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Plymouth Rock Hunter/Jumper Classic Wrap-Up: June 19 23, 2013

Written by: Kendall Bierer
Client: Morrissey Management Group (MMG)
Release Date: 2013-06-25

Halifax, MA – June 25, 2013 – The Grand Prix field at the Fieldstone Show Park was immaculate as riders gathered this afternoon for the highly anticipated $10,000 Fieldstone Grand Prix. The arena was hot with competition for the fourth day of the Plymouth Rock Hunter/Jumper Classic. It came down to eight horses in the jump-off, all vying for the lion’s share of the prize money, as well as the deserved bragging rights. The talented 17-year-old Michael Janson rode to the top of the leader board with his blazing time and double-clear effort aboard Sangre Azul, becoming the pathfinder with his time of 36.847 seconds.

Brennan was the first to take on the jump-off course, and it seemed as though she had it with her speedy turns and quick-footed Japan; however, the back rail fell on the second to last oxer, opening the flood gates for the seven remaining competitors.

Michael Janson was the next to take on the track, and although his time of 36.847 seconds fell shy of Brennan’s time, he was able to leave all rails in place to become the leading rider. He sliced the turns and rounded the course with an effortless finesse as Sangre Azul took each fence. The crowd was aghast as he cleared the final oxer in 36.837 seconds. He and Sangre Azul, owned by Gladewinds Farm, Inc. of Wellington, FL, wore a target on their backs as each consecutive rider attempted to best their ride.

“He went fantastic out there, and now we are looking at Lake Placid. I couldn’t have asked Sangre to do more out there for me,” Janson explained. “The field was tough, Penny Brennan rides great and really put the pressure on me, but we all have our days.”

Janson continued, “He just needs a smooth ride, he is really geared for this field. I just need to let him gallop and stay out of his way. It took a few months for us to make this partnership really work, but now we understand one another really well.”

Gwen Goodwin and Fedel were the only other pair to post a double-clear effort. Goodwin took a more conservative approach to the jump-off, aiming for accuracy over speed. This was only the second time that Goodwin and Fedel have competed in a Grand Prix, but the pair wore their eventual second place ribbon proudly.

The 16-year-old Swedish Warmblood, Fedel, did not have the easiest of beginnings. It was about three years ago that Goodwin visited Florida and saw the 13-year-old horse in the pasture after a rough colic surgery. Goodwin described the moment she saw him in rehab in the field as the moment she fell in love. Time brought the two of them back together only a year ago, and today they showed how far their partnership has taken them.

Brennan returned to the jump-off course with Sun Tzu, the winner of May’s $25,000 Fieldstone Grand Prix. The chestnut’s open stride covered the ground easily, and it was apparent that the duo had all the skill to take the win again. It was the third obstacle of the course this time that fell to the ground with a heartbreaking thud. It was their time of 35.264 seconds that won them the third place award.

Michael Janson rode proudly to the center of the arena to pose for the presentation photo, and the 17-year-old was nothing but smiles as he prepared to lead the victory gallop. Janson has been riding with trainer David Oliynk for nearly 10 years, and today Oliynk stood ringside as he cheered his student on.

Goodwin and Fedel followed behind in the second place position, while Brennan picked up the third with Sun Tzu. She also rode to the fourth and fifth place finishes with Japan and Greater Good, respectively. Although Japan is her veteran mount, Greater Good is a new ride for Brennan, and she admitted to having aspirations for his future. Emily Bickford and Rio were awarded the sixth place, while Brennan also nabbed the seventh place finish with her final mount of the class, Daredevil. D.J. Volandre and Tequila were presented with the eighth place ribbon.

Jumper Highlights: June 19 – 23

The rings were set, a brisk breeze blew in, and the first day of the Plymouth Rock Hunter/Jumper Classic got underway at the Fieldstone Show Park Wednesday morning. It was nothing but blue skies after days of heavy rain, but the riders showed no deterrence as they took to the competition in the jumper rings. It was Chrissy Gilbertson and Diesel who rode to the top of the leader board during the 1.15 Open Jumpers.

In the jumper ring Chrissy Gilbertson of Lynnfield, MA, piloted Diesel to the win in the 1.15 Jumpers. She knew she had to be quick and tidy in the jump-off in order to seal her victory, and with a first round time of 63.277 seconds, she knew she could do it. With a forward pace Gilbertson took the jump-off course with ease. Gilbertson posted a double-clear ride in 39.378 seconds to take the blue ribbon.

