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Fieldstone Spring Festival Wrap Up: May 15 - 19

Written by: Kendall Bierer
Client: Morrissey Management Group (MMG)
Release Date: 2013-05-21

Halifax, MA – May 21, 2013 – The long-awaited $25,000 Fieldstone Grand Prix was hot with competition Saturday for the fourth day of the Fieldstone Spring Festival. It came down to eight horses in the jump-off, vying for the coveted first place finish. Penny Brennan and Sun Tzu proved victorious, blazing the way from the start of the jump-off with one of only four double-clear efforts. She was the pathfinder with a time of only 46.036 seconds. Brennan rode to a 1-2 finish with her veteran mount, Japan, while Amanda Derbyshire and Attach II took the third place honors.

Although Brennan was the first to tackle the short track, she did not approach it with any form of hesitation or doubt. Sun Tzu is named accordingly after the legendary General attributed to the philosophy and literature of the masterpiece the Art of War, and Saturday he went to war, having already won. They took off from the in gate in a flash, clearing the first oxer with ease and moving to the skinny on the hill without faltering. She sliced the turn down the side and moved straight forward to the third obstacle, covering the ground with a steadfast pace. After landing, she took the inside turn to the double-combination and then raced forward to the bank, jumping up the side and shaving the time with her move. The crowd was aghast as she cleared the final two obstacles and tripped the timers in 46.036 seconds, nearly ten seconds faster than the time allowed.

“When I walked the course I felt I would be adding in places because there were banks and some spooky jumps, but he just carried me around and we did the numbers. I made an inside cut in the first round because the time was tight Saturday. He was awesome and made it in under the time allowed, he pretty much showed me the way,” Brennan stated. “He can also really run, and I had no idea! Ironically enough, when I was in a class last week with him we had a time fault. This is my second time riding him so I had no idea he could run like that and turn. I just decided to try; he really stepped up out there.

Brennan continued, “This horse takes you to the jumps and is very honest, so you don’t have to plan too much with him. I don’t know how I figured it just happened. He came with a shaggy mane and long whiskers, and sometimes you just have to look past the cover. You just have to sit on and look right into the soul, into him. When a horse comes to me with great big eyes like that, they are usually a champion.”

Amanda Derbyshire was the next in the ring, and although Attach II rose to the challenge, their time of 47.939 proved conservative in the end. She took a similar path to Brennan, but they could not match her pace across the ground, earning her the eventual third place finish. James North and Wardetta S attempted to take on Brennan, as well, and although they did complete the course leaving all rails in their cups, they were unable to match the pace, finishing in fourth with a time of 52.029 seconds. Brennan returned to the short course to compete aboard Pay It Forward, but a rail down at the double after a hard slice cost them the clear finish, placing them in fifth. North was awarded the sixth place finish with The Man To See, while Juan Jose Lavieri and Don Pedro took the seventh place.

Newcomers to the Grand Prix scene, Addison Gierkink and Lady Macbeth DH, rounded out the top eight. Brennan was the last one to take on the course with her final mount, Japan. As her more veteran mount, she knows Japan inside and out. It came as no surprise that she would try to catch her own time, racing over the obstacles with the bay gelding to take the second place finish in 47.125 seconds.

Jumper Highlights – May 15 - 19:

The first day of the Fieldstone Spring Festival welcomed the top riders in the nation to the new and improved Fieldstone Show Park.  After an overhaul, the Fieldstone Show Park kicked off the first day of the weeklong show with thrilling hunter and jumper competition.  David Oliynyk rode to the top of the 1.15m Jumpers, while Kristen Bumpus piloted Cupid to the top of the ranks during the 1.25m Schooling Jumpers as she tackled the course on the grass field.

It was David Oliynyk and Carino W, owned by W. Charlot Farms of Stratford, Ontario, Canada, who dominated the 1.15m Jumpers. The time allowed of 70 seconds proved an issue for many of the riders as they put quality over speed during the first round, with many collecting time faults for their conservancy. Oliynyk was the first to tackle the course, completing all 12 efforts in 66.067 seconds, and leaving all rails intact. He immediately moved into the jump-off, but instead of throwing caution to the wind, Oliynyk focused on guiding his new mount through the process of the jump-off with ease and fortitude. Collecting five time faults in the short course, Oliynyk left the ring with a smile, knowing that the time was tight, and others were sure to make the mistake of speed over accuracy. He was able to post one of only two double-clear efforts of the division.

