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Kentucky Summer Classic Wrap-Up, July 30 August 4, 2013

Written by: Rebecca Walton
Client: Kentucky Horse Shows LLC
Release Date: 2013-08-05

Lexington, KY – August 5, 2013 – For the second week in a row, the Irish had all the luck, specifically Shane Sweetnam during the $50,000 Kentucky Summer Grand Prix, sponsored by Audi of Lexington, at the Kentucky Summer Classic. This time he was aboard Solerina for the win, shaving valuable seconds off his jump-off time to beat fellow countryman Richie Moloney and Carrabis Z, who placed second. Sweetnam’s winning mount from last Saturday’s grand prix, Fineman, also cleared the short course, capturing the third place honors.

The first double clear was posted by Venezuela’s Juan Ortiz riding Accordance, but in attempt to leave all of the airy verticals in place they had a conservative pace and stopped the clock at 38.077 seconds for fourth place.

Richie Moloney attempted to catch Ortiz’s time with his first mount, Call Me Number One, owned by Equinimity LLC of Stonybrook, NY, and although the duo was faultless, they were a fraction to slow, finishing in 38.373 seconds for fifth place.

The winners of last week’s     $50,000 Rood & Riddle Grand Prix, Shane Sweetnam and Sweet Oak Farm’s Fineman, were ready to lay on the gas when they took their turn over the track. As they wound their way through the course, they left each rail in place, breaking the beam at 36.211 seconds, which would hold up for third place.

Fellow countryman Richie Moloney was willing to fight for one of the top spots with his second mount, Equinimity LLC’s Carrabis Z. They were right on Sweetnam’s heels as they carefully cleared the track, dashing through the timers in 36.149 seconds, which would claim second place.

Sweetnam and Solerina, owned by Sweet Oak Farm and Spy Coast Farm, were the last to show during the first round, the last to qualify for the jump-off and the last to have a chance at the win. They left nothing to chance, picking up a quick gallop and never slowing down as they sliced over each vertical and made quick turn-backs. The veteran mare never wasted a second in the air as she left each rail in its cups and blazed across the finish line in 34.056 seconds, two seconds ahead of Moloney to lead the victory gallop.

“Solerina is a very quick horse, so when Richie was clear and quicker I went for it,” explained Sweetnam. “I was very fast at the turn backs to the two verticals. I had a really good angle to the second vertical, and you can really trust her with a bit of a gallop to a vertical. She’s naturally very quick.”

Jumper Highlights: Tuesday – Sunday

On the opening day of the Kentucky Summer Classic, 15-year-old Juan Pablo Gaspar of Mexico proved that age is just a number, when he bested some of the country’s best professional riders in the 1.40m Open Jumper speed competition. The young rider overtook second place finishers Tracy Fenney and MTM Centano by five seconds to capture the blue ribbon. In the 1.35m Open Jumpers, it was Aaron Vale and Zenith UHS who took home the top honors with a quick and tidy double clear, while Courtney Boyd and Acobella claimed the win in the 7 & 8-Year-Old Jumpers.

Marina Azevedo of Brazil set the tracks for the day’s course. During the 1.40m Open Jumper speed class she tested riders with multiple bending lines, a brick wall fence, an open water option, an oxer-vertical double combination, and a vertical-vertical two-stride combination heading towards the gate.

Veteran grand prix rider Tracy Fenney set the time to beat early in the class aboard MTM Centano, owned by MTM Farms of Flower Mound, TX. Using an open stride and slicing through the turns the duo tripped the timers at 67.128 seconds, which would hold up for second place.

Juan Pablo Gaspar proved that he was still on a roll from his victory in Sunday’s High Junior Jumper Classic, but this time he was aboard Gama Cocu. The young mare showcased her skill over the speed course, easily cutting the turns and never wasting a second in the air. They blazed across the finish line 61.934 seconds. It was the fastest trip of the day, claiming the win by five seconds.

In the 1.35m Open Jumpers it was the last in the class that proved to be the best of the day. The course yielded eight double-clear rounds, so speed was the key to take home one of the top prizes. Guillermo Williams set the bar high early in the class aboard Marbella, owned by El Milagro of Dallas, TX. The duo was able to shave valuable time off their score, while still jumping each obstacle easily, clocking in at 32.138 seconds, which would be good enough for second place.