Gilbertson bought Diesel in Florida last winter, and the two are just getting to know one another. This was only their third week showing with one another, but their connection in the show ring was apparent.

It was only a month ago that Penny Brennan led the victory gallop for the $2,000 Fieldstone Open Speed Derby at the Fieldstone Spring Festival, but Thursday was déjà vu as she once again took the winning title aboard Japan as she rode to the top of the leader board in the blazing time of 62.259 seconds during the $2,000 Fieldstone Open Speed Derby.

It was Penny Brenan of Bedford, NY, who took a go at the course first, riding Greater Good. With four faults earned at 5a of the vertical-vertical combination, it seemed as though the riders would have to think on their feet as they navigated the serpentine of obstacles. Brennan concluded the first ride with a time of 64.526 seconds; however, her four faults earned the final time of 68.526 seconds for the third place award.

D.J. Volandre was the only other rider out of the field to challenge Brennan’s time. Volandre piloted Tequila, owned by Gina Volandre of Norwell, MA, to a speedy round in 62.755 seconds. Unfortunately the duo earned four faults, tacking on the additional four seconds to their final time. Volandre wore a target on his back as each consecutive contender attempted to best him. His time of 66.755 seconds held solid until Brennan took another try at tackling the track.

Brennan returned to the field with her eye on the prize, taking the reins and chasing Volandre’s time to beat. She posted a time of 70.929 seconds aboard Daredevil, still shy of the first place prize. Brennan also attempted besting Volandre with her more recent mount Sun Tzu. It seemed as though she may have it, using the open areas of the field to shave off the seconds, but a heartbreaking four faults separated her from Volandre’s time, she finished in the fourth place position with a final time of 69.078 seconds.

It wasn’t until Brennan returned upon the 9-year-old bay gelding Japan that the coveted first place came into question. She picked up a fierce speed from the start; taking the opening oxer with ease and making a tidy right turn over the second and third obstacles. She used her horse’s natural stride to open up through the lengthy distances, and sliced several turns in an attempt to push Volandre out of the top spot. Her plan proved successful as she stopped the clock in an astounding 62.259

Volandre and Tequila were presented with the second place award for their trailblazing round, while Brennan took home the third and fourth place ribbons with Good Call and Sun Tzu, respectively. Brennan also rode to the fifth place position with Daredevil, while Kristen Bumpus and Cupid rounded out the top six.

Earlier in the day the Junior and Amateur-Owner Jumpers took to the Grand Prix Field for the High and Low Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumpers. Although the riders were separated by height, they faced off for the top awards, as well as the bragging rights. It was Michael Janson and Sangre Azul who made their mark in the division, riding to the top of the rankings with a double-clear effort. Janson navigated Sangre Azul through the opening track in 64.973 seconds, the fastest first round out of the entries. It came as no surprise that their short course was completed with blazing speed. They left all the rails in their cups as they broke the beam in 34.426 seconds.

The Plymouth Rock Hunter/Jumper Classic came to a close Sunday with its final jumper highlights of the week. Child and Adult Jumpers gathered at Jumper Ring 5 Sunday morning to compete in their Jumper Classics. It was the returning champions, Alissa Kinsey and Grisset, who rode to the top of the High Child/Adult Jumper Classic with their speedy jump-off time of 32.323 seconds. Haley Cassidy and High Jynx led the Low Child/Adult Jumper Classic from start to finish to lead the final day’s victory gallop.

The High Child/Adult Jumper Classic saw 13 entrants contend for the top awards, but it came down to a six-horse jump-off. Although Alissa Kinsey and Grisset were the last to take on the track, they prevailed with a clean first round, as well as the quickest jump-off course. Kinsey has been riding Grisset for years, and their partnership was apparent in the ring. They took all inside turns, closed the time during the opening turn to the double combination, and completed the short course in 32.323 seconds.

Hannah Janson and Quica, owned by Kimberley Janson of Berkley, MA, rode to the second fastest double-clear effort of the High Child/Adult Classic. They claimed the second place ribbon while Ava Stearns and Little Dancer, owned by Moda Equestre, taking the third place award.

Earlier in the morning, Haley Cassidy and High Jynx took control in the Low Child/Adult Jumper Classic. The pair only started working with one another a short while ago, but their accuracy was on point today as they posted two double-clear rounds, and they were the trailblazers with their jump-off time of 27.907 seconds.