The only other rider out of the field of entrants to even come close to challenging Oliynyk was Gregory Mangan and his own Dr. J. Mangan took the first course with a simple ease, riding to a time of 67.411 seconds to move into the jump-off. He knew that Oliynyk had already posted a double-clear effort, but with the Grand Prix in mind for Saturday, Mangan was focused on solely mimicking his clean effort and not trying to beat his time. Mangan and Dr. J finished the course in 50.738 seconds to collect the second place ribbon. Alan Griffin tied for the third place finish aboard two mounts, during the 1.15m Jumpers. He rode Atonement, owned by Tricolor Stables, LLC of Darien, CT, to the clear round in 67.124 seconds, opting to finish with his first round effort to conserve his ride for later in the week. He also chose the same path for Tricolor’s Charlie Brown, finishing the first round course with no faults in a time of 65.388 seconds.

Speed was the name of the game Thursday at the Fieldstone Spring Festival, and Penny Brennan played her cards right. She rode Japan to the top of the $2,000 Fieldstone Speed Derby leader board in a blazing time of 80.91 seconds. Riders gathered on the green Grand Prix Field at the Fieldstone Show Park in Halifax, MA, to welcome the second day of first-class jumper competition. Exhibitors tackled the courses with dexterity as they crossed the finish line to seal their fate in the long-awaited speed derby, as well as the $1,000 High Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumpers.

It was Penny Brenan who took a go at the course first, riding Pay It Forward, owned by Wright Star. With four faults early in the course, it seemed as though the riders would have to think on their feet as they navigated the serpentine of obstacles. Brennan concluded the first ride with a time of 113.841 seconds for the eventual seventh place award. David Oliynyk was the next to take on the derby course, and aboard Sumas Luxury, owned by Melissa Nicholas, he knew he could set the pace. Using the mare’s open stride and quick turns, he was able to make up the seconds to finish with added faults in a time of 86.188 seconds. They wore a target on their back as each consecutive rider attempted to best his quick and tidy round.

Brennan returned to the field with her eye on the prize, taking the reins and chasing Oliynyk’s time to beat. She posted a time of 88.347 seconds aboard Sun Tzu, leaving all of the rails in place as she cleared the final triple bar to cross the finish line. Her speed across the open areas of the field was fierce, but nearly two seconds separated her from knocking Oliynyk out of the top spot. Daredevil also presented a fantastic speed round, excelling through the banks and turning tightly; however, his time of 93.946 seconds proved good enough for the fourth place award.

It wasn’t until Brennan returned upon the 9-year-old Japan that the first place came into question. She picked up a blazing speed from the start, taking the opening vertical with ease and making a hard left rollback over the second oxer. She used her horse’s natural stride to open up through the lengthy distances, and sliced several turns in an attempt to push Oliynyk out of the top spot. Juan Jose Lavieri and Don Pedro, owned by Jessica Herman, took the fifth place finish behind Brennan and Daredevil. Securing the sixth place finish was Kristen Bumpus and Cupid.

It was a story of fate earlier in the day for Gwen Goodwin and her very own 16-year-old Swedish Warmblood Fedel. The pair went up against a field of talented riders in the $1,000 High Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumpers to take the victory with the only clear first round effort, confirming their success with a second clear effort across the short track.

Fedel did not have the easiest of beginnings, Goodwin described of the bay gelding. It was about three years ago when Goodwin visited Florida and saw the 13-year-old horse in the pasture after a rough colic surgery. Goodwin described the moment she saw him in rehab in the field as the moment she fell in love. Time brought the two of them back together only a year ago. They completed the first course sans faults, and secured the win with a faultless jump-off in 35.328 seconds.

Addison Gierkink and Lady Macbeth DH were awarded the second place ribbon for their round. They posted a beautiful round with no fences down; however, two time faults kept them from the victory. Michael Janson and Sangre Azul rounded out the top three for the High Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumpers.