As the last to go with Zenith UHS, Vale was willing to take extra risks with the talented young stallion. Although they were conservative to the first few fences, they picked up the pace at the end, carefully clearing each hurdle and tripping the timers at 31.975 seconds to capture the winning prize.

Earlier in the day, riders showcased their talented up-and-coming mounts in the 7 & 8-year-old Young Jumpers. Only two of the seven riders that advanced to the tiebreaker were able to complete a second clear effort. Sharn Wordley of Wellington, FL, was the first in the ring with Gitania V.G., and with a double clear round they were making the other riders try and catch them. Unfortunately, they had a conservative pace, stopping the clock at 46.350 seconds.

Courtney Boyd was able to pick up a good gallop and still leave all the fences in place aboard Acobella, owned by Cindy Nielsen of Dublin, NH. The duo crossed the finish line in 38.398 seconds to take home the winning honors.

Although there were grey skies in the area for the second day of the Kentucky Summer Classic, the weather did not dampen the competition in the Rolex Stadium. Both the 1.40m and 1.35m Open Jumper classes were determined by just fractions of a second.  As the last in the class, Aaron Vale had the draw on his side as he bested Juan Pablo Gaspar and Shamrock with H&M Cisco in the 1.40m Open Jumpers. In the 1.35m Open Jumpers, Geoffrey Case and Veneziano-C tried to catch Guillermo Williams and Marbella’s speedy time, but were just hundredths of a second short.

In the 1.40m Open Jumpers, Sarah Scheiring was the first rider to produce a second clear effort with Midnight Dance, owned by Windwood Equestrian of Pelham, AL, setting the time to beat at 34.671 seconds, which held up for fourth place. Her early lead would not hold for long when speed dynamo 15-year-old Juan Pablo Gaspar of Mexico took his turn over the course aboard Shamrock. They laid on the gas, making sharp turns and slicing both of the rollbacks to finish in 31.601 seconds.

Tatiana Dzavik of Malibu, CA, attempted to catch Gaspar’s time aboard Delphine, and although they handily left all of the rails intact, they stopped the clock at 32.498 seconds, which would be good enough for third place.

Aaron Vale was the last to show aboard H&M Cisco, owned by Thinks Like a Horse of Morriston, FL, and they were ready to take a few risks when they took their turn over the short course. He used a curve through the first line to create momentum and slice the skinny vertical. Vale also took a risk at the final oxer, galloping though the timers in a clear 31.224 seconds, just 4/10ths of a second faster than Gaspar to capture the blue ribbon.

The 1.35m Open Jumpers competed next over a speed course, where there were seven faultless rounds. Guillermo Williams and Marbella, owend by El Milagro of Dallas, TX, went fifth in the order, but managed to hold the lead through the class. Despite taking the outside route, the duo proved they had the speed necessary to win, breaking the beam in a clear 61.734 seconds.

Geoffrey Case and Veneziano-C, owned by Group C of Rye, NY, were the only horse and rider combination to come close to catching Williams’ time, but they came very, very close. The duo was able to leave all the fences in place with a very quick pace and cross the finish line in 61.785 seconds, just 5/100ths of a second slower for the second place honor. Angel Karolyi took home the third place award with S-Accorda Donaldson, owned by Hollow Creek Farm of Aiken, SC, finishing in a slower clear time of 65.517 seconds.

Venezuelan rider Pablo Barrios is proving to be unstoppable with his talented young mare Zara Leandra. With a speedy double clear during Thursday night’s jump-off, the duo won their third $25,000 Hagyard Lexington Classic. Only four horses advanced to the tiebreaker in the Rolex Stadium during the Kentucky Summer Classic, and Aaron Vale was the only other rider to leave all the fences intact a second time to capture the second place prize with Palm Sunday, while Ireland’s Richie Moloney and Alsvid placed third.

The first to complete the first round without fault was the second in the order: Aaron Vale riding Palm Sunday for Amen Corner Farm of Folsom, LA. The duo put on the gas and took some chances during the tiebreaker, but carefully left all the fences in place, crossing the finish line in 40.144 seconds, setting a difficult pace to for the remaining riders to follow.

