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Julie Winkle teaches while auditors look on.

Julie Winkle free clinic

USHJA Zone 4 Free Clinic

Zone 4 Committee Group

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Julie Winkel Gets Most Out of Horses and Riders at USHJA Zone 4 Free Clinic

Written by: Ann Glavan
Client: USHJA Zone 4 Free Clinic
Release Date: 2014-02-20

Wellington, FL – February 19, 2014 - The USHJA Zone 4 Free clinic with Julie Winkel was lauded by riders and auditors alike as a smashing success. Over the course of the day, 36 riders from Zone 4 had the opportunity to ride in four different groups with Winkel for no charge, and the results were astounding. Winkel insured every horse and rider received personal attention and instructions on overcoming the various challenges each faced, a task Winkel says was made easier by each rider’s eagerness to hear what she had to say.

“I really enjoyed teaching these Zone 4 riders, because not only were there good horses and good riders but the riders were so hungry for information,” Winkel explained. “It’s always gratifying to see riders who are appreciative of my time, and of Zone 4’s ability to put on a clinic like this for them.”

Winkel is quick to point out that the results she is able to get from horses and riders in her clinic are not the result of any short cuts or magic acts, but a true mastery of the basic tenants of horsemanship.

“I think that all problems can be solved though basics, so the better people’s basic are, then the stronger foundation you build and the faster you can go up the ladder in your riding career,” Winkel explained. “But if you go up the ladder without a foundation, the floor falls out.”

Winkel enjoyed seeking out and filling in holes she found in the rider’s education. “I saw a lot of people that, for their riding level, didn’t know some of the basics, like the different rein aids or how to properly adjust a standing martingale, and for me those little things are crucial. Doing the little things correctly is crucial in building that solid foundation.”

The clinic’s one-day format presents a challenge to clinicians to make the most of each session, a task Winkel handled beautifully. She introduced new lessons and exercises in each session to give auditors and riders in other sections a chance to learn as much as possible. Winkel said, “I only get to see these kids for a very short time, for one day, but to be able to identify what I could help them with was very gratifying.”

Some of the most memorable sound bites of the day included instructions on the proper use of the crop: “You don’t have to look back when you hit him, you aren’t going to miss!” An entertaining analogy on catch riding a horse: “You’re going on a blind date with him, get to know him! What is he thinking? Is he a nice guy? Does he want to work for you?” There was also a very insightful comment on the proper use of aids: “Hands make a horse crooked, legs make them straight.”

A free clinic with Winkel was something that very much appealed to rider Day Harmening. “I was so excited to get a chance to ride with Julie,” Day said. “I found out about the clinic online and I texted my trainer right away and said we have to go to this. I’ve been looking forward to going to this for weeks!”

Harmening really appreciated learning about the lesser known rein aids from Winkel, something she says she does not always get to use in the equitation ring. “You know in the equitation, so much of the time its about being pretty, and that takes priority over being effective, so it was nice today to learn about things like the bearing rein, and how to really be and effective rider.”
Along with the opportunity to enjoy four different clinic sessions, rider and auditors enjoyed a complimentary breakfast sponsored by Starbucks. A full spread of pastries, coffee and lattes were available in the morning for everybody at the clinic, a much appreciated caffeine boost for the parents of the pony riders in the first group.

California Pizza Kitchen was a huge hit for clinic participants and auditors as well. The Pembroke Pines California Pizza Kitchen donated a large selection of pastas and salads for the clinic, an excellent midday break for the auditors and riders.

A representative from Cavalor was available during the clinic to answer questions regarding equine nutrition and give a brief lesson on feed digestibility and feeding programs for horses with different dietary needs. Auditors and riders took advantage of the opportunity to learn about Cavalor’s line of premium feed and supplements, especially their unique grain puffing technology used to create very safe starch for horses.

The USHJA Zone 4 Free Clinic would also like to thank The Ridge at Wellington for their generous donation and support of the clinic, as well as Cavalor and Farmvet for donating saddle pads for each of the riders.


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