The third day of the Fieldstone Spring Festival got underway Friday morning at the Fieldstone Show Park in Halifax, MA. Jumper exhibitors gathered to take on the courses in Jumper Ring 5 with earnest as they put their skills to the test in the $1,500 1.30m Open Jumpers, High Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumpers and the Low Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumpers. It was James North and Wardetta S who rode to the top of the ranks in the 1.30m Open Jumpers with the fastest double-clear effort in 32.328 seconds.

Penny Brennan was the first to take on the 1.30m Open Jumpers course. Although she posted a fault-free first effort in 63.347 seconds with Pay It Forward, owned by Wright Star Outsourcing LLC of Cos Cob, MT, she opted to retire from the jump-off. With the $25,000 Fieldstone Grand Prix approaching Saturday afternoon, she wanted to conserve her horse for competition. James North and The Man To See, owned by Fair Play Farm of New York, NY, were the next to take on the course. Although they posted a clear effort during the first round, they had a rail down at the last fence during the jump-off. Their time of 30.506 seconds proved unsurpassed, but the four faults eventually earned the duo the third place prize.

It came down to the final two horses in the 1.30m Open Jumpers. Amanda Derbyshire took over the lead from North with David Gochman’s Attach II. She posted a double-clear effort in 37.536 seconds, using the course to be neat and tidy while leaving the rails in their cups. North had no intention to let her score stand.

He entered the ring aboard Wardetta S, owned by Fair Play Farm of New York, NY, showing her for the first time since the Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, FL. After doing plenty of homework, and working on her consistency in the ring, North has grown to understand his more recent mare far better, and today they shined. After clearing the first round in 64.053 seconds, they immediately moved into the short course. Although North’s other mount was speedy with his stride, it was Wardetta S’ neat turns that secured them the first place finish, capturing the title with both speed and accuracy. They completed the jump-off in 32.328 seconds to seal the victory.

Amanda Derbyshire and Attach II were awarded the second place award, while James North took home the third place finish with The Man To See. Penny Brennan and Pay It Forward took the fourth place finish, and Gregory Magnan and Dr. J captured the fifth.

The High Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumpers also saw fierce competition earlier Friday, and it was an international rider who emerged victorious. Myrto Iliadis-Koutsikos of Athens, Greece, guided Corprizia to the first place finish. She piloted her mount to a speedy first round, and immediately moved into the jump-off upon completing the course will all rails in place. Iliadis-Koutsikos picked up a blazing speed, staying forward as she made neat turns and maintained her pace throughout. She was able to post the quicker of only two double-clear efforts, completing the short track in 31.576 seconds.

Addison Gierkink and Lady Macbeth DH came in a close second place to Iliadis-Koutsikos. They posted the only other double-clear effort, but her time of 34.582 seconds proved more conservative. Iliadis-Koutsikos also nabbed the third place award with Voila HE, while Abby Bertelson and Sandra Z finished with the fourth place ribbon.

The $5,000 High Junior/Amateur-Owner Competition was filled with anticipation as exhibitors gathered to show on the Grand Prix Field Saturday morning. They were welcomed by nothing but clear skies and a crisp wind as they took on the intricate course. It was Rio with Emily Bickford in the irons who captured the coveted Classic victory, as well as the division’s championship honors. They were the first to clear the opening course, and with competitors still behind them, Bickford began to formulate her plan for the jump-off as she waited with eagerness. Bickford was the only rider to jump the second obstacle and make a right hand turn down the bank to shave the seconds. She also chose to slice several of the turns with Rio, a choice that put him a little too in front of her leg for the penultimate obstacle where they had the back rail fall to turf. Their time of 35.902 seconds proved unbeatable as they each consecutive rider attempted to post a clear round.

Myrto Iliadis-Koutsikos of Athens, Greece and Voila HE started the course conservatively, with their eyes set firmly on the blue ribbon; however, a rail at the third obstacle forced them to change their plan. Possible victory hung in the difference of seconds between she and Bickford. Although both ended with a four-fault total, Iliadis-Koutsikos’ time of 42.832 seconds only proved good enough for the second place. Abby Bertelson and Sandra Z rode to the third place finish with their final time of 46.667 seconds. Bickford was awarded the High Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumper Championship, while Iliadis-Koutsikos and Addison Gierkink took home the reserve championships.

