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Trevor Steed on Gunna Miss You - 2K Open Bridle Champions

Ray Mullis and Just Plain Cat - Non Pro Boxing Champions

Lucas McCullough on Tinsel Lena - Non Pro Hackamore Champions

Haily Findeisen and Sparkinastar - Youth Boxing and Level Two Boxing Champions

Trevor Steed on Peppy Dun It Big - 2K Open Hackamore Reserve Champions

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Show By Appointment Reined Cow Horse Series Announces Winter Circuit Champions

Written by: Mary Adelaide Brakenridge
Client: Horse Show By Appointment
Release Date: 2013-05-03

Indiantown, FL – May 3, 2013 – Show By Appointment, a new reined cow horse series with the mission of making showing “Fun, Fair, and Affordable,” concluded its debut season in Florida with a well-attended show on April 20-21 at Bynum Farms in Indiantown, FL. Now that the four shows of the winter season are complete, SBA has tallied the points and would like to congratulate its circuit champions in each division.

Show By Appointment offers a variety of divisions to allow all riders to compete in classes appropriate to their level and experience. Trevor Steed, who took home championships and reserves in the 2K Open Bridle and 2K Open Hackamore divisions, said he appreciated the options.

“The way we have the classes split up is helpful,” he said. “I’m new to the Open this year, so I compete in a class with new trainers like me that are not as experienced. It gives me success while I’m learning.”

Show By Appointment allows competitors to schedule their own ride times, which makes it easier for those who are traveling or have busy schedules to find time to compete. Steed assisted with the shows, working cow pens and making sure riders were ready to go on time, and found he was still able to fit his rides in over the course of the day. “I could go and work pens and get everything done, and then I could go and show my horse when it’s convenient,” he explained.

Steed rode several young horses on the SBA circuit and said he felt it was a perfect format for training and showing horses without putting undue stress on them. Since there are only four shows in each circuit and riders start with a clean slate at the championship finals, there’s no pressure to compete constantly to gain points.

“We’re going out and showing the horses for the horses and their training, not for a paycheck or a ribbon,” Steed said, noting that he was happy to be able to go into finals with fresh horses. “It’s really been good for my babies – I showed two 4-year-olds and I was able to go out and coast on them, getting them ready. I could get all the parts in place without getting them worried. That’s one thing I’ve really enjoyed about it."

Ray Mullis rode Just Plain Cat to the championship in the Non Pro Boxing division. He said he thought SBA’s format would make it successful. “They’re doing a great thing,” Mullis said. “I think it’s going to work and I want to be a part of it. You can show when you want to, and it costs you a lot less – there are a lot of benefits.”

Mullis, who has a muscle disease, finds the flexible scheduling to be especially helpful. “I can set the time later on in the day,” he explained. “It’s accommodating to my body.”

Lucas McCullough, the Non Pro Hackamore Champion on Tinsel Lena, agreed with Mullis that the SBA format makes showing more convenient. “You can get there and take your time, do it when you want to do it,” he commented. “You don’t have to rush your horse. Everybody’s relaxed and everybody helps you out.”

Haily Findeisen, who earned the Level Two Boxing and Youth Boxing championships with Sparkinastar and also rode Photons Classic CD to the Youth Boxing reserve championship, described the show atmosphere as “inviting.” She said that she enjoys reined cow horse competition because of the combination of the reining pattern with the chance to work a cow.

Other SBA championship winners include Victoria Cross in the Little Britches, Kristin Constantini in the Level One Boxing, Morgan Holmes in the Youth Bridle, Tom Benbow in the 2K Non Pro Boxing, Jamie Johnson in the Non Pro Two Rein, Ron Whittaker in the Intermediate Non Pro Bridle, John Jacob in the Intermediate Open Bridle and Hackamore, and Rick Steed, who swept the Open Bridle, Hackamore and Two Rein championships. The complete list of champions and reserve champions is below.

Show By Appointment competition continues throughout the year. The SBA Summer Circuit Show Series I will be in Unadilla, GA, on May 18-19 and June 29-30. SBA will then head to Jackson, OH, for the Summer Circuit Show Series II on August 15-18. SBA also plans to expand into other states, so keep an eye out for further announcements.

The year concludes with the SBA Championship Finals, held October 10-13 in Sarasota, FL. Championship winners from the Florida circuit are already eagerly anticipating the tough competition and fun times at the Finals.