Richie Moloney was the next to enter the ring aboard Alsvid, owned by Equinimity LLC of Stoneybrook, NY. They wanted to take the top spot, and they had the speed to do so, but a heartbreaker at the last rail added four faults to their time of 38.051 seconds for the third place honors.

The youngest rider in the jump-off was Wilton Porter with his new mount Radio City, owned by Sleepy P Ranch of Bartonville, TX. In an attempt to beat the clock, they misjudged the distance into the double combination, causing rails to be lowered at the oxer, for four faults in 41.587 seconds, earning the fourth place prize.

The last to show proved to be the best of the day, and it was his third time being the best. Pablo Barrios and Zara Leandra, owned by the ZL Group of Wellington, FL, had all the answers once again, speeding easily over all of the obstacles and leaving a stride out to in the last line as they dashed across the finish in 38.918 seconds to notch another victory and relegate Vale to second place.

“The jump-off was perfect for Zara Leandra,” smiled Barrios. “I did eight to the last line, and I saw Aaron did nine. She didn’t even see the first jump in the last line until the last stride, but she still jumped it beautifully.”

Taylor Land was only in Kentucky for a few short days, but while here, she is enjoyed the beautiful weather and making magic aboard Merlin. Land and Merlin were one of only two duos to go double clear in the Junior/Amateur-Owner High Jumpers before they earned the win on Friday at the Kentucky Summer Classic. In the Junior/Amateur-Owner Medium Jumpers, Jennifer Santana and Kendall were fast and faultless to win the class in the Rolex Stadium at the Kentucky Horse Park.

Land and Merlin were the first pair to go clear over the first round track, and they would prove to be one of only two pairs to do so. Following their initial ride, Land and Merlin immediately advanced to the jump-off and made it through the seven obstacle short course in a clear time of 32.137 seconds.

Land and Merlin’s time would remain untouched, only coming into contest when Chelsea Moss and her own Lorena 90 successfully negotiated the first course. Moss and Lorena 90 began the jump-off round quick and clean, but a slightly slower pace and a rub over a skinny vertical would leave them with four faults and a jump-off time of 35.198 seconds. Their efforts would be good enough for the second place finish, while Eugenio Garza and Providence, owned by El Milagro of Dallas, TX, claimed the third spot with four faults and a time of 77.751 seconds in the opening round. Garza also finished fourth with four faults and a time of 79.294 seconds aboard his second mount, Milagrett, also owned by El Milagro.

In the Medium Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumpers, the first place award went to Jennifer Santana aboard her new mount, Kendall, or simply “Kendall.” Santana was one of six riders to advance to the jump-off after going clear in the time allowed over the opening 14-obstacle course that again utilized the same oxer-vertical double combination and vertical-oxer-vertical triple combination.

Reid Patton and her own Tissem were the first to go clear and advance to the jump-off. They successfully produced a double clear round, but Sarah Bagworth and her Mount Untouchable quickly surpassed their time of 32.032 seconds. Bagworth, of King City, Ontario, Canada, and Untouchable turned in a double a clear effort in a time of 31.273 seconds, earning them the eventual third place award.

Bagworth and Untouchable rode quickly through the course, taking advantage of some tight turns and making it appear as though their time would be tough to beat. Four trips later however, Spencer Smith and Skara Glen’s Intense, owned by Skara Glen Stables of Pittsburgh, PA, made it to the jump-off and demonstrated that the time was in fact easily attainable. They shaved nearly a second off the time to finish double clear in a time of 30.327 seconds.

Santana immediately followed Smith, turning in a meticulous first round ride and going directly into the jump-off course. She and Kendall blazed through the jump-off timers in 28.732 seconds, a time that would prove untouchable, earning them the first place position and leaving Smith in second.

The Kentucky Summer Classic concluded with another day of perfect weather as riders gathered at the Rolex Stadium for the NAL/WIHS Adult and Children’s Jumper Classic. With nine-double clear rounds, it was Kelly Maloney’s speedy effort aboard Leroy Brown 17 that proved to be the key to winning the Adult Jumper Classic, sponsored by Johnson Horse Transportation. Brazil’s Julia Tedesco showed the way in the Children’s Jumper Classic, piloting Belle Nuit to the top of the leader board.