Only eight riders were able to clear the first course of the Classic to take their try at the short course. Although many attempted to slice the turn from two to three, their times still proved too slow to undo Cassidy’s lead. It was Kinsey and Grisset who rode to the second place finish with a double-clear round in 27.948 seconds. Trading Spaces with Haley Anderson in the irons took the third place award with a final time of 29.541 seconds, also leaving all rails in place as they crossed the finish.

Hunter Highlights: June 19 – 23

The first day of the Plymouth Rock Hunter/Jumper Classic welcomed competitors to the ring for the Professional Hunter divisions. It was FiFi Schmidt and Gotta Dance that stole the spotlight an rode to the top of the ribbons for the first day. Tom Hern of Plymouth, MA, is the designer for this week’s hunter courses. His track proved both flowing and technical as the riders strived to pick up the pace and claim the top call during Wednesday’s Performance 3’3” Hunter division and Pre-Green Hunters. Riders were faced with many inside turn options during the handy course of the Performance 3’3” Hunters, and especially had to step up the pace through the two-stride heading away from the in gate. Many riders displayed their handiness when taking the trot fence, bringing their mounts to a trot about three strides before. This was the case with Fifi Schmidt and Gotta Dance, owned by Alexis Anderson of New Canaan, CT.

Schmidt guided the gelding through two beautiful rounds over fences, but it was her handy round that truly made them shine. She saw the options as a chance to rise to the top, and did just that as they nabbed the first place ribbon. Schmidt and Gotta Dance were also awarded the fourth place finish during the first round, as well as the first place for their efforts in the under saddle.

Rindy Dominguez of Barrington, RI, and her own mount Clear Skies were presented with the first place ribbon after their exemplary opening round, also taking the third place award for their trip in the handy. Jennifer Tate and Cavallino, owned by Barbara Kravetz of Sharn, MA, earned back-to-back red ribbons for their rounds over fences.

Jennifer Tate also showed her winning ways during the Pre-Green Hunters aboard Florestan, owned by owned by Barbara Kravetz of Sharn, MA. The duo swept the over fences with their traditional style, sure to make tomorrow a competitive ride as they strive to hold their lead in the division. Frank Perla and Samuel, owned by Kathleen Mitchell, are just behind Tate with two third place ribbons from Wednesday’s Pre-Green Hunters Over Fences.

Bright skies and beautiful weather welcomed the hunter competitors back to the ring for the second day of the Plymouth Rock Hunter/Jumper Classic, held at the Fieldstone Show Park. The Amateur-Owner Hunters took center stage as the first division to commence Thursday morning. Lisa Foster and her own Castleguard were on top of their game, claiming a first in the handy and a second in the over fences. Thursday also saw the conclusion of the professional hunter divisions, with Rindy Dominguez riding to the division championship in the Performance Working Hunters aboard Clear Skies, while Jennifer Tate and Florestan took home the tricolor in the Pre-Green Hunter division.

Lisa Foster and Castleguard are no strangers to the Fieldstone Show Park Horse Shows. The duo from Born Free Farm in Dover, MA, just recently claimed the championship at this venue during the Fieldstone Spring Festival, and they returned this week to defend their title. They got off to a great start Thursday morning when they won the handy class and earned the second place over fences. Melissa Jacobs and Deeridge Farms’ So You Say, an entry out of East Aurora, NY, also proved to be a force with which to be reckoned. They won the over fences and received a second in the handy.

Rindy Dominguez, a Barrington, RI native, recently returned to the show ring with her new mount, Clear Skies. After having three children, Dominguez took a five-year break from the show ring, but one could never tell. Coming off of a first and third over fences in the Amateur-Owner Hunters yesterday morning, she returned to the show ring Thursday to take back-to-back wins, securing the championship title.

Claiming reserve championship honors was FiFi Schmidt aboard Alexis Anderson‘s Gotta Dance, an entry from New Canaan, CT. The pair added a second and third over fences to their two firsts and third from yesterday.

Rounding out the hunter divisions for Thursday were the Pre-Green Hunters, where Florestan, an entry owned by Barbara Kravetz of Sharon, MA, took the championship honors with Jennifer Tate in the irons. Tate added a second in the over fences to her two wins over fences from yesterday. Right behind them was Thomas Hern with Picture Me, a Jennifer O’Donnell entry of Somerville, MA. They won both the over fences and under saddle Thursday in addition to a second over fences yesterday, good for reserve champion.

