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Equifest I Wrap-Up: July 24 July 28

Written by: Kendall Bierer
Client: Lamplight Equestrian Center
Release Date: 2013-07-29

Wayne, IL – July 29, 2013 – The applause and excitement could be heard resounding throughout the Lamplight Equestrian Center Saturday afternoon as the $10,000 1.40m Open Stake got underway in the Grand Prix Ring. It was the fourth day of Equifest I, and the nation’s top riders gathered to show under the blue skies for their share in the prize money, and the coveted $500 SSG Digital Riding Glove promotion bonus. Only three horse and rider combinations were able to ride the first course clear and progress into the arduous jump-off. It was Grand Prix rookie Stephanie Novas who wowed the crowd Saturday, taking the top earnings and the bonus money with Amyra R. Brittini Raflowitz piloted Elios to the second place finish as the only other rider to go double clear, also picking up the third place with her second mount, Zacca Zoeloe.

Raflowitz, was the first to outwit Manuel Esparaza’s first round course, and she was the first to tackle the shortened track with Zacca Zoeloe, owned by Maarten Huygens of Wellington, FL. It seemed as though her plan would go perfectly to plan until she came off of the inside turn to 3 and found a tight distance to the oxer of the double-combination. They pulled out before the oxer, costing them their clean round and time, but they proved good enough for the third place finish.

Novas and her own Amyra R entered the ring behind Raflowitz, using a quick plan to their benefit. In a blaze, she erupted from the in gate and took the course with ease. Opting not to take any quick turns and rather focus on foot speed, Novas piloted Amyra R to a double-clean effort in 33.883 seconds. This was only the second time Novas has competed at this height and her first Grand Prix win.

“There were only three of us in the jump-off. I wanted to set a pace that Brittini would have to work to catch,” Novas explained. “Amyra R was really good out there, especially considering that I rode off my eye. She is very adjustable so it was easier for me to ride the lines. She has a very even step, and I can change my mind last minute if need be.”

The jump-off continued as the spectators wondered if Raflowitz would be able to catch Novas’ time and duplicate the same accuracy. As she entered the ring, the spectators were on the edge of their seats, knowing that Elios, owned by Huygens, was the Welcome Stake winner with Raflowitz in the irons on Thursday. Elios shaved off seconds with his large stride, and Raflowitz opted for the inside turn from an oxer to the vertical leading into the troublesome double combination. It seemed as though she would catch Novas, but as she tripped the timers, the scoreboard showed her a full second behind. Their clean effort in a time of 34.970 seconds was enough to claim the second place.

David Dorner rode Barack, owned by Sarah Kemper, to the fourth place finish as the fastest of the four-faulters. Natalie Hansen and Raise The Bar finished fifth, while Raflowitz rounded out the top six with K.T. Undercover, owned by Michael Kirby.

Jumpers: July 24-28

It could not have been a more perfect day at the Lamplight Equestrian Center as riders were welcomed to the first day of Equifest I. There was not a cloud in the sky as the courses were set for the opening day of jumper competition, as top contenders gathered at the Grand Prix Ring for a day of enticing show jumping. It was David Dorner who stole the spotlight in the arena today, riding to the victory in both the $5,000 1.40m Jumpers and the $500 1.20m Jumpers. Brittini Raflowitz rode to the top of the leader board in the $500 1.25m Jumpers, proving that a new venue was no diversion for neither she nor her careful mounts.

It was the first rider of the $5,000 1.40m Jumpers, Dorner who took to the challenge first, aboard Clyde 9, owned by Black Dog Enterprises of Marion, IN. Dorner took an easy pace through the opening round, and found no fault as he completed the track in 67.209 seconds, well within the time allowed of 76 seconds. Dorner wore a target on his back with the speedy time of 33.830 seconds, but no one could best the pair.

The $5,000 1.40m Open Jumpers wasn’t Dorner’s only win of the day. Earlier in the morning he guided Barack to the first place in the $500 1.20m Jumpers, as well as picking up the second place in the 1.20m Jumpers with Upido, owned by Kim Puckett. He guided Upido to the red ribbon in 33.589 seconds, and finished with a four-fault total. When he entered as the last to go aboard Barack, he knew he had the win in the bag. He sliced the turns easily aboard the Thoroughbred, and left all rails in their cups as he tripped the timers in a speedy 31.273 seconds. Courtney Starring and Double Dollar, owned by Starring Equine, LLC, captured the third place ribbon with the fastest of the four-fault efforts.