The Fieldstone Spring Festival came to a close Sunday, concluding the competition with its final jumper highlights. After five days of classes and competition, riders gathered at the Jumper Ring to compete over their Jumper Classic courses, and it was Alissa Kinsey and Grisset who rose to the top of the Low and High Child/Adult Jumper Classics. Addison Gierkink and Pikpardin dominated in the Low Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumper Classic with their speedy jump-off round.

The morning commenced with the Low Child/Adult Jumper Classic, where 15 entrants vied for the top honors. It came down to a six-horse jump-off, but Alissa Kinsey and Grisset prevailed. Kinsey has been riding Grisset for years, and their partnership was apparent in the ring. They took all inside turns, completing a flawless short course in 29.153 seconds.

Samantha Karp and Llevo Todo, owned by R.J. Equestrian Group of Dix Hills, NY, was awarded third place. Olivia Van Der Meer and Balenciaga, owned by Frake Van Der Meer of Medway, MA, picked up the third place honors with their double-clear effort in 38.564 seconds. Katie San Fratello and Olivier RA, owned by Blue Horse Farm, LLC of Middleboro, MA, completed the track in 39.170 seconds, edging out the remaining competitors for the third place award.

Kinsey’s accuracy and consistency in the jumper ring followed into the High Child/Adult Jumper Classic where she once again showed Grisset to the blue ribbon finish. She was fourth on the order of go, and her preparation from the Low Child/Adult Jumper Classic paid off. She was one of only four to make it into the jump-off round, and laying down the same track that had worked so brilliantly for her before, she set the pace at 29.313 seconds, leaving all rails in their cups.

Louisa Behnke and Arthos A. Ria came back after Kinsey, and although she wanted to catch her time, Behnke was forced to put conservancy over speed. She was able to nab the second place award with a fault-free effort in 37.474 seconds. Annie Vanduzer and Guchie, owned by Karen McCarthy of Millis, MA, chased after Kinsey’s time, but they were unable to make the same tight rollbacks that had shaved the seconds from her time. Vanduzer, a newcomer to the jumper discipline, completed the course with four faults in a time of 34.607 seconds for the third place. Kinsey led the victory gallop for the second time this morning, smiling form ear to ear as she concluded her week of competition at the Fieldstone Show Park.

The Low Junior/Amateur Owner Jumper Classic was the last to take place today; however, the contenders still held strong as they kept their eye on the prize, and their head in the game. Addison Gierkink and Pikpardin were the first in the ring, clearing the first course with finesse, and qualifying for the jump-off. Only one other rider was able to navigate the first round, Samantha Kasowitz and El Sueno’s Cantalupi, owned by Fair Play Farm of New York, NY.

Gierkink took the two-horse jump-off as a challenge, and rose to it. Pikpardin cleared all of the obstacles, and opting to take several of the inside turns; they stopped the clock at 40.937 seconds. Kasowitz tried to catch Gierkink’s time, but she eventually proved good enough for the second place in 44.828 seconds.

Hunter Highlights – May 15 – 19

Beautifully set courses greeted hunter exhibitors for the first day of the Fieldstone Spring Festival. The professional hunter divisions kicked off the competition in the two main hunter rings, where David Oliynyk, Thomas Hern, and Kristen Bumpus all rode their mounts to top honors in the Performance Working Hunter and Pre-Green Hunter divisions. Competitors were thrilled to return to the Fieldstone Show Park, noting the new improvements to the facility.

The morning began with the Performance Working Hunters as the first division to be seen in the Main Hunter Ring. In the end, David Oliynyk emerged victorious aboard both of his mounts, garnering two wins in the over fences and a second under saddle aboard Generous, in addition to two second place ribbons over fences with Cascor’s Splendor.

Generous and Oliynyk’s consistency was evident as the pair took the win in both over fences classes. The handy round challenged the horse and rider pairs with inside turn options and a trot jump, all of which Generous executed effortlessly. They also picked up a second in the under saddle. Not far behind was Oliynyk’s other mount, Cascor’s Splendor, owned by Maria Moalli of Groton, CT. The pair

Rounding out the hunter divisions for the day were the Pre-Green Hunters. Picture Me, owned by Jennifer O’Donnell of Somerville, MA, and Thomas Hern earned top honors in the first over fences class. They followed it up with a third place award for their second trip. Taking the blue in the second over fences class was Chiquita and Kristen Bumpus. Chiquita is owned by Louisa Kania of Peterborough, NH.