“I’m looking forward to the competition,” McCullough said. “I think everybody there will be bringing it!”

Findeisen plans to keep improving and train up to the event. “I’m looking forward to getting better until the show in October and working on it with both horses,” she said.

Trevor Steed echoed McCullough’s sentiments. “I think there are going to be plenty of people there who will be tough to beat,” he said. “I think my horses are going to be ready too. It’ll be a fun show.”

Visit Show By Appointment online at or follow them on Facebook at for more information and updates.


Show By Appointment Winter Circuit Champions and Reserve Champions

Open Bridle: Champion – Rick Steed on Smart Master Plan
Reserve Champion – Rick Steed on Dancing Rooster

Open Hackamore: Champion – Rick Steed on Carribean Bay Boon
Reserve Champion – Rick Steed on Miss Chic Dun It

Non Pro Bridle Champion – Barry Spinweber on Suz Mountain Dew
Reserve Champion – Morgan Holmes on Smart Shooter

Non Pro Hackamore Champion – Lucas McCullough on Tinsel Lena
Reserve Champion – Sandy Kaskey on Dunitontopoftheworld

Intermediate Open Bridle Champion – John Jacob on Talk About Candy
Reserve Champion – John Jacob on Dealin Great Jewels

Intermediate Open Hackamore Champion – John Jacob on Bit A Widows
Reserve Champion – John Jacob on Sheza Wright On 86

Intermediate Non Pro Bridle Champion – Ron Whittaker on Darby Otoe Dunit
Reserve Champion – Barry Spinweber on Suz Mountain Dew

Open Two Rein Champion – Rick Steed on Justa Merada Nut
Reserve Champion – Rick Steed on RLH Meradas Bet

Non Pro Two Rein Champion – Jamie Johnson on DC Quejana Pep

Non Pro Boxing Champion – Ray Mullis on Just Plain Cat
Reserve Champion – Sue Henderson on Whats My Tab

2K Non Pro Boxing Champion – Tom Benbow on Dealin Great Jewels
Reserve Champion – Sue Henderson on Whats My Tab

2K Open Bridle Champion – Trevor Steed on Gunna Miss You
Reserve Champion – Trevor Steed on Freeze Plan

2K Non Pro Bridle Champion – Barry Spinweber on Suz Mountain Dew
Reserve Champion – Diana Albert-Miller on Diamond Tex

2K Open Hackamore Champion – Trevor Steed on Julie
Reserve Champion – Trevor Steed on Peppy Dun It Big

Youth Bridle Champion – Morgan Holmes on Smart Shooter

Youth Boxing Champion – Haily Findeisen on Sparkinastar
Reserve Champion – Haily Findeisen on Photons Classic CD

Level One Boxing Champion – Kristin Constantini on Hannibal Lecter
Reserve Champion – Gary Biggerstaff on Smart Master Plan

Level Two Boxing Champion – Haily Findeisen on Sparkinastar
Reserve Champion – Tom Dirocco on Mister Giggles 

Little Britches Champion – Victoria Cross on High Dollar
Reserve Champion – Christina Cross on Pooh


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SBA Summer Circuit Show Series I: Unadilla, GA
May 18-19, 2013 - Shows I & II
Show I - Reined Cow Horse Pattern 8
Show II - Reined Cow Horse Pattern 9
June 29-30, 2013 - Shows III & IV

SBA Summer Circuit Show Series II: Jackson, OH
August 15-18, 2013 – Shows I, II, III, & IV

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About Show By Appointment

Show By Appointment’s fresh approach to reined cow horse competition has been an unprecedented success in its first season. SBA aims to make showing “Fun, Fair, and Affordable” for competitors.  To accommodate those traveling long distances to show and help busy riders fit showing in at their convenience, SBA allows riders to reserve their own ride times in advance. This cuts down on usual travel expenses such as stall rentals and hotels and encourages competitors to make the trip and join in the fun.

Each SBA series includes four shows. Riders who compete at three out of the four shows earn a place in the Championship Finals, slated for October 10-13, 2013, at Triple J Ranch in Sarasota, FL. The Finals offer over $100,000 in cash and prizes. Competitors may also qualify for the Finals in absentia by simply sending in entries and payment to each of the four shows. This system is designed to allow riders a chance to compete in the Championship Finals without spending the season chasing points and incurring excessive competition expenses. 

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