eventually earn the winning slot.

Although Aaron Vale had posted an early lead in the class as the fifth in the order, his clean effort in 64.428 seconds earned the pair the fourth place ribbon. Andres Rodriguez and Elatrice, owned by Arao Enterprises of Wellington, FL, made a dash for the victory, but their time of 62.585 seconds would only be good enough for third. Vale returned for a final go at the winning title with Palm Sunday, owned by Amen Corner Farm of Folsom, LA, and almost captured the new winning time as he sliced his turns and cleared the fences. His 62.408 second finish took the second place position nearly one second behind Heineking, proving that Heinekings’s time stood unsurpassed.

Mallory Vale and MI Phone, owned by Thinks Like A Horse of Morriston, FL, proved to be unstoppable in the 1.35 Open Jumpers Tuesday. With a clear first round they quickly advanced to the jump-off where they picked up a diligent pace, made tight turns, and took all inside options. The pair left all fences in

place, tripping the timers in 39.605 seconds and riding to the only double-clear effort and the class victory.

Claudia Billups of Oxford, MS, and Rockefeller of took home the second place honors during the event. She guided Rockefeller to a clear first round, and set a great pace as she navigated the course. It was a four-fault total that secured the second place position in a time of 39.077 seconds for the duo. Richard Reinhart rounded out the top three qualifying jump-off finishers with Vini Boy. He also earned four faults with an unlucky rail, stopping the clock in 40.156 seconds.

Riders of the top caliber competed Wednesday at the Kentucky Horse Park to commence the second day of the Kentucky Summer Classic. The Young Jumpers took center stage as the sun sat overhead the Rolex Stadium, competing in the Six–Year-Old and Seven/Eight-Year-Old Jumper classes. Christian Heineking and Aaron Vale captured Tuesday’s victories in their respective classes.

In the Seven/Eight-Year-Old Young Jumper, Aaron Vale completed an excellent first round with Spirit of Alena owned by Campos and Miranda Investments of Ocala, FL, to advance to the immediate jump- off. They left all rails in their cups as they broke the beam in a timely 33.643 seconds to claim the first place prize. Finishing second in Wednesday’s Seven/Eight-Year-Old Young Jumpers was Taylor Land of Alpharetta, GA, and Levade 35. Although Land went tenth in the order, she showed to a double-clear effort in 36.284 seconds, knocking out the remaining competition and securing the red ribbon. Ashley Fleischhacker placed third with Erupthion D’or De Wandor, after they completed the jump-off leaving all rails intact and stopping the clock at 37.432 seconds.

Shortly after the Seven/Eight-Year-Old Young Jumpers came to a close, Christian Heineking rode NTEC Quanto to the Six-Year-Old Young Jumpers first place finish. The pair completed a double-clear effort in 35.573 seconds, a full two seconds ahead of second place finisher Richard Reinhart and Comet who stopped the clock at 37.588 seconds. Christoph Schroeder, of Andersonville, TN, took home the third place award for his fault-free short course aboard Catungee in a time of 37.914 seconds. Kent Farrington and River Roc, owned by Lynn Jayne of Elgin, IL, produced the only other clean first round, finishing in 40.327 seconds for the fourth place honors with four-faults during the jump-off over the liverpool.

The Rolex Stadium was alive with the nation’s top horse and rider combinations gathering to compete beneath the lights in the $25,000 Hagyard Lexington Classic during the Kentucky Summer Classic on Thursday. Kaitlin Campbell and Rocky W topped tonight’s seven-horse jump-off with a beautiful double- clear effort. Campbell also was the last to compete with Grand Pleasure, riding to the only other double- clear score and nabbing the second place prize.

Forty-eight riders tackled Thursday’s opening track, designed by Anthony D’Ambrosio. Nine horses had rails at obstacle seven, while 13 horses saw fault in the triple combination, and 10 horses went on to add penalties to their score throughout the double.

It was indeed the course that took on a life if its own. It was Aaron Vale and Admiral Clover, owned by Carman Alfonzo, who posted a clear first round as the sixth in the order, setting a need for accuracy as the other riders mimicked his efforts. Christian Heineking and River of Dreams, owned by Caroline Jahr, were the next to jump clear, promising the onlookers a jump-off of great anticipation. Five other riders were able to navigate the track, including Kaitlin Campbell and Megan Nusz who qualified with multiple mounts, moving into the jump-off where the name of the game was rapidity.