After showing for two weeks at the Chagrin Valley Hunter/Jumper Classic, Raflowitz took her first step onto the Lamplight Equestrian Center grounds. The change in scenery did not deter her from the blue ribbon during today’s $500 1.25m Jumpers. She snatched the victory as the only rider to complete the jump-off without faults, carefully piloting K.T. Undercover to the time of 37.267 seconds. Raflowitz took second place with Zacca Zoelow and the third place with Elios.

Accuracy was key for Brittini Raflowitz and Elios Thursday afternoon during the $5,000 GGT Footing Welcome Stake at Equifest I. The pair out jumped all fellow contenders as the only ones to post a double-clear effort, eventually leading the victory gallop in the Lamplight Equestrian Center’s Grand Prix Ring. David Dorner and Barack captured the second place award, and he also guided Casino to the third place position.

David Dorner was the first to take the track Thursday afternoon. He piloted Casino, owned by Blackdog Enterprises of Marion, IN, through the first round, incurring eight faults in a time of 87.335 seconds. As the first rider to take on the course, Dorner continued to have hope for his next mounts. It was Brittini Raflowitz of New York who would make Dorner put on a chase.

Raflowitz was only the second rider to take the challenge but she went into the ring with brimming with confidence aboard Elios, owned by Maarten Huygens of Wellington, FL. She cleared the first round going with a conservative pace, focusing on accuracy after watching the previous round.

Raflowitz went immediately into the jump-off upon tripping the timers with all rails in their cups. She started over the original last obstacle, a green vertical, and made a right rollback over a single vertical set on the outside of the arena. She made an inside turn over the oxer set on the diagonal, and then with a left rollback took the vertical-oxer double combination. With a smooth left turn that called for a pick up in pace, she took the single vertical and moved forward through an inside left turn to the orange-and-white oxer where she made a sharp right turn to finish over the final obstacle. Her strategy proved good as she broke the beam in 42.410 seconds with a double-clean effort.

Dorner attempted to best the young rider as he entered the ring aboard Barack, owned by Sarah Kemper of Chicago, IL. The quick-footed Thoroughbred was a class winner yesterday, but an unfortunate step at the fourth obstacle cost them the win. With four faults from the first track, the pair did not move into the jump-off; however, they did eventually take home the second place.

It was the young Casino who really stood out today for Dorner’s mounts. This was his first time competing over the 1.40m height, and with only eight faults on the course, he made his owner proud. Dorner was dually awarded the third place award for their effort.

It was a soggy Friday at the Grand Prix Ring where Equifest I at Lamplight Equestrian Center was sure to continue, rain or shine. Wet footing had competitors using caution as they assessed the jumper course for Friday’s competition in the Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumper divisions. It was Stephanie Novas and Amyra R who gauged the conditions well for zero errors and the fastest time to earn the blue ribbon in the High Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumper division. Giovanna Rinaldi and G.P.S. Brilliante Disguise emerged victorious against the elements; receiving top marks for riding double clear in the best time for the Low Junior/Amateur-Owner.

Stephanie Novas aboard mount Amyra R vanquished the course’s trialing curves riding both rounds fault free, but closing out the competition with the record time of 37.712 seconds. Also joining Novas in the jump-off was Brittani Raflowitz and her two horses, Zacca Zoeloe and K.T. Undercover.  Raflowitz cleared the course without fault with each of her talented mounts; however, even her quickest time fell shy of the lead. Finishing with a time of 42.903 seconds, Raflowitz and Zacca Zoeloe placed third in the division while she scooped up the second place ribbon with K.T. Undercover in 40.675 seconds.

Later in the day as the rain picked up, the Low Junior/Amateur-Owner division’s blue ribbon was claimed by Giovanna Rinaldi and her steed, G.P.S. Brilliante Disguise. The duo’s efforts produced a course clearing display and tripped the clock in a time of 40.100 seconds, securing the first place position. Rinaldi, proving to be an accomplished rider, placed again in the second position, this time riding C Cool, with a more conservative time of 46.452 seconds. With an immaculate time of 38.497 seconds, Stephanie Novas posed true competitive spirit, riding to another high marked finish this time aboard Aretina M for the third place finish.