Blue skies welcomed competitors back into the Main Hunter Ring on the second day of the Fieldstone Spring Festival. The professional hunter divisions wrapped up Thursday morning with a strong finish by David Oliynyk, who claimed the Performance Working Hunter Championship and Reserve Championship aboard his two mounts, while Thomas Hern and Picture Me were awarded the championship title in the Pre-Green Hunters. The Amateur-Owner Hunter division got off to a great start Thursday afternoon with Lisa Foster and Castleguard taking blues in both over fences classes.

The Performance Working Hunters were up first in the Main Hunter Ring. Many competitors laid down solid trips, but it was ultimately David Oliynyk who claimed both the championship and reserve championship for the division aboard his mounts Generous and Cascor’s Splendor.

Oliynyk and Generous rode to the top of both classes in today’s competition, taking a clean sweep over fences. His two first place wins today, in addition to his two firsts and one second from yesterday, secured him the title of champion. Generous is owned by Lori Gaudet of Lexington, MA, and when he is not winning Performance Working Hunter classes with trainer Oliynyk, he can be seen in the Adult Hunters showing his owner the ropes of competition.

Not far behind was Oliynyk’s second mount, Cascor’s Splendor, an entry owned by Maria Moalli of Groton, CT. The pair received a second and third place over fences this morning, good enough for the reserve championship.

Next, the Amateur-Owner Hunters took their turn in front of the judges. Lisa Foster and Castleguard were on top of their game today; their solid performance in the first over fences class and brilliance displayed in the handy put them on top in both. Other ribbon winners included Upper Ten and Laura Kadane, taking home a second and a fourth, and Rain King with Nora Keefe in the irons, claiming the third.

Rounding out the hunter action today was the Pre-Green Hunter division, where Picture Me was named division champion with Thomas Hern in the irons. The pair added a first and a second over fences to their first and third from yesterday. Picture Me is owned by Jennifer O’Donnell of Somerville, MA.  Garnering reserve championship honors with a first, second, and third was Kristen Bumpus and Chiquita, a Louisa Kania entry out of Peterborough, NH.

All eyes were on the hunter competitors as they took center stage on the Derby Field at the Fieldstone Spring Festival. The derby has always been an exhibitor and crowd favorite at the Fieldstone Show Park in Halifax, MA, and Friday’s derbies were no exception. Riding to a nearly perfect score to take top honors this evening in the $10,000 Fieldstone 3’3” Hunter Derby was David Oliynyk and Generous. Earlier Friday, it was Sarah Tyndall and Cowboy Up who ultimately took the blue in the $2,500 Fieldstone 2’9” Hunter Derby.

Jillian Schelzi, a talented junior rider, and her mount Van Gogh, set the bar high as the first pair to be seen. They took all of the high options and posted a solid score of 86. For over half the class, it appeared that Schelzi and Van Gogh’s high score could not be beat – that was until David Oliynyk and Generous, a Lori Gaudett entry of Lexington, MA, entered the ring. Coming off of two successful days in the Performance Working Hunters, concluding with the division’s championship title, Oliynyk felt confident in Generous’ ability to perform at his best in this derby class. Oliynyk’s hunch was confirmed as the duo walked out of the ring with a first round score of 94. Their impressive score was no surprise to anyone—Oliynyk brought Generous through the ranks from the very beginning.

As the last to compete in the first round of the derby, Sarah Tyndall knew she would have to lay everything on the line in order to challenge Oliynyk’s score. Aboard Huckleberry Finn, Susan Huyett’s entry of Concord MA, she tackled all of the high options and stood out with Huckleberry Finn’s brilliance on course. While their trip was definitely one of the day’s best, their score of 92 fell just short of Oliynyk and Generous’ 94.