Aaron Vale was the first to attempt the shortened course with Admiral Clover. The duo erupted from the in gate in a dash, setting a quick pace with sliced turns and sure foot work. It was an unfortunate slice to the penultimate obstacle that earned the pair the fifth place finish, incurring four-faults for a refusal, as well as an additional six seconds added to their time. The vertical proved tricky for other riders, too. Megan Nusz and Cilantro, owned by Amalaya Investments, and Heineking with River of Dreams found fault at the vertical, riding to the seventh and sixth place finishes, respectively.

Kaitlin Campbell wowed the crowd aboard her own 14-year-old Rocky W, when she posted the first double-clear effort as the fourth to return. She piloted Rocky W to a fast finish in 43.090 seconds. The applause erupted from the stands, resounded throughout the Rolex Stadium as Campbell seemed to do the impossible feat of completing the jump-off track clean.

Nusz returned to the ring aboard Dynamo, owned by Amalaya Investments, posting a beautiful effort. She raced around the track, seeing how to correct the errors of her first ride. The duo tripped the timers in 39.561 seconds, the fastest time of the night, but an unlucky rail over the final oxer earned them the third place finish. Federico Sztyrle and Crossfire 10 approached the short track with a more conservative approach; however they also saw a rail down, finishing in the fourth place finish with the only other.

Campbell once again returned to the Rolex Stadium aboard Grand Pleasure, owned by Rachel Kennedy, already holding the victory in the palm of her hand with Rocky W. Knowing that Grand Pleasure is greener, with this being only his second grand prix, Campbell focused on the importance of leaving the rails in their cups. Her plan was a success, riding to the second place in only 47.367 seconds with the only other double-clear effort.

Although storm clouds hung sullenly over the Kentucky Horse Park Friday, the amateur and junior jumper riders were not deterred as they tackled their respective courses to vie for the top honors in the Rolex Stadium. Paige Johnson topped today’s High Amateur-Owner Jumpers with Amagedon 3. Megan Nusz slid into the second place finish with Vesuvius, and Mallory Vale guided MI Phone to the third place award. In the High Junior Jumpers, Emanuel Andrade claimed the blue ribbon with his quick and clean effort aboard Tiny Tim, while Elizabeth Patz picked up the second place just ahead of Gabrielle Bausano.

The High Amateur-Owner Jumpers faced the challenging course first, with only three riders effectively showing to a double-clear effort. It was Paige Johnson and Amagedon 3, owned by Salamander Farm of The Plains, VA, who posted the first clear round of the day. She piloted ‘Nemo’ around the first course with ease, and moved immediately into the jump-off. Her success continued as they left all rails in place, and stopped the clock in only 36.071 seconds.

Megan Nusz and Vesuvius, owned by Amalaya Investments of The Woodlands, TX, completed the first course faultless, and moved into the shortened course. She, too, left all the rails intact, and came in just six-tenths of a second shy of the first place prize, scooping up the red ribbon. Mallory Vale and MI Phone, owned by Thinks Like A Horse of Morriston, FL, were the only other pair to proceed into the jump-off. With their time of 36.584 seconds, they proved faster than Nusz; however, an unfortunate rail in the double combination, and an eventual eight-fault total, earned them the third place finish.

Shortly after, the High Junior Jumpers took their turn over D’Ambrosio’s course. This time it was Venezuela’s Emanuel Andrade who led the way, jumping two clear rounds with Tiny Tim, owned by Hollow Creek Farm of Aiken, SC. Over the short track they clocked in at 38.598 seconds, which held up for the first place honors. Earlier in the class, Andrade qualified for the jump-off with La Fe Forli, also owned by Hollow Creek Farm, and tripped the timers with four faults in 34.972 seconds to take the fourth place. Elizabeth Patz of Windemere, FL, steered Cordino to the second place finish with a double-clear effort over the short course. Their time of 38.928 seconds put them in the lead as the second rider to attempt the track, but Andrade’s careful mount and his effective riding took over the lead with a .470 second differential. Gabrielle Bausano of New York, NY, rode to the only other double clear aboard Ubico H. She nabbed the third place ribbon with her time of 40.527 seconds.

Hunters Highlights: Tuesday-Sunday

Looking forward to a warm, dry day after the first week of unpredictable weather, the Stonelea Arena saw a lineup of divisions from First Year Green Working Hunters to the Performance 3’6” Hunter divisions Tuesday morning. The footing and course made for a congenial ride for all participants for the first day of the professional divisions. Onlookers ultimately beheld two strong contenders and their steeds overwhelming the competition with enough talent to sweep Tuesday’s divisions.