Thirty-eight riders showed over the first round track, designed by Brazil’s Marina Azevedo, during the Adult Jumper Classic. Kelly Maloney of Rembert, SC, set the uncatchable time with Leroy Brown 17 about mid-way through the class after she completed very tight rollbacks and made a very sharp slice at the new vertical. They dashed through the timers in 35.445 seconds with all the rails intact, eventually returning to the winner’s circle.

Lindsey Tomeu came very close to catching Maloney while riding Sandro Star, owned by Ericka Koenigsberg of Pinecrest, FL, but the young rider was just a fraction off the pace with a clear time of 35.836 seconds for second place.

Joaquina Barrios of Wellington, FL, was the first to clear the original track, and opted to return at the end of the class with Simply The Best. She gave it a great try, but her turns were just a touch too wide. She broke the beam at 37.377 seconds for third place. Tiffany Field also returned at the end of the class to take a shot at the winning prize, but she was also too slow with Wiant P, completing a clear round in 38.575 seconds for fourth place, sealing Maloney’s victory.

Earlier on Sunday morning, the Children’s Jumper Classic took center stage. Only six entries made it to the tiebreaker, but four competitors were double clear over the short course.  Audrey Norrell had the slowest time of 40.485 seconds aboard Cindy VH Keizershof, owned by Tatiana Dzavik of Malibu, CA, for fourth place, while Tanimara Macari and P Welcome, owned by Lochmoor Stables of Lebanon, OH, just barely edged them out for third in a time of 39.443 seconds. Nanny McFadden of Germantown, TN, and Cooley kept a quicker pace while leaving all the rails intact, breaking the beam at 37.203 seconds.

Julia Tedesco and Belle Nuit, owned by Adolpho Franco of Wellington, FL, were the fastest of the fast though, speeding through each turn with a blazing fast gallop, never wasting a second in the air. They sped through the timers in 34.700 seconds, almost three seconds faster than McFadden to capture the winning prize.

Hunter Highlights: Tuesday – Sunday

Christopher Payne always enjoys competing at the Kentucky Summer Classic, so not much will keep him away from the show ring – not even two broken ribs. He and Take Time, owned by Sydney Reed of Leawood, KS, finished first and second in Tuesday’s opening classes of the Performance 3’6” Hunters. Molly Sewell also had an successful day at the Kentucky Horse Park, leading the field in both the Green Conformation Hunters and the High Performance Hunters with Satisfaction and Zin Zin, respectively.

Payne and Take Time, or “Brady” navigated the day’s Bobby Murphy designed courses with ease to take the blue ribbon in the first class and the red second place behind Wish List, owned by Lori Snetsinger and ridden by Cody Lewis-Shultz, in the second class.

In the High Performance Hunters, Sewell and Zin Zin, owned by Travis Lingenfelter of Saginaw, MI, dominated the competitive field finishing first and second over fences and third in the under saddle.

Earlier in the morning Sewell rode to similar top honors aboard Satisfaction, owned by Peakewood Pharm, Inc. of Sanford, FL. The 7-year-old Hanoverian started the day with a blue ribbon in the Green Conformation Model, and he returned later to earn two additional blue ribbons, one under saddle and one over fences.

Taking the win in the first Green Conformation Hunter over fences class were Sandy Ferrell and Mariano, owned by Stephanie Riggio of New York, NY, while Sewell and Satisfaction finished in a close second.  

The Kentucky Summer Classic awarded its first division championships Wednesday at the Kentucky Horse Park. In the Stonelea Ring, Christopher Payne rode away with the morning’s first tricolor honor aboard Channing in the Green Hunter division. In the Green Conformation Hunters, Sandra Ferrell and Mariano claimed the top award, while Molly Sewell took reserve with Satisfaction. Sewell then returned on Zin Zin to claim the championship in the High Performance Hunters, with Shawn Casady and Ascot taking the reserve position.

Sewell and Zin Zin, owned by Travis Lingenfelter of Saginaw, MI, came in to the day in the leaders position having earned a first and second over fences and a first under saddle Tuesday. Sewell and the 9-year-old Dutch Warmblood added to their point tally Wednesday, finishing second in the first over fences class and winning the handy round. The blue ribbon over the first course went to eventual reserve champions Casady and Ascot, owned by the HJ Group LLC of Sewickley, PA.