The final day of Equifest I opened to cloudless skies and strong jumper competition as the Junior and Amateur-Owner Jumpers took the spotlight in the Grand Prix Arena at the Lamplight Equestrian Center. Brittini Raflowitz rode to her fourth major win of the week, this time piloting Zacca Zoeloe to the top of the $7,500 Cavalor High Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumper Classic. Raflowitz also picked up the second place award with KT Undercover, cleaning up the jumper divisions for the first week of Equifest. 

Only one rider was able to master Manuel Esparaza’s opening course, Brittini Raflowitz. She guided two of her mounts into the jump-off; however, she opted to save them for another day, electing Zacca Zoeloe as the winner. Raflowitz also picked up the second place award with KT Undercover. Stephen Foran and Etienne were awarded the third place award as the quickest of the remaining entrants.

The first rider to advance to the short course in the $1,500 Low NAL Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumpers was Haley Banas and Limelight. Although Banas posted a speedy time of 29.582 seconds, room was still left to slice the seconds.

Giavanna Rinaldi was the next to show over the shortened track with her partner GPS Brilliante Design. It seemed as though the pair had all of the answers, laying down a faultless jump-off in 29.426 seconds, narrowly beating Banas. Her time proved fast and good, but one rider was left to challenge her, yesterday’s $10,000 1.40m Stake Winners, Stephanie Novas and Aretina M.

Fifteen-year-old Stephanie Novas showcased her talent aboard the 8-year-old Dutch Warmblood Aretina M as she navigated the course with a speedy pace and clear finesse. She picked up a blazing pace from the start, and applied her mount’s quick speed to set the new target time for her double-clear effort. Her time of 27.980 seconds was astounding, beating Rinaldi’s score by nearly two seconds. Novas took the first place finish with only Rinaldi claiming the second place, while Banas and Limelight were presented with the third place award.

In the $1,000 Low Modified Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumper Classic, Anna Dulin and Wonderboy Van De Katershoeve were the only pair to master the first round course. Libby Rudolf and Caruso came in second, while Heather Zuber and Steel Magnolia took third.

Hunters: July 24–28th

The Lamplight Equestrian Center grounds were immaculate as exhibitors gathered for Equifest I. Blue skies and a light breeze welcomed riders to the hunter ring as they took on the first day of courses. Of the competitors, Amanda Thomas rode four horses to the top of the rankings. Aboard Kapalua in the Performance 3’6” Hunter division, Thomas swept the two rounds over fences, as well as piloting Beyond Time and Catani to the top honors in the First Year Green Hunters. Her success continued into the afternoon when she guided Bonfire to the Pre-Green 3’3” Hunter victories over fences.

The first division of the day, the Performance 3’6” Hunters, saw Amanda Thomas compete several top mounts against her fellow contenders. Thomas rode Kapalua, owned by Hadley Graham of Chesterfield, MO, and Beyond Time, owned by Samantha Hall of O Fallon, MO, in a battle of the best during today’s Performance 3’6” Hunters. It was Kapalua who caught the judges’ attention, placing first in both rounds to sweep the over fences. Last Wish, ridden by Amy Farmer and owned by Madision Edwards, took second during the first round, while Beyond Time fell short and took second behind Kapalua during the second round over fences.

In the First Year Green Hunter division, rider Amanda Thomas brought two horses to showcase their talents. Beyond Time reemerged from the earlier Performance 3’6” Hunter division, eager to earn his rank. They took first place in the first over fences with a picturesque round, while Thomas’ other horse, Catani, owned by Samantha Mccarty of Zionville, IN, took the first place position in the consecutive class, perpetuating Thomas’ supreme skills as a rider. Erin Mccabe and Golddigger, owned by Elizabeth Miller of Union MO, held strong throughout the rounds to earn a pair of third place ribbons.

In the Pre-Green 3’3” Hunter division, Erin Mccabe proved to be a worthy adversary, placing first in the division’s under saddle upon Remy Martin, owned by Nancy Gordon of Ocala, FL. It was Amanda Thomas’s outstanding horse Bonfire though, that rose to the top of the leader board with high marks in the over fences to take home the blues. Bonfire is owned by Helen Gilbert of Saint Louis, MO. Sarah Robertson and Denmark took the second and fourth place finishes over fences, while also earning the third place in the under saddle.

Among the other divisions of the day, in Performance 3’3” Hunters, Amanda Thomas rode Confidential, owned by Susan Koedding of Saint Louis, MO, to the blue ribbon in the first of over fences class. Owner and rider, Jill Worman of West Bend, WI, rode Random Harvest to the top award in the second class over fences. Molly Mcadow guided Kenyan, owned by Nina Donnelly of Evanston, IL, to high ranks among the division’s rounds, nabbing the second and third place ribbons.