Christopher Payne delivered exceptional performances aboard his mounts, picking up top honors in the First Year Green Working Hunters, Green Conformation Hunters and the Second Year Green Working Hunters. It was Hunt Tosh who stole the show with a clean sweep of two divisions on two very memorable mounts. Tosh guided Cold Harbor to a dominating performance in the Regular Conformation Division, as well as capturing two blues with veteran Lone Star in the Performance 3’6” Hunter division.

Tosh and Lone Star put forth a performance reminiscent of the Kentucky Spring Classic, where they had made a sweeping comeback. The pair once again returned to dominate. Lone Star, owned by Dr. Betsee Parker of Middleburg, VA, showed with a familiar finesse seen in the Performance 3’6” Hunters, and took

the claim of the division’s top prizes. They earned both blue ribbons Tuesday, and go into Wednesday’s classes with an immense lead.

A display of Tosh’s brilliant horse sense could be seen as he guided a real beauty, Cold Harbor, a bay gelding, in a sweeping execution of the hunter course. The pair picked up both first place ribbons in the over fences of the Regular Conformation Hunter classes, surpassing Picasso and Shawn Casady, who took the red ribbon in the rankings. Robert Crandel rode Lovely Charity, owned by Katherine Newman of Middleburg, VA, to the third place finishes in both rounds.

Christopher Payne came ready to show, starting with the Green Conformation Hunters. He exhibited Lugano over the courses delivering an exceptional performance. The duo accepted first place prizes for both classes, placing above his second mount Dashing in the first class, and narrowly above Lightning Z, another Tosh entry, in the second class. Payne also rode Dashing to brilliant ribbons in the First Year Green Working Hunters, earlier in the morning.

Payne and Holden took home a blue and red ribbon for the Second Year Green Working Hunters, placing under the outstanding Wish List, ridden by Cody Lewis-Shultz in the first round. How Now Z and Colleen Acosta earned top honors, as well. They nabbed the third place win for their efforts in the first round, and the second place in the consecutive over fences class.

In Wednesday’s classes Hunt Tosh saw favorable scores from judges while riding Lone Star, owned by Dr. Betsee Parker of Middleburg, VA, receiving high marks to win the championship title in the Performance 3’6’’ Hunters division. Lone Star has had a legendary career, recently coming back after experiencing an injury, which had him out of the ring for a year’s time. The duo placed admirably during the first day of the Performance 3’6” Hunter over fences, making a sweep of the division, and approached today’s classes with a comfortable leeway in rankings. Tosh and Lone Star rode to second place finishes in the first round over fences and the handy class, complimenting yesterday’s scores to equal the championship tri-color ribbon. The reserve championship was awarded to Erica Quinn and Chit Chat, owned by Centennial Farms and Company of Palmetto, FL.

It was another one of Tosh’s geldings that stole the spotlight in the Stonelea Arena. Cold Harbor showed his warm side with a burst of pronounced showmanship to streak across all five classes of the two-day competition, earning the top honors in the Regular Conformation Hunters.Cold Harbor, also owned by Dr. Betsee Parker of Middleburg, VA, put on a valiant display, earning the limelight in the ring, and the rights to be honorably pinned as champion. Shawn Casady exhibited Picasso, owned by Emmy Trussell of Lexington, KY, to top placings, being dually awarded with the reserve championship.

Other notable top ranks for today’s events include the championship placing by Christopher Payne and Lugano, owned by Susan Moriconi of St. Louis, MO, in the Green Conformation Hunters. Lugano respectively received top prizes in four out of five classes earning the tri-color ribbon in the division. Also looking to join the upper-echelon, Kelly Mullen and Modern, owned by Megan Davis, delivered a nearly flawless show, missing the mark ever so slightly, and receiving the reserve championship honors.

Payne continued with great success in the Second Year Green Working Hunters aboard Holden. The pair showed beautiful over the courses, and earned the judges’ nod. Holden, also owned by Susan Moriconi, held his own, winning high ranks—first place in the handy, and second place in the over fences to total a championship standing. Cody Lewis-Schultz rode Wish List to the reserve championship honors.

On the third day of the Kentucky Summer Classic, Vivian Yowan did not disappoint in the Small Junior Hunter divisions, shining aboard several top mounts. She rode two mounts to the peak of the standings in the Small 15 and Under Junior Hunters, securing the day’s top scores aboard Charming and Friday Night. Atop Charming, owned by Boggs Hill of Lexington, KY, Yowan rode to the blue ribbon in the first over fences. She also showed Friday Night, owned by KAR LLC of New York, NY, to the second place award just behind Charming, as well as the fourth place award for their efforts in the second round.