Friday, the attention at the Fieldstone Show Park turned to the Grand Prix Arena as the hunter competitors took center stage for Derby Day at the Plymouth Rock Hunter/Jumper Classic. Posting two fantastic rounds for the winning score of 179 points in the $2,500 Fieldstone 2’9” Hunter Derby was Dyanna Rucco and Watch Hill. It was a day of first for the pair as they both tackled their first derby course with nothing short of true dexterity and finesse. Earlier in the day Ava Stearns and Dreamland took the win in the $2,500 Fieldstone Pony Classic.

Sara Kelly and her own Cherish were the first to be seen out of the top 12 to return. They laid down a consistent round, and paved the way for other riders to take their turn at the derby course. Rebecca Clawson of Halifax, MA, and Freeport set the bar high as they earned an 81 upon their return. Each consecutive rider seemed to only best the next as they posted rounds earning scores well into the high 80’s. $2,500 Fieldstone 2’9” Hunter Derby was filled with anticipation as it came down to the final riders.

Jennifer Tate navigated Floresten, owned by Barbara Kravetz of Sharon, MA, to the third best score from the first round results. She returned to the arena with her eye on the prize, and although she chose to take all four options, Dyanna Rucco pulled ahead as the penultimate rider, pushing Tate into the second place position.

It was the first time Rucco had ever ridden in a hunter derby, and she was joined by Watch Hill, owned by Susan Amelotte of Providence, RI. The scores reflected the truth—they were ready to face the new challenge. Rucco came back as the last but one rider, ready to enter the field for the handy course. Her first round score of 88 points proved solid, and she duplicated the effort with the highest second round score of 91 points.

Sarah Tyndall and Huckleberry Finn, owned by Susan Huyett of Concord, MA, tackled all of the high options, but her final score of 168 points earned the pair the third place prize Friday. Tricia O’Connor and Carla, owned by Cloverlea Farm, Inc. of Wellington, FL, were presented with the fourth place award, while Kirsten Malacarne and Shocolata, owned by Beth A. Ford of New Milford, CT, earned the fifth place. Luella Lopresti returned to the ring aboard Centesimo D’Ive Z, bringing back a first round score of 85 points. She completed the second round with true hunter style, taking home the sixth place finish with a final score of 169 points. Rucco trains Lopresti, and she followed in her trainer’s footsteps, ribboning for her efforts in her first hunter derby.

Earlier in the day, ponies and their riders were given the opportunity to compete on the prestigious derby field in the $2,500 Fieldstone Pony Hunter Classic. The class was an enormous hit, drawing in a large field of entrants, and showing fierce competition as riders contended for the coveted blue ribbon.

Phil DeVita’s course asked many questions of both pony and rider, and the two rounds of competition proved challenging for many, but Ava Stearns and Dreamland, owned by Linda Evans of S. Hadley, MA, stole the show. Stearns held the lead aboard Dreamland from start to finish. They led the first round with the high score of 85, and returned during the handy round to dominate with the high scoring 87-point score. Stearns was nothing but smiles as she led the victory gallop with the blue ribbon flying alongside her pony’s bridle.

Ellie Ferigno and Clovermeade Bunny Side rode to the second place finish with an overall score of 156 points. The young Sophia Lathrop rode Bonner Farms’ Maverick to the third place finish, racking in a second round score of 74.5 for a total score of 155.5. Cameron Glassmen and Hidden Galaxy were presented with the fourth place ribbon, while Ava Stearns also collected the fifth place award with Loafer’s Lodge Darling Edwin, owned by Kimi Hochstein. Skyler Fields and Silly Putty rounded out the top six, coming from behind with a strong second round score to take control and stand for the presentation shot.

The third day of the Plymouth Rock Hunter/Jumper Classic welcomed back the equitation riders, as they competed for points toward the National Medal Finals. Anne Dotoli’s Tibri Farm riders proved to be a force to be reckoned with, taking wins in both of the medal classes. Winning the ASPCA Maclay was Michaela Duffy, while Sunny Drescher earned the blue in the USEF/Pessoa Hunt Seat Medal.

Claiming the win in the ASPCA Maclay was Michaela Duffy of Milton, VT. Her confidence was evident as she tackled the lengthy equitation course with poise and decisiveness, and her graceful position on the flat secured her blue ribbon finish. Alexandra Indeglia out of North Kingstown, RI, came out in second, and rounding out the top four were Sadie Smith and Francesca Stufano in third and fourth, respectively.