In the Pre-Green 3’ Hunters Molly Mcadow returned aboard Barina, owned by Donnelly, and rode to the first and the third place ribbons over fences. Shema with Lynda Zema in the irons capturing the second place over fences today. Shema is owned by Andrea Ferguson, and the hardworking pair of Zema and Shema are sure to return Thursday with their eyes on the championship.

The second day of Equifest I opened to cloudless skies and picturesque hunter courses as the professional hunter divisions came to a close. It was Amanda Thomas who took home a multitude of tricolors aboard her top mounts, but Molly Mcadow and Barina truly shined in the Pre-Green 3’ Hunter division.

In the Pre-Green 3’ Hunters, Molly Mcadow dominated, showing two brilliant horses to the top accolades. It was Barina, owned by Nina Donnelly of Evanston, IL, who had an outstanding repeat of yesterday’s performance, jumping to another first and third to win the division’s championship. Mccabe and HH Copyright, owned by Nancy Gordon of Ocala, FL, stepped up to claim the second and first place over fences, but it was Mcadow who guided Charlie Brown, owned by Lanie Bricker, to the reserve championship, falling just behind Barina.

The Performance 3’3” Hunter division saw great competition as riders got underway completing their over fences courses. Thursday, Jill Worman of West Bend, WI, rode Random Harvest to the first place finish over fences, and completed the trifecta with two more blues to clasp the division’s championship. Amanda Thomas made a comeback with Sunvalley, owned by Kit McClorey, riding to two second place ribbons over fences. Her rounds today knocked her second mount, Confidential, owned by Susan Koedding of Saint Louis, MO, out of the championship running. Although Confidential earned the third place ribbon over fences, Sunvalley’s efforts proved enough for the reserve championship.

Erin Mccabe rode her own Remy Martin to the Pre-Green 3’3” Hunter Championship. Yesterday, she earned the first place in the under saddle, but it was her two rounds over fences today that earned her the tricolor. Amanda Thomas rode Bonfire, owned by Helen Gilbert of Saint Louis, MO, to the reserve championship. Mccabe piloted the 18-hand Remy Martin to two first place finishes in the division, and was nothing but smiles as she accepted the championship. All of her hard work paid off with the young horse as he has grown into himself over the last year, and she is now preparing for the First Year Green Hunters for next year.

Earlier in the morning, Amanda Thomas took home both tricolors in the First Year Green Hunters. She piloted Beyond Time, owned by Samantha Hall of O Fallon, MO, to a second-day sweep of the division. Combined with her first and second place ribbons over fences yesterday, she took the championship with ease. Thomas also nabbed the reserve championship with Catani, the second and third place finishes over fences, as well as the third place in the under saddle.

Thomas also snatched the Performance 3’6” Hunter Championship with Kapalua, owned by Hadley Graham of Chesterfield, MO, early this morning. They rode to the top score in the handy round and the under saddle to seal their championship win. It was Farralon, owned by Whitney Kent of Zionsville, IN, who stepped up to the challenge with Thomas in the irons, riding to the reserve championship. They earned the first place over fences, as well as the second place finish in the handy. Their finesse continued into the under saddle where they were awarded the second place.

It was a day to remember for Molly Mcadow as she laid down the winning rounds during the $5,000 USHJA National Hunter Derby. The Lamplight Equestrian Center was packed with exhibitors and spectators for the third day of Equifest I, and although the skies were gray and torrents of rain poured down from above, the derby contenders were not deterred. Mcadow led the victory gallop Friday with Barina, riding to scores of 89 and 94 to take the win. Stephen Foran and Bronizet were awarded the second place, while Amanda Thomas and Catani snatched the third place award.

Mcadow claimed an early lead with Barina, owned by Nina Donnelly of Evanston, IL, after scoring an 89 during the first round. The downpour did not stop them from riding to the top of the standings, taking the tricky parts of the course with ease, and opting for all of the high options. Mcadow also chose to take eight strides down the first line, which helped her to collect and take an edge over her competition.

Thomas jumped up in the standings aboard Catani, owned by Samantha McCarty of Zionsville, IN. They completed a beautiful first round with fluidity and finesse, resulting in a score of 87 points. Catani is only a 6-year-old, but on the derby course he rode like a veteran. Thomas also rode Dallas, owned by Vyla Carter of Indianapolis, IN, to the impressive score of 84.