Posting the first score in the 90’s for the handy round was Tyndall and Jack Black, an entry owned by Kimberly Kolloff out of Stow, MA. Their second round score of 93 gave them a total of 168, good for fourth place. Jane Dow-Burt followed shortly after, receiving a 95 on the Westbrook Hunt Club’s Card Party.  Their total score of 173 earned them the third place honors.

Knowing she was just on Oliynyk and Generous’ heels, Tyndall turned in an outstanding and well-thought-out second round performance on her trusty mount Huckleberry Finn. As she cantered her closing circle, the announcer read her score as a 96 with a total of 188, and the crowd went wild.

As the last to be seen in the final round of the derby, Oliynyk knew he would have to lay down a near perfect trip in order to best Tyndall and Huckleberry Finn. However, as he guided Generous through the challenging handy round, it became clear that they were the class winners. An almost perfect score of 98 brought his total up to an equally impressive score of 192 for the well-deserved win in the 3’3” Hunter Derby. The duo has been wildly successful throughout this entire show, winning nearly every class they entered. Taking the fifth place award was Kristen Bumpus and Nellee Fine’s Lumiro. Rounding out the top six was Van Gogh with rider and owner Jillian Schelzi.

Earlier in the day, horses and riders were given the opportunity to compete on the prestigious derby field at a more welcoming height. The Fieldstone 2’9” Hunter Derby was an enormous hit, drawing in 31 competitors.

Keith Bollotte’s course asked many questions of both horse and rider, and the two rounds of competition proved challenging for many. Riding first in the handy round of the derby was Renee Portnoy of Dorchester, MA, aboard Coobrila. The pair made an amazing leap from twelfth to second overall with their second round score of 82, for a total of 156.5. Next to show was Cherish, with owner Sara Kelly, from Braintree, MA, in the irons. The two rode a beautiful course, earning an 81 and bringing their total to 156, good for second place honors.

Sitting in tenth place after the first round, Cowboy Up’s owner Kimberly Kolloff did not expect a top placing out of her horse, especially since he had never entered a derby before Friday. However, to everyone’s surprise, Cowboy Up and trainer Sarah Tyndall gave a bold performance in the second round, earning them a 93, for a grand total of 168.5 to take home the win.

Equitation riders had the opportunity to showcase their talents Saturday at the Fieldstone Spring Festival. Winning the WIHS Equitation overall title with solid scores in both rounds was Madeleine Swem. Tegan Treacey also stood out as a rising equitation competitor, claiming the blue in the THIS National Children’s Medal.

The morning started off with the Hunter Phase of the WIHS Equitation, where horses and riders competed over a flowing hunter course in the Main Hunter Ring. The course asked riders to combine the smoothness desired in the hunter ring with the technical aspects of equitation. Riders were met with a bending line to be ridden off the eye, a two-stride combination, and many inside turn options. Claiming the win with a score of 85 was Madeleine Swem. Finishing in second with a score of 84, just a point shy of the win, was Samantha Valone. Rounding out the top four were Jillian Schelzi and Addison Gierkink in third and fourth, respectively.

Later in the afternoon, horses and riders returned to the Jumper Ring to compete in the Jumper Phase of the WIHS Equitation. The course posed many challenges for the riders, especially a triple combination going away from the in-gate. The time allowed of 65 seconds required riders to ride with a bit more pace than they would in a typical equitation class. Tackling these challenges with ease and great equitation was Michael Janson, who received a score of 86 for his efforts.

Only a point separated Swem from the win in the Jumper Phase, but her consistency throughout the two phases did not go unnoticed. With an overall score of 168 points, she was awarded the first place overall in the WIHS Equitation.

Rounding out the top three in the WIHS Jumper Phase with a score of 80 was Abby Bertelson. She also ended in second in the overall standing of the WIHS Equitation with a combined score of 159. Third place overall ended in a tie between Jillian Schelzi and Katie Eppinger, both receiving a combined score of 153.

Rising equitation stars were also out in force today for the THIS National Children’s Medal. After besting a competitive field of 29, Tegan Treacey sat on top going into the test with a score of 86. Not far behind her was Billi Rost Brandnetz with an 84 for her first round efforts. Kendra Gierkink rode to an 83, good for third on the standby, while Elizabeth Ekberg completed the field of four to return for the test with her 82.

