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Daniel Zetterman, Sam Love and Megan Davis

Megan Davis

Meagan Davis

Polo Gear Premiere Extreme Boots

Daniel Zetterman

Embroidered products

Behind the scenes at Polo Gear

Daniel Zetterman

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Premiere Retailer Polo Gear Team Shop™ Brings Designs to Life

Written by: Kendall Bierer
Client: Polo Gear USA
Release Date: 2014-03-02

Wellington, FL – March 3, 2014 – Since 1993, PoloGear™ has become the gem of the equestrian community. Nestled in the heart of Wellington, the quaint store front has had many of the most established riders in the world walk through its door, offering an array of apparel, accessories, equipment and saddles that are unparalleled in the equine world. The Polo Gear Team Shop™ is known as the premier retailer for some of the finest woven shirts, knit polo shirts, caps and bags. They take custom logo design and embroidery to the next level with a one-on-one design process that is unrivaled.

The Polo Gear Team Shop™ offers unmatched craftsmanship, which has become a specialty of the completely in-house facility of PoloGear™. With Sam Love, Jr. at the head of the creative process, PoloGear™ has become unstoppable. Love has been a sales professional for over 17 years bringing a range of knowledge from his work with both small and Fortune 200 companies. His skill set, combined with his expertise in graphic design and motion graphics, has made him an asset to PoloGear™ and their clients. Love has received three “Addy” awards from the American Advertising Federation, and his passion translates into every aspect of his work.

“At my core I am creative,” Love said. “In everything I design, sell and do, I strive to be the best. Planning a great design or idea is an essential part of our business, but the most important part is execution.”

American Dressage rider Megan Davis has been a regular client of PoloGear™, following the advice of Phil Silva only a year ago. She was swept away by the showroom as well as the design studio, and their relationship commenced.

“From the moment I walked in the store everyone was extremely friendly,” Davis explained. “They did a whole layout of every possibility available to us, and they made it so easy that it was a no brainer.”

Davis continued, “It is really easy to participate in the design process, I have sent clients in on referral, and they have always exceeded all expectations. They have amazing turnaround, and high quality products. I have quite the outfit of apparel and accessories now. I have saddle pads for all of my horses, jackets, and polo wraps with the logo on them. They always make sure that everything they design is above and beyond with new and creative ideas.”

Although PoloGear™ was rivaled as the face of equestrian apparel for polo in the 1990s, their brand has only continued to grow. When Founder and CEO Gary Fellers suffered from a life threatening polo injury in 2003, he had to take about seven years to focus on his health and recovery, but the company has returned to the equestrian scene with a new vitality, finding its niche across all disciplines, as well as abroad.

Davis elaborated, “A lot of people think PoloGear™, and they immediately jump to the idea that it is polo exclusive. In reality, it should be ‘Horse and Rider Gear,'” Davis laughed. “As a dressage person, I was a little nervous about the quality of saddle pads they would have. That is something that is very important to a dressage rider, but their regular brand is super. It is PRI, which is actually the same brand I normally use on a day-to-day basis when I school. Everything that they have is super high quality.”

Swedish show jumper Daniel Zetterman first found his way to PoloGear™ when he began practicing for the JustWorld International St. Patrick’s Day Polo Match in 2013. His first trip to the store he purchased a pair of Premiere Extreme Boots and a PoloGear™ Helmet that goes far beyond USPA safety standards, all the while maintaining a classic and stylish design. This helmet was the product of extensive research efforts by Polo Gear, just another way in which the company goes out of their way to ensure customers are buying products rivaled by none.

“I am a show jumper by profession, but I have the expensive hobby of playing polo,” Zetterman smiled. “I started up with it last year, and that was when I first began working with PoloGear™. From then on I have gone back and continued to buy new apparel and utilize their design skills for my embroidery needs. For our show jumping farms, Gyllebo Farms and Springfield Showjumpers, we do a lot of embroidery. We have our logo on everything now, and it has all been done through PoloGear™. We always get lots of compliments at the horse show, they love all of our gear and it all is very professional.”

PoloGear™ has set the industry standard not only in design and equipment, but also with their apparel. They maintain a plethora of relationships with different manufacturers, offering limitless possibilities for their clients. The quality is second to none with each hand-sewn item having to pass a stringent quality control process prior to completion. The KwikDri fabric for the polo jerseys is superior in quality with breathability and comfort that make it the most comfortable jersey any equestrian athlete can use.

“They have exceptional customer service,” Zetterman continued. “I tell them what I want and then we talk about colors and the material. They make sure to go through every option with you, and cover all of the ground. Their hats and polo shirts are great, and their polo shirts are perfect for Florida weather. They make everything the way that you want it. They are a very good company that has a lot of knowledge about every discipline. They can design all of your team gear and everything will be top quality.”

Top of the line apparel and design isn’t the only hat PoloGear™ wears: the company also provides premier saddles with their patented Free Shoulder Saddles™, which are hailed by experts as the “best-fitting saddle ever made.” Always seeking more avenues to best serve clients and their horses’ needs, Polo Gear recently joined with Debbie Witty and Performance Saddlery to enhance their already popular Trilogy® saddles. The strength of Performance Saddlery’s unsurpassed expertise has increased even further as they have joined forces with Verhan® to create one-of-a-kind performance saddles and a national force of experienced saddle fitters. Polo Gear’s dedication to quality and attention to detail is never lost in their production. For more information on Polo Gear USA and to order products, visit Visit Trilogy saddles by clicking here.



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