In the USEF/Pessoa Hunt Seat Medal, it was Sunny Drescher of Hinesburg, VT who ultimately ended up on top. After a challenging first round, she sat in second going into the test. Her trust in her mount going into the second round was evident, resulting in a bold ride, good enough to move her into first. Right behind Drescher was barnmate Michaela Duffy, who moved up from fifth before the test to second place overall in addition to her win in the ASPCA Maclay. Hannah Janson of Berkley, MA took third after testing in fifth, and Katherine Johnson received the fourth award.

Other medal class winners today included Tegan Treacy in the THIS Children’s Medal with a score of 83, Alexandra Indeglia in the Marshall and Sterling Junior Medal, and Rhian Murphy in the New England Horseman’s Council Junior Medal.

The hunter horses and riders were out in force Saturday, on the fourth day of the Plymouth Rock Hunter/Jumper Classic, held at the Fieldstone Show Park. Featured in the Main Hunter Ring was the Junior Hunter division, where Nicholas Horgan and Captain 33 shined. Earlier in the day, the Adult Amateur Hunter divisions came to a close, with Rebecca Clawson and Freeport rode away with the championship in the Adult Amateur 18-35 Hunters, while Robin Harkins and Swiss Miss earned the championship in the Adult Amateur 35 and Over Hunter section.

The Junior Hunter division saw a strong field of competitors from all over New England. Nicholas Horgan of Charlotte, VT, and his own Captain 33 had a great start on the first day of Junior Hunter competition, picking up a blue in the handy and a second over fences. Horgan also won the WIHS Hunter Phase earlier in the day. Not far behind him was Katie Eppinger of Grafton, MA, who is the rider and owner of KEC Felix. They claimed a first over fences and a second in the handy. Picking up a third in the over fences was La Vita and rider Fiona Steinmetz, while Alexis Anderson and Gotta Dance received a third for their efforts in the handy class.

Earlier Saturday morning, the Adult Amateur Hunter divisions finished up, with many talented horses and riders returning for their second day of competition. Walking away with the champion honors after the second day of Adult Amateur Hunter competition was Rebecca Clawson of Halifax, MA and Freeport in the Adult Amateur 18-35 Hunter division, and Robin Harkins with Swiss Miss, an entry owned by Jay Sargent of Portsmouth, RI, in the Adult Amateur 35 and Over Hunter division. Clawson and Freeport won three of the over fences class and received the highest score in the first round of the Adult Amateur Hunter Classic. Harkins and Swiss Miss also won three over fences class in addition to the under saddle, and received a second in the other over fences class.

The Children’s Hunter Horse divisions also came to a close Saturday morning. In the Children’s Hunter Horses, it was Sinatra, a Monica Rauschenbach entry of Newburgh, NY, and Kianna Taylor walked away with the championship, while Remington and Anna Phillips of New Canaan, CT finished with the reserve championship.

The Plymouth Rock Hunter/Jumper Classic ended Sunday with the much-anticipated $10,000 Fieldstone 3’3” Hunter Derby and both the Child and Adult Hunter Classics. The derby has always been both a competitor and crowd favorite at the Fieldstone Show Park in Halifax, MA, and Sunday’s class was no exception. Riding to two impressive scores and the blue ribbon in the derby were Emily Bickford and KEC Kool Kat. Sarah Tyndall and Jack Black were not far behind, riding to the second place honors. Rebecca Clawson and Freeport captured the blue ribbon in the $1,500 Adult Hunter Classic, while Elise Albertini and Educated Guess took the victory in the $1,500 Children’s Hunter Classic.

The field was alive with hunter action and anticipation as 17 horse and rider combinations took their turn at the first round course. Only the top 12 riders would continue into the second round, and from start to finish the first round course demanded excellence from horse and rider alike.

Jennifer Tate was the second rider in the order to take on the course, and her finesse with Cavallino, owned by Barbara Kravetz of Sharon, MA, made the pair truly shine. They posted a score of 85, and chose to take all four available options for the final first-round total of 89 points. It seemed as though Tate had the win in her hands, but the handy round added anticipation as riders wondered who would come out on the top today.