The judge called the top four into the ring at a trot, directing them to line up in the far corner, away from their trainers, parents, and grooms. From there, riders were told to canter fence seven, two, and three, trot fence four, halt on a straight line, and return to the line at the canter.

Riders stepped up to the challenge, completing the course with few errors and no help from their trainers. Returning on top, Treacey followed up with a well thought out test, ultimately securing her the win. Receiving the second place honors was Brandnetz, taking the third award was Ekberg, and rounding out the top four was Kendra Gierkink.

Sunny skies welcomed hunter competitors back out on the grass field for the final day of the Fieldstone Spring Festival. All eyes were on the Pony Hunters, who were given the opportunity to showcase their talent on the grass field for the first time all week in the $2,500 Pony Hunter Classic. The Adult and Children’s Hunter horses and riders also took to the greenery as they completed the second round of the $1,500 Adult Hunter Classic and $1,500 Children’s Hunter Classic.

Sunday’s feature event, the $2,500 Pony Hunter Classic, was definitely a crowd favorite at the Fieldstone Spring Festival. Twenty-two ponies and their young riders vied for the classic win, but it was ultimately Dreamland with Ali Tritschler in the irons that took home the top prize.

Riding to an impressive score of 84 in the first round was Skyler Fields aboard her own medium pony Silly Putty. Close on her heels was Ali Tritschler, who navigated Linda Evans’ Dreamland to a first round score of 83. Tritschler knew she would have to lay down an equally impressive trip in the second round if she wanted to outride Fields for the win.

The top 12 ponies returned to the field for the second round of the classic. Riders were to begin over a single vertical going away from the in-gate, proceed to a bending line on the diagonal, and jump another single vertical on the other side of the field. After riding down another bending line towards the in-gate, riders would carefully guide their ponies through a tight right rollback on a two-stride combination and end over the barrel roll top jump.

As the last of the large ponies to show in the second round, Tritschler relied on her consistency and longtime relationship with Dreamland to bring them success. Her helpful guidance in the saddle and trust in her mount’s ability to perform paid off, earning them a second round score of 82. The pressure was on Fields, as Tritschler and Dreamland had set the bar high. Unfortunately, Fields and Silly Putty could not match their first round performance. The duo received a 70 for their efforts, bringing their overall score to 154, good for fourth. However, Fields and Silly Putty’s first round score of 84 remained the highest of any round of the classic. Claiming the win in the $2,500 Pony Hunter Derby with an overall score of 165 was Dreamland with Ali Tritschler in the irons for Linda Evans of South Hadley, MA.

In the end, it was Annabel Revers and her own Jeremiah P Duck who took home second place honors in the classic with scores of 81 and 79. Revers also received scores of 78 and 77 aboard Lise Revers’ Romeo, good for the third place ribbon.

Earlier in the day, the Adult and Children’s Hunter riders were given the opportunity to compete on grass in the $1,500 Adult Hunter Classic and $1,500 Children’s Hunter Classic.

All competitors completed the first round of their classic in the Main Hunter Ring before advancing to the grass field for their second and final round of the day. Bollotte designed an inviting course for horses and riders alike. For many, it was their first time competing on the grass at this competition, and they were not given an opportunity to warm up on the field over the fences they would face in their classic round. However, the competitors stepped up to the challenge and turned in many beautiful trips out on the greenery.

First to show on the grass were the Adult Hunters, where Holly French and La Vita took the win in the $1,500 Adult Hunter Classic, and Jacquie Maggiore of Winchester, MA rode her own Contina to a second place finish. Rounding out the top three was Fantasia Rouge, an entry ridden and owned by JoJo Howland from Littleton, MA.

Following the Adults, the Children’s riders took their turn in the $1,500 Children’s Hunter Classic. Finishing on top was Falvy Brennan riding Roshambo to the blue ribbon win. Roshambo is owned by Megan Blair of Hingham, MA. Annabel Revers was awarded with the second place honors on Lisa Revers’ Bavarian, an entry out of Weston, MA. Cali Ebersole was rewarded with the third place award aboard El Mortio Blue Sea, a horse owned by Jodi Ebersole of North Granby, CT.


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