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 Kacey McCann, fourth place finisher in the ASPCA Maclay warm-up class today, prepares for the Finals tomorrow

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Riders Begin Competition in 72nd Annual ASPCA Maclay National Championships at Syracuse International SportHorse Tournament

Written by: Jennifer Wood
Client: National Horse Show
Release Date: 2005-11-05

Jennifer Wood for Phelps Media Group, Inc. International

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Photo Credit: Kacey McCann, fourth place finisher in the ASPCA Maclay warm-up class today, prepares for the Finals tomorrow. Photo by Jennifer Wood.

Riders Begin Competition in 72nd Annual ASPCA Maclay National Championships at Syracuse International SportHorse Tournament

Syracuse, NY- November 5- A warm-up class was held today for the 150 riders that are qualified for the ASPCA Maclay National Championships. The Final class will be held tomorrow. The prestigious equitation final for riders under the age of 18 is hosted by the National Horse Show Association of America at the Syracuse International SportHorse Tournament in Syracuse, New York.

The ASPCA Maclay class has been held since 1933, and its winners are some of the biggest names in equestrian sport. Previous winners include: William Steinkraus in 1941, Frank Chapot (1948), George Morris (1952), Leslie Burr (1972), Stacia Klein Madden in 1987, and Nicole Shahinian Simpson in 1992.

The warm-up class today was held so that riders and their horses could experience the arena and jump a full course. The hunter style course offered two bending lines and a one stride to a three stride line. It was judged by one of tomorrow’s judges, Susan Humes. Humes will join renowned rider and trainer, George H. Morris, in the judge’s booth.

The class was split into three sections, and the top six riders in each section were awarded ribbons at a special presentation after the class. The winner of the first section was 15 year old Shelby Wakeman of Westlake, California. This is her first trip to the Maclay Final, and it has been a learning experience so far.

Wakeman rode Rodin, who is owned by Stacy Aarsvold and Staar Jumpers of Laguna Beach, California. “My horse is only seven, and he’s brand new,” she explained. “We came here this year for the experience. California doesn’t have many indoor shows, so we’re getting him used to it.” Regarding her win, Wakeman said, “My horse was really good. He actually surprised me a lot, and I was excited.”

Section 1- ASPCA Maclay Warm-up class
1. Shelby Wakeman, Westlake, California
2. Brianne Goutal, New York, New York
3. Paris Sellon, Los Angeles, California
4. Katherine Newman, Wellington, Florida
5. Addison Phillips, New York, New York
6. Maggie McAlary, Amherst, New Hampshire
Reserve- Lauren Hester, Rancho Santa Fe, California

The winner of the second section was another West Coast rider. Seventeen year old Alex Maida of Danville, California and her horse, Vincenzo, were smooth around the course for the blue ribbon today. This is also Maida’s first time showing on the East Coast and in the Maclay Finals. “It’s really fun,” she acknowledged. “I like being back East!”

Maida and Vincenzo “came in really relaxed today.” “He settled right in,” Maida stated. “I was pretty relaxed too, and it felt like we were really together today. I’m feeling good about tomorrow.” “I go early in the order tomorrow morning,” she went on to say. “I’m excited to see what’s going to happen.”

Section 2- ASPCA Maclay Warm-up class
1. Alex Maida, Danville, California
2. Chelsea Wilkinson, Rancho Santa Fe, California
3. Katie McDaniel, Campbello, South Carolina
4. Kacey McCann, Palmyra, Pennsylvania
5. Brooke Coleman, Houston, Texas
6. Emma Lipman, Bedford, New York
Reserve- Tatiana Dzavik, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Section Three winner, Jessica Speiser, is competing in her third Maclay Final this year on her horse Simplicity. She finished seventh last year and commented, “I like this class. It’s really prestigious, and it’s an honor to win or even to get a ribbon.” Speiser was excited to win today “because it’s a good confidence booster for showing tomorrow.” “It’s the same judge, so it’s a good feeling for showing in the real thing tomorrow,” she remarked.

