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Sun Life Stadium

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American Invitational presented by G & C Farm Comes to Sun Life Stadium in Miami, Florida

Written by: Kenneth Kraus
Client: American Invitational
Release Date: 2014-02-10

Miami, FL - February 10, 2014 - One of the longest running and most prestigious of all American show jumping events, the American Invitational, a Tampa fixture for over forty years, is moving from the West coast of Florida to Sun Life Stadium, the home of the Miami Dolphins, in Miami on the East coast. The event is scheduled for Saturday, April 5, 2014.

American Invitational moves to Sun Life Stadium in Miami.

As has been the tradition over the years, the dream of show jumping visionary Gene Mische, the legendary founder of Stadium Jumping, Inc. will be realized once again as exhibitors will be rewarded with huge prize money, but no entry fee.

An invitation will be extended to 2013 American Invitational champion, McLain Ward. Four invitations will be issued at the Organizing Committee's & FEI's discretion and fifteen invitations will be issued to the riders who have accumulated the most money won from various qualifying classes, Those classes and the standings are posted on  Additionally, ten or all remaining invitations will be issued to riders based on their standing from Rolex/USEF Ranking List (expanded to include foreign riders) as of Friday, March 28, 2014.

Gustavo Mirabal and G & C Farms, long time supporters of the American Invitational, have returned as the presenting sponsor of this revered event. "It is a great idea to move the Invitational to Miami," said Mirabal. "I have always thought, since the first Invitational that I sponsored, that it would be a great move to bring the event to South Florida so we can get more people to the stadium and so we can better promote our sport."

"After forty great years in Tampa, we are thrilled to be moving to Florida's East coast," said Michael Morrissey, President of Stadium Jumping, Inc., the organizers of the American Invitational. "South Florida is really the hotbed of show jumping in America at this time of year, so moving the Invitational closer to the action is something all of us are very excited about. But, I can't thank all of the folks at the Tampa venue enough for all of their great support over the past forty plus years."  

Miami's Sun Life Stadium will provide the perfect new venue and backdrop for one of America's great show jumping classics. "We are pleased to add another world-class event to our calendar of great events at Sun Life Stadium.  The American Invitational is the premier show jumping event in the U.S. so it's a perfect fit," said Todd Boyan, Sr. Vice President of Operations for Sun Life Stadium.  

Morrissey continued, "I really want to commend and thank Gustavo Mirabal for his continued support. G & C Farms' commitment to improving the sport of show jumping in America is unwavering. They have long realized the importance of the American Invitational and have stepped up for us each year."

Mirabal added, "For me it is the most important classic in America. I grew up hearing about the American Invitational. It is a very special class. For the ones that love this sport, we have to support this kind of class. Is an American classic !"

Defending champion and two-time Olympic Gold Medalist McLain Ward, said of the move to Sun Life Stadium, "Miami is going to be a great home for this event. It seems like the right move at the right time and it matches how the horse world has evolved. While I'm going to miss the few days in Tampa, I think the move to Miami is a good one and I hope the event is successful for many years to come."

The prize list for the American Invitational can be found here.!athlete-information/cr6r

Ringside VIP tables available at Sun Life Stadium.  Please email: for more information

Tickets for the event will be available at Ticketmaster and through the Stadium Jumping portal at

For Sponsorship information please contact:
Connie Sawyer 518-461-6288 or
April Wehle 561-459-9259 or
McLain Ward and Rothchild, American Invitational defending champions - photo by The Book LLC
American Invitational Champions over the Years

1973 $15,000 American Invitational
Rodney Jenkins & Idle Dice
1974 $15,000 American Invitational
Michelle McEvoy & Sundance
1975 $15,000 American Invitational
Michelle McEvoy & Sundance
1976 $15,000 American Invitational
Robert Ridland & Southside
1977 $15,000 American Invitational
Terry Rudd & Mr. Demeanor
1978 $25,000 American Invitational
Norman Dello Joio &Allegro
1979 $30,000 Anheuser-Busch American Invitational
Rodney Jenkins & Third Man
1980 $35,000 Anheuser-Busch American Invitational
Bernie Traurig & Eaden Vale
1981 $50,000 Anheuser-Busch American Invitational
Buddy Brown & Felton
1982 $50,000 Anheuser-Busch American Invitational
Melanie Smith & Calypso
1983 $50,000 Anheuser-Busch American Invitational
Katie Monahan & Noren
1984 $100,000 Anheuser-Busch American Invitational
Leslie Burr & Albany
1985 $100,000 Michelob American Invitational
Katie Monahan & The Governor
1986 $100,000 Michelob American Invitational
Tim Grubb & Linky
1987 $100,000 Michelob American Invitational
Lisa Jacquin & For The Moment
1988 $100,000 Michelob American Invitational
Katie Monahan-Prudent & Special Envoy
1989 $100,000 Michelob American Invitational
Greg Best & Gem Twist
1990 $100,000 Michelob American Invitational
David Raposa & Seven Wonder
1991 $100,000 Michelob American Invitational
George Lindemann & Three's & Seven's
1992 $100,000 Budweiser American Invitational
Ian Millar & Big Ben
1993 $100,000 Budweiser American Invitational
Debbie Stephens & Volan
1994 $100,000 Budweiser American Invitational
Michael Matz & Rhum IV
1995 $100,000 Budweiser American Invitational
Chris Kappler & Seven Wonder
1996 $100,000 Budweiser American Invitational
Harold Chopping & Brandy
1997 $100,000 Budweiser American Invitational
Todd Minikus & Ravel
1998 $100,000 Budweiser American Invitational
McLain Ward & Twist Du Valon
1999 $150,000 Budweiser American Invitational
Marley Goodman & Canyon *
2000 $150,000 Budweiser American Invitational
Schuyler Riley & Ilian
2001 $200,000 Budweiser American Invitational
Molly Ashe & Kroon Gravin
2002 $200,000 Budweiser American Invitational
Molly Ashe & Kroon Gravin
2003 $200,000 Budweiser American Invitational
Chris Kappler & Royal Kaliber
2004 $200,000 Budweiser American Invitational
Norman Dello Joio & Glasgow
2005 $200,000 Budweiser American Invitational
Beezie Madden & Authentic
2006 $200,000 Budweiser American Invitational
Rodrigo Pessoa & Baloubet De Rouet
2007 $200,000 Budweiser American Invitational
Beezie Madden & Authentic
2008 $200,000 Budweiser American Invitational
McLain Ward & Sapphire
2009 $200,000 Budweiser American Invitational
Chris Kappler & VDL Oranta
2010 $200,000 Gene Mische American Invitational
Jeffery Welles and Armani
2011 $200,000 Gene Mische American Invitational
Kent Farrington and Uceko
2012 $200,000 Gene Mische American Invitational
Mario Deslauriers and Cella
2013 $200,000 Gene Mische American Invitational
McLain Ward and Rothchild


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