Meredith Darst rode Uns Noetzel, owned by Lochmoor Stables of Lebanon, OH, to notable ribbons, picking up the first place honors during the second round, and riding to the third place finish behind Yowan in the first round. Quigley, owned by Sweet Oak Farm of Wellington, FL, with Brett Burlington in

the irons took the third and fourth place ribbons in Thursday’s division.

Yowan also saw success in the Large 15 and Under Junior Hunters with Parker, owned by Saddle Ridge LLC of Darien, CT. Coming off of a fantastic week of Junior Hunter Finals and the top awards last week during the Kentucky Summer Horse Show, it was apparent that their talent has no shortcomings. Katherine Strauss and Rapunzel also rode to good scores in the Large 15 and Under Junior Hunter division, taking home the second place ribbon over the first course.

As the afternoon progressed, it was Shawn Casady who stole the show during the Large 16-17 Junior Hunters. He rode Capstone, owned by Norgan, Inc. of Wellington, FL, to the first place ribbon during the first over fences, as well as picking up the second place aboard Savant, owned by First Partners LP of Valpairso, IN. Casady also took the first place ribbon with Savant in the second round, guiding Capstone to the third.

The final division of the day saw Megan Davis of Cockeysville, MD, pilot Modern to the top awards in the Small 16-17 Junior Hunters with two first place finishes. Anna Cardelfe of Spring Lake, NJ, and Nadia also picked up good ribbons, riding to the second place finish over the second course.

Friday morning riding conditions were pleasant for both rider and horse as the weather stayed bright but over-cast at the Stonelea Arena for the fourth day of the Kentucky Summer Classic. It was a championship day as participants prepared to take on the last three classes of their respective divisions to earn top ribbons and ultimately the championship tricolor. Taking home the top hunter ribbons included Katherine Strauss and Rapunzel in the Large Junior 15 and Under Hunters, Megan Davis shining on Modern in the Large Junior 16-17 Hunters, Shawn Casady aboard Savant winning the Small Junior 16-17 Hunters, and Meredith Darst aboard Uns Noetzel in the Small 15 and Under Junior Hunters, on the hunt course in Friday’s events.

All juniors were admirably fierce, bringing highly competitive scores within half points of one another. Vivian Yowan, the Small Junior 15 and Under Hunter vanguard aboard Friday Night, owned by Karr LLC of New York, NY, took second place to the underdog-emerged-victor, Meredith Darst riding Uns Noetzel, owned by Lochmoor Stables of Lebanon, OH. Darst’s back-to-back blues in the over fences and handy classes, took precedence in the rankings, earning her the championship ribbon after Yowan did the same Thursday, barely missing the marks. Yowan and Friday Night took reserve.

As the afternoon set in, so did light rain, adding another element to battle in the feat of achieving the perfect ride and ultimately, the perfect score. Rapunzel and Katherine Strauss of Southampton, NY, also rivaled the same steep competition, beating out Parker and Vivian Yowan in the Large Junior 15 and Under Hunter division. Strauss came off yesterday’s exhibit with first and second place wins, concluding with similar results that equaled division dominance and the title of champion. Yowan again took reserve in the division.

It was an exciting display of showmanship that erupted from the Small Juniors 16 -17 Hunter division as Megan Davis of Cockeysville, MD, and mount Modern, shot to the top of the leaderboard with an outstanding two-day combined score. It was Anna Cardelfe and Nadia of Spring Lake, NJ, who went head-to-head with the duo, vying for the tricolor ribbon. Rising up victorious, Davis and Modern’s persistent efforts were rewarded upon the wrap-up of the under saddle class, being pinned with the championship award.

Other division’s top scores include Shawn Casady and Savant, owned by First Partners LP, Valpairso, IN, nabbing a championship ribbon in the Large Junior 16 and 17 Hunters, narrowly fronting Kelcie Brophy and Due West, owned by Poppish Farms LLC of Palm Beach, FL. Casady’s mount took top call in Thursday’s over fences, and show peak athleticism clearing each jump in classic hunter form.

The Stonelea Arena was bustling Saturday, as it saw six divisions stretching the length of the day. Lined with sponsor bulletins, the $5,000 Hallway Feeds USHJA National Hunter Derby turned out a crowd as well as promised top riders and steep competition. Out of 29 riders, Shawn Casady once again emerged as victor, this time upon Bolero, scoring 178.50. Louise Serio returned riding Corvine, beating her last week’s points and scoring 178, coming in a half point behind Casady, earning the duo a second place

standing. Riding to a third place finish, Erica Quinn and Chit Chat came in with a total of 175.