Sewell also returned to the winners circle to take the Green Conformation Hunter division reserve championship with Satisfaction, owned by Peakewood Pharm, Inc. of Sanford, FL. The Green Conformation Hunter division championship went to Sandra Ferrell and Mariano, owned by Stephanie Riggio. The pair won back-to-back blue ribbons Wednesday before going on to clinch the division championship.

Christopher Payne is one of those riders fortunate enough to spend much of the summer in Kentucky, competing during all four weeks of the Kentucky Summer Horse Shows. Payne claimed the division championship in the Green Hunters aboard Channing, owned by Susan Moriconi of St. Louis, MO.  The reserve championship in the Green Hunters went to Robert Crandall and Café Noir, owned by Lucie Harte.

The Kentucky Summer Classic has been graced with beautiful weather, gorgeous hunter courses and top horses and riders. Thursday it was the junior hunters’ opportunity to take advantage of all that the competitive horse show has to offer.

Darst and Chromeo, owned by Peakewood Pharm, Inc. of Sanford, FL, kicked things off Thursday morning in the Stonelea Ring, winning the first over fences class of the Small Juniors 15 & Under Hunters and returning to take the third place ribbon over the second Bobby Murphy designed course. Darst also claimed the blue ribbon in the second class aboard Val D’Isere, owned by Natalie Allen-Barinsky of Mendota Heights, MN.

In the Large Junior 15 and Under Hunters, Addy Howe and Playoff, owned by Howe Equine LLC of Cumming, GA, claimed the first blue ribbon, while Madison Maners and Blue Steel finished in a close second. Maners and the grey gelding then returned to best the field and win the next class.

In the Large Junior 16-17 Hunters, Kaitlyn Arnold and her horse Dylan dominated, earning back-to-back blue ribbons and leading the division in their Kentucky debut.

Rounding out the days leaders were Sydney Shulman and Deephaven, owned by Norgan, Inc. of Wellington, FL, and Megan MacPherson and Good Humor, owned by Meridian Partners LLC of Boulder, CO. Deephaven led the jog following the first class of the Small Junior 16-17 Hunters as Shulman picked up the blue ribbon, and it was MacPherson and Good Humor who returned with the top call in the second class.

The equitation took center stage under perfect skies in the Stonelea Arena Friday at the Kentucky Summer Classic. Topping the opening round and the test in the Ariat Adult Medal was Tracey Mack-Gorin aboard Icarus. Earlier in the day, Lillian Kirbo’s talent shone through during the T.H.I.S. Children’s Medal with Easy Living to capture the winning honors.

Bobby Murphy designed flowing course for the day’s classes, which included inside options and a vertical-oxer two stride. The top four combinations from the first round of the Ariat Adult Medal were asked to return for the final test.

The riders returned in reverse order, and Sherri Geddes of Jacksonville, FL, was the first to complete the test with Radius H after receiving an initial score of 77. A smooth lead change and trot jump helped them quickly climb the rankings, and they eventually placed second.

Tracey Mack-Gorin of Noack, CT, and Icarus, owned by Ashland Farms, had a solid lead after earning an 83 during the first round. They were able to execute each piece of the test flawlessly, collecting beautifully to fit the five strides in the bending line. Their efforts were rewarded with the top call and blue ribbon.

Earlier in the day, the younger riders had the opportunity to compete in the T.H.I.S. Children’s Medal where the top five riders entered the ring to complete the test. Lillian Kirbo of Tallahassee, FL, had an original score of 82 with Kelsey Hileman’s Easy Living, just one point behind the leader Helen Voss of Versailles, KY. Kirbo kept an even pace throughout the test and executed each piece flawlessly. Voss and Adonis, owned by Redfield Farm, were next, but they almost canter the trot jump, a slight error that dropped them to second place and gave Kirbo the victory.

The first and second place line-up of this week’s $5,000 Hallway Feeds USHJA National Hunter Derby at the Kentucky Summer Classic bore a striking resemblance to that of last week’s class. Colin Syquia and Apropos took the first place position in the derby just six days ago, and they returned to do so again Saturday. Last week’s second place finisher, Meredith Darst, was once again number two, this time aboard Capstone.

