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Audi's Nic Roldan. Photo by Scott Fisher.

Nic Roldan

Nic Roldan Elite Saddle

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Nic Roldan Works With Polo Gear to Reinvent and Change the Future of the Equestrian Sport

Written by: Kendall Bierer
Client: Polo Gear USA
Release Date: 2014-02-07

Wellington, FL – February 6, 2014 – Big changes are on the horizon for Polo Gear USA, the premiere retailer for all equestrian products. Brand Ambassador and professional 8-goal polo player, Nic Roldan has been a strong influence behind many of these changes, modernizing the business and reshaping the industry standards.

“I work with Polo Gear as much as possible, trying to rebrand the company, bring in new clothing lines, integrate new technologies into equipment and develop a more modern feel,” Roldan said.

In the 1990s Polo Gear was rivaled as the face of equestrian apparel for polo. When founder Gary Fellers suffered from a life threatening polo injury in 2003, he had to take about seven years to focus on his health and recovery, but the company has returned to the equestrian scene with a new vitality, finding its niche across all disciplines, as well as abroad.

Roldan has become one of the top professional polo players in the world today, driven by passion, ambition and an innate talent. The Argentinean polo player was raised in the United States and Brunei, following in his family’s footsteps, swinging a polo mallet shortly after learning to take his first steps. With natural talent racing through his veins, he has dedicated his life to the sport and its betterment for both horse and rider.

The Verhan Nic Roldan Elite Free Shoulder Saddle™ became the start of an empire. Roldan fueled the desire for a saddle that would alleviate pressure from the horse’s shoulders, working alongside chiropractors, veterinarians and saddle makers to design the Free Shoulder technology.

“Coming up with this idea has helped a lot,” Roldan said of the saddle. “It is a more expensive saddle, but it is going to last longer, and the horses are going to be happier. It has taken time for people to understand its importance, but it has been doing well, and its popularity is only growing.”

The Free Shoulder Saddle™ technology has helped horses to avoid the risk of bursitis, chiropractic misalignment, inversion and atrophy of the top line muscles. The technology does not only exist in the realm of polo, but also for dressage and show jumping. This technology may very well be the most important innovation to the saddle since the stirrup was invented 1,500 years ago.

“The Free Shoulder Saddle™ eliminates pressure off of the horses shoulders, increasing its mobility. It is a strong concept that allows the horses to avoid injury and recoup more easily,” Roldan stated. “This saddle is not only for polo, it is for jumping and dressage, too. Our saddles have been the same for the last 150 years, but technology is changing, and we have put the effort into bettering the saddle.”

Roldan has worked diligently as Polo Gear’s Brand Ambassador, working alongside Fellers and his father, Raul Roldan, and Audi Polo Team Captain, and patron Marc Ganzi, to redesign and modernize the company. He was a strong influence in the creation of the new logo, as well as the design work for their clothing and equipment. The logo that they created was simple and clean. Now those changes are being followed by new, updated more modern products, a new marketing and web campaign and a younger hipper, more current luxury image.

“Gary is a true innovator,” Roldan said. “He has been very excited and supportive about the whole change and revamping of the company. It has been a very positive change for Polo Gear, like any company, things begin to change and re-branding must happen to stay current. Polo Gear needed that change, and I am honored to have been such a large part of that.”

Polo Gear is the leading provider of every product players need to walk onto the field, or riders use in the show ring. Their boots are second to none, and they are the footwear to which all others in the industry are compared. Polo Gear has also succeeded in producing a helmet that goes far and beyond USPA safety standards, all the while maintaining a classic and stylish design. This helmet was the product of extensive research efforts by Polo Gear, just another way in which the company goes out of their way to ensure customers are buying products rivaled by none.

“Polo Gear is really reaching out.” Nic comments.  “We are licensing our brand globally, we have purchased the Verhan® and Trilogy® saddle companies. They have brought in Debbie Witti as President of Performance Saddlery and have added a national force of saddle fitters to support the saddles.  This adds a whole new dimension to polo saddle support”.

Polo Gear is also a central component in the development of the Polo West complex one of the last unfinished real estate gems in Wellington. It is moving its operations to the Polo West location and renovating and updating those facilities to include a new home for the Trilogy®, Verhan®, Polo Gear™ and Golf Gear™ brands. Polo Gear will be moving to the building on the corner of South Shore Blvd and Green View Cove and included in this project are the fully lighted equestrian and polo arena and restaurant areas. Polo West also includes three polo fields, a nine hole golf course and clubhouse destined to become America’s first equestrian country club.

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