It was Bickford’s round that truly caused the crowd to sit on the edge of their seats. It took eight horse and rider combinations until Tate’s score of 89 was put to the test. Bickford entered the ring aboard her KEC Kool Kat, and the pair took a leap of faith as they completed the opening course. KEC Kool Kat is only a 5-year-old, and Bickford was unsure of how well he would handle the derby at such a green stage of his career. Her anxiousness proved futile as they completed a flowing first round course with ease, riding to the score of 88 points.

Sarah Tyndall and Jack Black, owned by Kim Kolloff of Stow, MA, entered the ring and left absolutely nothing to chance during the handy round. Tyndall laid down an exemplary handy course, showcasing Jack Black’s handy ability. She set the high-score round, and it seemed as though it would stand unyielding. Tyndall’s score stood steadfast as each pair put out their best, but fell shy of the top tier. It wasn’t until Emily Bickford and KEC Kool Kat took their turn at the course that the possibility of defeat seemed plausible.

The bay gelding strode into the derby field and seemed to awaken while riding atop the grass. Although Bickford chose to avoid a risky jump up the table, which several others riders chose to complete in an attempt to showcase their horse’s handiness, she still impressed the judges with a tight turn from obstacle one to two. Bickford also guided KEC Kool Kat to a smooth trot jump, and opened up their gait for the final fence with a strong hand gallop. The scores were tabulated, and Bickford took the lead from Tyndall with scores a final score of 90 points in the handy round, opting for three of the four options, earning a final score of 178 points.

There was only one horse and rider that could possibly knock Bickford out of the pinnacle of the standings—Jennifer Tate and Cavallino. They began with a beautiful and flowing round, and it seemed as though they may steal the victory away from Bickford with their picturesque ride. They completed an effortless trot fence, and moved forward through the two-stride. It was the “thump” heard across the field, as Tate completed the line—the rail from the first obstacle had fallen to the ground, securing Bickford’s victory.

Bickford was awarded the first place award for her fantastic round with KEC Kool Kat, while Tyndall and Black Jack picked up the second place. Anna Pavlov and her own Adelante earned the third place ribbon, and Katie Eppinger and KEC Felix took the fourth place position. Eppinger was also the champion in the Junior Hunter division today, and adding the fourth place ribbon to her accomplishments at only 14 years old was a wonderful way to continue her success for the week. Anna Sroczynski and Emm III Thunderball took the fifth place, while Sophia Lathrop and Castell rounded out the top six with their two-round score of 160 points.

Earlier in the day, the Adult Amateur and Children’s Hunter riders were given the opportunity to compete on the derby field in the $1,500 Adult Amateur Hunter Classic and $1,500 Children’s Hunter Classic.

All competitors completed the first round of their classic in the Main Hunter Ring during yesterday’s competition before advancing to the grass field for their second and final round today. For many, it was their first time competing on the grass at this competition, and they were not given an opportunity to warm up on the field over the fences they would face in their classic round. However, the competitors stepped up to the challenge and turned in many beautiful trips out on the greenery.

First to show on the grass were the Adult Hunters, where Rebecca Clawson of Halifax, MA and Freeport took the win in the $1,500 Adult Hunter Classic. Clawson and Freeport received a score of 82 in the first round of the classic yesterday morning, and then bested their own high score with an 84 in the second round for a combined score of 166. Leslie Prinz rode Kim Sieurin’s Valentine to a second place finish. Rounding out the top three was Hope Floats, an entry ridden and owned by Laura Shook-Blandin from Worcester, MA.

Following the Adults, the Children’s riders took their turn in the $1,500 Children’s Hunter Classic. Finishing on top for the second year in a row was Elise Albertini and Educated Guess. The New Boston, NH native piloted her own horse to a score of 80 in the first round, followed by a 78 in the second round for a 158 total. Kianna Taylor was awarded with the second place honors on Monica Rauschenbach‘s Sinatra, an entry out of Newburgh, NY. Merle Beach of Vergennes, VT, was rewarded with the third place award aboard Cosa Nostra.

The Plymouth Rock Hunter/Jumper Classic came to a close today, but the August Summer Showcase is quickly approaching August 14-24 with two weeks of top tier competition at the Fieldstone Show Park. The competition is sure to be fierce as the spring and summer champions return to defend their titles, and newcomers rise to the challenge. For more information on Stadium Jumping and the approaching Summer Showcase I and II Horse Show, please visit You can also follow the Fieldstone Horse Shows on Facebook at


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