Foran guided Bronziet, owned by Liberty Equine Ventures of Lake Forest, IL, to a Classic score of 86 points. It was the handy round that would make all the difference for the competitors.

Tackling the tricky handy hunter course was a feat all of its own. The scores from the Classic Hunter Round carried over into the second-round competition, factoring into the overall score for each pair. Mcadow earned a returning position for three of her mounts during the $5,000 USHJA National Hunter Derby. She returned first, in the 12th place position, aboard Kenyan, owned by Donnelly, eventually riding to an overall score of 148 points to earn the 11th place award. She returned with Sea Smoke, owned by Marybeth Canfield of Chicago, IL, earning a final total of 151.5 points. Her star mount, Barina, would be the last to return to the ring.

Thomas returned on Dallas, ready to seal a position in the top 12 with her first-round score of 84 points. Although they put their best effort forward, they were awarded a score of 79.5, good enough for the fourth place award. Thomas also rode Bonfire, owned by Helen Gilbert of Saint Louis, MO, to the sixth place position with an overall score of 159 points. It wasn’t until she returned on Catani that victory seemed a possibility.

Knowing that she was up against stiff competition, Thomas opted to make an inside turn after fence 2 as a way of showcasing her handiness. That extra move was what gave her the Handy Round score of 85 points, granting her the lead in the second round. Thomas knew that she had to post a score that would be hard to beat, especially with USHJA Emerging Athletes Finals winner Stephen Foran hot on her heels.

Foran picked up a quick but tidy pace with Bronziet, riding through the turns adeptly and showing keen handiness before the trot jump. He was dually awarded for his solid effort with a score of 87 in the handy. Combined with his first round score of 86 points, Foran snatched the lead with an overall score of 173 points.

Mcadow and Barina were the last to return to the Handy Round and, in this case, the best was saved for last. Barina exemplified a handy horse, taking all high options, and moving through the turns smoothly. Each jump was crisp, and it was clear that a muddy day would not stand in the pair’s way. The judges announced a score of 94 for the excellent performance, catapulting them to the top of the leader board to claim the winning honors.

Foran was pleased to claim the second place award with his overall score of 173 points. He only surpassed Thomas by one point, but he was very happy with his most recent mount.

Silas Jaramillo of Sun Prairie, WI, rode The Advocate to the overall score of 162 points for the fifth place position. Thomas nabbed the sixth with Bonfire, while Tina Judge and Bond took the seventh place finish. Placing eighth was Shannon Kelly and Trust Me. On Tour with Kelsey Cerkieski in the irons took the ninth place finish, Josey Gentry and Insight finished tenth, and Molly Mcadow rounded out the top 12 with her two mounts Kenyan and Sea Smoke taking 11th and 12th, respectively.

After dodging torrential rain and gray skies Saturday at the Lamplight Equestrian Center, sun and cool weather welcomed hunter competitors to the penultimate day of Equifest I. All eyes were on the hunters as riders showcased their talents in their Classics. Fourteen-year-old Samantha Hall entered the USEF $1,000 Junior Hunter Classic as a newcomer with her young mount Beyond Time, however, they left as champions.

Madison Edwards and Last Wish rode to an impressive score of 83 in the first round of the USEF $1,000 Junior Hunter Classic. Hall was close on her heels with Beyond Time who rode to the first round score of 81. Hall knew she would have to lay down an equally impressive trip in the second round if she wanted to outride Edwards for the win.

Hall has been riding Beyond Time for a little over a year and a half, and their partnership was apparent as they rode to the overall score of 161 points in today’s classic. Her helpful guidance in the saddle and trust in her mount’s ability to perform paid off, earning them a second round score of 80. The pressure was on Edwards, as Hall and Beyond Time had set the bar high. Unfortunately, Edwards and Last Wish could not match their first round performance. The duo received a 75 for their efforts, bringing their overall score to 158, a score good enough for second. However, Edwards and Last Wish’s first round score of 83 remained the highest of any round of the Classic. Hall and Beyond Time claimed the win.

In the end, Amanda Paulus and Chantilly took home the third place honors in the classic with the dyad of 76 points. Lauren Duggan and Bellagio captured the fourth place finish, while Stephen Foran and Bronziet finished fifth.

