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JustWorld International Leadership Development Program

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JustWorld International Partners With Private Tutoring Services for the Pilot Leadership Development Program

Written by: Kendall Bierer
Client: JustWorld International
Release Date: 2013-01-05

Wellington, FL - January 5, 2013 - JustWorld International is thrilled to announce the commencement of their Leadership Development Program, beginning this January. The program will run January 21 - March 4, 2013, that will aid youth leaders in becoming educated philanthropists. The youth of our generation are the future of philanthropy in society. The JustWorld Leadership Development Program will guide them the essential skills to understand the mission and work of a philanthropist, while building the next generation of leaders committed to building and maintaining a just world.


In partnership with Private Tutoring Services, JustWorld has worked in tandem to build an experiential program that will not only cultivate leadership potential, but also provide a basic understanding of philanthropy in the 21st Century. Held every Monday, January 21-March 3, 2013, at the Palm Beach International Academy, located in Wellington, FL, students will gain knowledge from professionals in the field with an outstanding lineup of speakers, team evaluations, brainstorming and multimedia tools.


Each module is taught by a carefully selected panel of guest speakers ranging from Fortune 500 business owners, former Olympic riders and highly respected specialized professionals with knowledge and experience pertaining to each module's focus. Using their own personal experiences to cover the essentials of this course, the guest speakers will also work with JustWorld moderators to create a well-rounded and beneficial program.


"I am a huge fan of JustWorld's mission and their ability to connect the equestrian world with the world of those in need," Carlene Ziegler, Artisan Partners Director, remarked. "Bringing along the next generation of philanthropic leadership is a fantastic addition to that mission. I have always sought to instill philanthropic values in my children and in the young people who work for me, and I am delighted to be a speaker for the Leadership Development Program."


There will be essential key resources used throughout the seven-week course including, the JustWorld Fundraising Guide, Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, and the Hofstede Cultural Differences Model to explain key techniques, needs and relationships in class. As the pilot course, this is only the beginning to what the future can hold for the JustWorld Leadership Development Program. It is JustWorld's hope to see this program spread across the globe to continue to raise global awareness, leadership and fundraising in all corners and countries.


The Leadership Development Program is designed to include two units of three modules each. During the first unit, students will have the opportunity to gain a wealth of knowledge from Executive Director of Private Tutoring Services JoAnn Weiner, Jan Solomon, of the Swiss Consulting Group, and JustWorld Facilitator Sam Ziegler. The first module will delve into the introduction and concept of philanthropy, its connection to the JustWorld mission, and what it means to be philanthropic. With the leadership of guest speakers professional rider Juan Andres Rodriguez-initiator of bringing JustWorld to Guatemala, business owner Tim Dutta, and Executive Director and Founder of Pivotal Directions Jeff Wenzler, during the second module, students will learn the basic needs of developing nations, how organizations such as JustWorld help fulfill basic needs, providing a brighter future through philanthropy, and the differences in cultural values. JustWorld Rider Ambassador Angela Covert and trainer from Canada, Titi Mills from Honduras, both of whom were part of the original six founding JustWorld Ambassadors, will wrap up the third module as the guest lecturers with an exploration of different JustWorld projects around the globe, as well as a discussion of the future involving vital goals and key issues with JustWorld and their mission to provide a brighter tomorrow for impoverished children.


The second unit puts thoughts and teachings to action as JustWorld invites students to participate in Fundraising 101 and through the development of a fundraising plan. With the assistance of David Holmes of FISE Sport Direction (Italian Equestrian Federation), Co-owner of Santana Stables Jennifer Santana, Principle of Wellington Equestrian Partners Katherine Bellissimo and Artisan Partners Director Carlene Ziegler, unit two explores the teachings from the first three weeks with hands-on-experience. The final three modules will assess students' attitudes about raising money for philanthropic needs, how to use creativity, communications and 'critical thinking' in the realm of fundraising, planning a fundraiser, setting reasonable goals and objectives and building relationships through communication skills. The group of students will have two weeks to complete their fundraising project with a defined vision, mission, goals, objectives and tactics used to effectively accomplish their fundraising. The Leadership Development Program will meet for the final class on March 4, 2013, where JoAnn Weiner and Jan Solomon will act as guest speakers for the final module, wrapping up the seminar and reviewing the experiential learning.


The JustWorld International Leadership Development Program is geared toward committed members of society, who look to take a leadership role and invest philanthropy throughout their lives. It is the think-child of Executive Director of Private Tutoring Services JoAnn Weiner, Jan Solomon of the Swiss Consulting Group, JustWorld Strategic Development Director Mei Mei Newsome, JustWorld Ambassador Coordinator Amber Warren, JustWorld Ambassador Caitlin Ziegler, JustWorld Advisory Committee member Mary Ann Simonds and JustWorld Founder and Executive Director, Jessica Newman.


The application is easily accessible by e-mailing, and each applicant will go through an assessment process for the opportunity to participate in the pilot course in Wellington, FL, this winter. There will be a maximum of 20 students, chosen based on their demonstrated commitment and leadership potential. This course may also count as community service hours for students looking to fulfill school requirements.


A welcome session will be held for more information on Monday, January 14, at the Palm Beach International Academy in Wellington, FL. Please contact Amber Warren at  for more information regarding the JustWorld International Leadership Development Program.

Founded in 2003 by Jessica Newman, JustWorld International is a not-for-profit, humanitarian organization which funds life-changing nutrition, health and hygiene, education, and leadership and cultural development programs for impoverished children in Cambodia, Honduras, Guatemala, and Brazil.  There are currently more than 500 Rider and Technical Official Ambassadors representing 40 different countries, whose efforts to support JustWorld's projects have raised in excess of $5.4 million to date.  For more information on JustWorld, or how to support the Adopt a Project campaign, please visit


JustWorld International is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization in the United States and a registered Association 1901 in France both for which donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. In addition, tax-deductible donations are accepted in Canada and Switzerland. JustWorld International has no political or religious affiliation.


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