Shawn Casady took the early lead in the first round, charming the judges with an impressive score of 91. Being the 11th rider to attempt the course, Erica Quinn and Chit Chat of Centennial Farm Inc, of Plametto, FL, posted the score to beat, taking all four options to equal an 89. Casady riding on horse Bolero of Marigot Bay Farm LLC of Dover, MD, changed the pace from the 22nd position. Quinn’s handy round earned the duo the overall score of 175 points, securing the third place derby award.

Casady’s stiffest competition came from the professional level, Louis Serio who occupies the lead of the ongoing series. Serio brought two mounts to show, To the Nines and Corvine, but it was Corvine who rode clear, warranting the higher total of the two, scoring 178 and winning the pair a blue ribbon. To the Nines scored a respective 173 to take the 5th place ranking.

The top 12 high scoring first round contenders returned to take on the handy round. Shawn Casady riding Bolero, breezed through the short course, taking all four high options, earning the two an 87.50. Their flawless ride elevated their score out of reach of the opponent, earning them the distinguished blue ribbon.

Also in the top ranks earning fourth place by taking all the high options, Molly Sewell and Larkspur, owned by Ashley Whitner, took a first-round total of 83 points and second round presenting 91 points equaling a solid 174 points. Owner and rider, True Kershenbaum of Leawood, KS, reappeared at a sixth place finished in the ranks, aboard Ultra with an overall score of 168.

It was the championship day for the Adult Amateur Divisions at the Kentucky Summer Classic. Riders and their top mounts approached the Stonelea Arena at the Kentucky Horse Park for the final day of the show, examining the courses as they prepared. The Adult Amateurs did not disappoint as they vied for the top honors in their respective divisions, but it was Leigh Cofer and Breaking News who really shined in the Adult Amateur 18-35 Hunter division, also riding to the high scoring NAL/WIHS Adult Hunter Classic second round score, and the winning title.

The clouds sat precariously over the Kentucky Horse Park, offering shade and a cool breeze from the usual hot midsummer day, Saturday, as the NAL/WIHS Adult Hunter Classic got underway. The top scoring horse and rider combinations of the Adult Amateur Hunter divisions approached the Stonelea Arena with trepidation as they progressed into the battle for the best, and the winning title. Julie Holzberger and Pure Giving posted the impressive first round score of 84, moving into the Classic in the first place position with a target on her back. An unfortunate rub on the oxer in the outside line lost the duo their dominating lead.

With only two left to compete, the anticipation was evident. Mindy Wurzburg and Overseas had posted the highest second round score to this point in the competition, impressing the judges and earning their nod with a score of 83. Combined with her first round score of 81 points, Wurzburg led the class with an overall score of 164 points. Although it looked as though Wurzburg had posted an unsurpassable standard, last to go Leigh Cofer and Breaking News rose to the top, edging out Wurzburg with a one-point difference.

Cofer’s success was apparent from the beginning of the day until the end, snatching up the Adult Amateur 18-35 Hunter Championship with Breaking News, owned by Fit To Print Farm of Woodstock, GA. They posted two consistent rounds over fences, taking home the blue ribbon prize in each. They laid down beautiful rounds during Saturday’s over fences, as well, also earning the first place finish and a clear road to the championship.

Elizabeth Morgan of Cincinnati, OH, and As Always rode to the reserve championship honors, earning straight seconds during today’s over fences, as well as the third place finish in the under saddle.

During the Adult Amateur 36-49 Hunters, local Dawn Fogley of Lexington, KY, piloted her recently

purchased mount, Tripoli, to three first place finishes over fences throughout the course of the division, as well as the first place finish in the under saddle. It was Stacey Arani and Bolero, owned by Marigot Bay Farm of Dover, MA, who stood for the reserve champion presentation shot.

Prior to the Classic, the Adult Amateur 50 and Older Hunter division saw competitors return for day two of competition. Everest with Susan Stanley of Delray Beach, FL, in the irons claimed the top finishes in the over fences Sunday, as well as the first place award for their efforts in the over fences, Saturday. Camille McNeill of Memphis, TN, claimed the reserve championship tricolor aboard Tuckahoe for their second and third place finishes today in the over fences.

The Kentucky Summer Series will continue on August 15, 2012, with the Bluegrass Festival Horse Show. The Kentucky Horse Park will become the premier pony destination in the upcoming week as the top pony qualifiers gather at the Walnut Ring to compete for the prestigious championship titles during the 2012 USEF Pony Finals.

For more information about the Kentucky Summer Series, please visit


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