Section 3- ASPCA Maclay Warm-up class
1. Jessica Speiser, Wellington, Florida
2. Nikko Ritter, Geneva, Florida
3. Julie Welles, West Simsbury, Connecticut
4. Natalie Rae Medlock, Orange, California
5. Maria Schaub, Holmdel, New Jersey
6. Vanessa Holsberry, Sherwood, Oregon
Reserve- Meredith Stafford, New Canaan, Connecticut

The following riders are qualified for the Final round tomorrow:
Julie Welles
Meredith Stafford
Natalie Johnson
Lauren Bergen
Jordan Fisk
Jack Hardin Towell
Jennie Nevin
Adrienne Rudkin
Kathryn Stenberg
Orlaith Carr
Allison Hughes
Natalie Bova
Katherine Stewart
Jennifer Burke
Chris Ewanowski
Kyle Wolf
Laura Parker
Caroline Oks
Hillary Dobbs
Emily Pintauro
Lindsey deMont
Victoria Birdsall
Maggie McAlary
Jennifer Walters
Zazou Hoffman
Cassie Herman
Johanna Hyyppa
Tracy Mack
Jessica Rose Stone
Matthew Metell
Sarah McDermott
Olivia Dorey
Lauren Horth
Alexandra Solsvig
Lauren Duffee
Maria Schaub
Brianne Goutal
Kim McCormack
Josephine Nash
Christy Distefano
Sloane Coles
Addison Phillips
Jessica Springsteen
Emma Lipman
Elizabeth Lubrano
Emily Hock
Alexandra Duval
Dominique Mungin
Alison Seelig
Emily Bruschi
Brittany Passovia
Julie Kruger
Annabel Simpson
Jessica Speiser
Jillian Celestino
Catherine Wright
Blythe Marano
Kim Zawie
Caitlin Convery
Joya Sonnenfeldt
Carolyn Kelly
Lindsay Clark
Chelsea Moss
Carolyn Curcio
Michael Delfiandra
Tatiana Dzavik
Whitney Goulart
Grace Socha
Nikko Ritter
Jaime Gibson
Casey Arndt-Hodges
Charlotte Powers
Katherine Newman
Jacqueline Attwood-Dupont
April Wehle
Kristy Ann Ritter
Allyson Blais
Julie Ritchie
Samantha Senft
Isabella Luhrs
Haylie Jayne
Caitlin Chapin
Henry Pfeiffer
Whitney Weeks
Britani Brown
Kacey McCann
Johnathan Cohen
Amelia McArdle
Caroline Searcy
Marika Raff
Lisa Fresand
Hannah Kraus
Rachel Dede
Mara Kranz
Sarah Fishback
Elizabeth Morrow
Jennifer Hauser
Catie Boone
Kendra Vicary
Chelsea Bartscht
Taylor Byram
Emily Vander Walde
Laura Pfeiffer
Lesley Quillen
Erica Garcia
Cortie Wetherill
Megan McDonald
Alex Haskell
Nicole Godley
Whitney Linders
Chelsea Anderson
Jane Ehrhart
Sarah Mechlin
Jamee Crawford
Brooke Coleman
Jenna Vanerstrom
Victoria MacNaughton
Euri Uchiyama
Blakley Hull
Alexandra Biederman
Sarah Tredennick
Rebecca Rifkin
Kate Stelmack
Kate Van Hee
Jill Broadbent
Nicole Bourgeois
Taylor Coe
Vanessa Holsberry
Lyndsay Thornton
Savannah Cook
Katie Taylor
Chelsea Wilkinson
Paris Sellon
Alex Maida
Mandy Wasson
Jenifer Paris
Shelby Wakeman
Kelly Connor
Justin Felton
Nicole Husky
Rebecca Bruce
Sofie Applegate
Hilary Helfrich
Lauren Hester
Lauren Wright
Allison Van Sickle
Whitney Coleman
Nicoletta Von Heidegger
Morgan Taylor
Laura Ware

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516-484-1865 (phone)
516-484-1982 (fax)

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Photo Credit: Kacey McCann, fourth place finisher in the ASPCA Maclay warm-up class today, prepares for the Finals tomorrow. Photo by Jennifer Wood.


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