Saturday’s hunter derby was the fourth event in the seven-part Hallway Feeds USHJA National Hunter Derby Series, which features the $15,000 Hallway Feeds Leading Rider Awards. This week’s class saw 52 entries competing over the first round course designed by Bobby Murphy. Following the completion of the first course, the top 12 riders returned for the handy round. Both courses presented riders with options to take four higher fences, and riders added one point to their score for each successfully cleared high option. For the handy round, Murphy also presented riders with a trot jump and tested them with a hand gallop to the opening oxer.

Molly Sewell and Zin Zin, owned by Travis Lingenfelter of Saginaw, MI, were early to go in the opening order, and they maneuvered the course beautifully, electing to take all four high options for a total first round score of 91. Sewell’s score would remain well out of reach for much of the class, until finally being bested by Shawn Casady and Sedona, owned by Susan Stanley of Delray Beach, FL. Casady and Sedona also opted to take each of the higher options, earning a score of 92.

Following the completion of the first round, Casady and Sewell were the clear front runners, while Bruce Christison and Apalachicola, owned by Heather Conder of Lugoff, SC, sat in third with a total score of 87. Syquia and Apropos, owned by Chiddingstone Farms LCC of New York, NY, were close behind in fourth place with a score of 86.5, and Darst and Capstone, owned by Norgan, Inc. of Wellington, FL, went into the second round in fifth place with a score of 86.25.

Unfortunately for all three of the first round leading riders, their handy rounds would go as smoothly. When Sewell returned with Zin Zin. Their second round total score of 64 moved them down the list from second to tenth with a grand total score of 155. The current Hallway Feed Series Leading Rider, Casady, was the last to return on Sedona, and as they seamlessly made tight turns and maneuvered the handy round it appeared as though they had the win all sewn up. The crowd gathered at the Stonelea Ring had already begun to applaud his gorgeous course and almost surefire win, but a devastating light bump over the final fence knocked the rail out of the cup and moved Casady and Sedona to the twelfth place spot.

The disappointing handy rounds for Christison, Sewell and Casady, combined with beautiful second rounds for Syquia and Darst shot them to the top. Syqui and Apropos handled the hand gallop, tight turns and trot fence of the handy round flawlessly, and with four points added for the high options, they earned a second round score of 92 and a winning grand total of 178.50.

Darst and Capstone earned a second round score of 90 after jumping each fence brilliantly and flowing through the handy course. With a grand total of 176.25 they captured the second place honors.

The 2013 USEF Pony Finals kick off on Tuesday, August 6, 2013, and as the Kentucky Summer Classic came to a conclusion Sunday, young riders took advantage of the perfect weather and the opportunity to prepare in the rings at the Kentucky Horse Park. The Kentucky Summer Classic, which ran July 30 to August 4, offered a wide array of pony divisions and classes, including the WIHS Small Pony Equitation and the WIHS Large Pony Equitation classes. The first place blue ribbons in the WIHS Equitation classes held Sunday were awarded to Carter Anderson and Camryn Halley.

Anderson earned the top call in WIHS Large Pony Equitation class aboard The Blu Mountie, owned by Susan Kuliasha of Knoxville, TN. Anderson and the talented pony received a score of 79 over the Joseph Carnicorn designed course in the Annex Ring of the Kentucky Horse Park. The second place award in the class went to Olivia Cahill, of Austin, TX, and her own Daddy Pulled the Trigger, and Hayley Iannotti and Highlands Percival held the third place position.  

Pony Finals is also a much-anticipated event for WIHS Small Pony Equitation winner Camryn Halley. Halley, of Orlando, FL, and Bieber earned a winning score of 77, while the second place award went to Katie Gilcrest and Stonewall Sparkler.

The third place award in the WIHS Small Equitation went to Atlanta, GA native, Hannah Dubose and her new pony Bluetiful. The Kentucky Summer Classic was the showing debut for the pair, and after their success this week, Dubose is really looking forward to Pony Finals.

While the Kentucky Summer Classic has come to a close, competition will resume on Tuesday, August 6 with the start of the 2013 USEF Pony Finals. The following week, the Kentucky Horse Park will host the Bluegrass Classic Horse Show and the 2013 USHJA International Hunter Derby Finals.

For more information about the Kentucky Summer Series, please visit


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