Hall was on a roll today as she also was awarded the first and second place finish over fences in the Junior 3’6” Hunter division. Edwards was awarded the third and first place over fences, respectively, while Foran claimed the third place during the first course over fences. Hall goes into tomorrow with high hopes of the championship title for the division.

Earlier in the day, the Amateur-Owner Hunter riders were given the opportunity to compete in the $1,000 Amateur-Owner Hunter Classic. It was Sonya Svaty’s day to shine as she guided Pick A Color to the top of the leader board with smooth rounds, riding both rounds to the high score of 86 points for an overall total of 172 points. She wore a target on her back as the other competitors attempted to best her scores, however, she proved unsurpassable.

Svaty and Pick A Color picked up the top honors in the Classic, as well as the first and second place finishes over fences in the Amateur-Owner 3’6” Modified Hunters. Shannon Kelly and Trust Me rode to the blue ribbon during the first round, and Zuber picked up the third and second place finishes.

Heather Zuber and Kalifornia also finished in the second place position with an 81 and an 85 for the cumulative score of 166 points in the $1,000 Amateur-Owner Hunter Classic. Rounding out the top three was Madison Games and Seth, closing out with 164 points.

Margaret O’Meara swept the Amateur-Owner 3’3” Modified Hunters Saturday, riding Casino to the top of the ranks. Alisa Comber and Turn Two rode to the second place over fences in the first round, while Madison Games was awarded the second place ribbon over fences during the second trip with Seth.

In the $500 Pony Hunter Classic, Charlotte Ruff and Clovermeade Inspiration took the top honors. Charlotte Novy and Rockefeller rode to the second place finish, while Halley Steiner and Mr. Australia finished third.

Wrapping up the fourth day of hunter competition at the Lamplight Equestrian Center’s Equifest I was the WIHS/NAL/M&S Children’s Hunter Classic. Maggie Howes and Matisse rode to the blue ribbon with their flowing courses. Jacqueline Oliva and Saracen rode to the second place finish, while Sofia Skok and Bravo rounded out the top three.

The weather shaped up Sunday at Lamplight Equestrian Center, welcoming champions into the winner’s circle for the conclusion of Equifest I. The Amateur-Owner Hunters and Junior Hunter divisions wrapped up the weeklong competition. Samantha Hall and Beyond Time took home the Junior Hunter Championship, while Sonya Svaty and Pick A Color earned a moment in the limelight for their Amateur-Owner 3’6” Hunter Championship. It was Margaret O’Meara who excelled with top-notch performances aboard Voice of Reason and Casino, riding to both championship titles in the Amateur-Owner 3’3” Hunters.

The first of O’Meara’s elite team to make his mark was Voice of Reason in the Amateur-Owner 3’3” Hunter division. O’Meara and Voice of Reason rode to first place ranks in both over-fence classes today to earn the division championship. Casino, O’Meara’s other well-praised mount who earned two blues in over fences Saturday, came back placing right under his barn mate for the reserve championship ribbon with a brilliant performance. The O’Meara team trains with Heidi Fish at Woodland Way, Inc., in Kirkland, WA, and has a strong belief that they should show for the love of it.

The Amateur-Owner 3’6” Hunters saw a clear leader emerge as Sonya Svaty and Pick A Color, of Lake Bluff, IL, swept the first day of competition. Then on the second day, Pick A Color stole the show with a first place in the under-saddle, and the second and third over-fences, shutting out the competition and taking the division’s championship title. Trust Me with Shannon Kelly in the irons emerged victorious for their showmanship, receiving the reserve championship honors.

Later in the afternoon, in the Junior Hunter division, Samantha Hall and Beyond Time worked their way to the top of the ranks. Receiving a blue ribbon in the under saddle class, the pair pressed forward with outstanding efforts to claim first and third places in the over fences. Their overall combined marks earned them the championship award tricolor. Fellow competitor, Madison Edwards aboard Last Wish, rode with competitive results to the reserve championship.

Thank you to all sponsors: GGT German Geo Textile Footing; John Deere; Triple Crown; Nuterna, Nutrition for a Lifetime; Saddler’s Row; CWD; Cavalor; Take 2 Second Career Thoroughbred Program; The Bill Kay Automotive Group; Lowalczyk Law Offices; Topline Equestrian Marketing; and Clementz Equine Insurance.

Equifest II will return July 31 – Aug. 4, offering more hunter and jumper action as well as the long-awaited $35,000 Grand Prix de Lamplight set to take place on Saturday, Aug. 3. For more information please visit


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