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Nic Roldan

Nic Roldan

Polo Gear Nic Roldan Elite Free Shoulder Saddle

Nic Roldan's Royal day

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Nic Roldan Builds PoloGear® Brand Overseas and Plays With Royal Princes

Written by: Kendall Bierer
Client: Polo Gear USA
Release Date: 2014-06-26

Wellington, FL – June 17, 2014 – On the field professional 8-goal polo player Nic Roldan is a dynamo of talent, and his passion for the “Sport of Kings” is more than a game, it is a way of life. Roldan packed his bags, shipped his horses and flew to the United Kingdom for the summer season, bringing not only his sportsmanship to Hilali Noordeen's high-goal polo team, Sifani, but also the global brand, PoloGear®.

Roldan joined patron Hilali Noordeen, 7-goal polo player Matias Torres Zavaleta and 7-goal player Juan Ambroggio for the summer season, competing in such prestigious events as the Audi Polo Challenge, Cartier Queen’s Cup League Game, and the Prince of Wales Cup.

“This was the first year that I shipped horses over for the summer,” Roldan said. “The Sifani team is a great team, but it is very young and green. Many of us are bringing horses for their first year, so we honestly weren’t expecting to win the cup the first year.”

Although the team expectations may not have been high, Sifani edged out HB Polo in a league game on May 23, 2014 for a win at the Guards Polo Club in Windsor Great Park. The game finished 10-9 for a fantastic victory during The Cartier Queen's Cup. The Cartier Queen’s Cup attracts the sport's leading players from across the globe, and the team sheet always reads like a “Who's Who” of polo.

“We have done quite well, and I am planning on traveling here for many of the coming years,” Roldan said. “Being here I was able to play a game with Prince William and Prince Harry in the Audi Polo Challenge on Audi Royals Day, which is always exciting. It is always a great experience to play in England, and I am planning to return in the future.”

While overseas, Roldan continued his role as PoloGear® Brand Ambassador, using all of his PoloGear equipment both on and off the field. One of the largest topics of interest for other players was his Nic Roldan Elite Free Shoulder Saddle™. The PoloGear® saddle became the start of an empire, which Roldan fueled with his desire to design a saddle that would alleviate pressure from the horse's shoulders. He worked alongside Argentinian veterinarian and chiropractor, Carlos Cortelezzi, PoloGear Co-founders Gary Fellers and Jeanette Sassoon to design the Free Shoulder technology.

"Coming up with this idea has helped a lot," Roldan said of the saddle. "It is a more expensive saddle, but it is going to last longer, and the horses are going to be happier. It has taken time for people to understand its importance, but it has been doing well, and its popularity is only growing."

Roldan continued, “There is talk about it [Free Shoulder Saddle™], but it is an uphill battle because of the price tag and people being uneducated about the alleviation of possible risks. We are getting more and more exposure, and we are able to educate other riders, owners and patrons. I think eventually people will catch on and realize how important it is. England was definitely a step in the right direction as PoloGear® continues as a global company.”

The Free Shoulder Saddle™ technology helps horses to avoid the risk of bursitis, chiropractic misalignment, inversion and atrophy of the top line muscles, not to mention diminishes veterinary bills with healthier horses and less injuries. The technology does not only exist in the realm of polo, but also for dressage and show jumping. This technology may very well be the most important innovation to the saddle since the stirrup was invented 1,500 years ago.

“PoloGear’s efforts on saddles are continuing to expand,” Roldan commented.  “We are licensing our brand globally, we have purchased the Verhan® Saddlery and recently merged with the Trilogy® saddle company. Debbie Witty, the founder of Trilogy and Performance Saddlery remains as President of the Performance Saddlery division of PoloGear®. Debbie brings an incredible reputation and level of expertise and a national force of saddle fitters to support all the saddles.  This adds a whole new dimension to polo saddle support.”

Roldan has worked diligently as PoloGear's® Brand Ambassador, working alongside Fellers, Sassoon, Nic’s father Raul and Audi Polo Team Captain, and patron Marc Ganzi, to redesign and modernize the company. He was a strong influence in the creation of the new logo, as well as the current design work for their clothing and equipment. The logo they created was simple and clean, and now new, updated more modern products, a new marketing and web campaign and a younger hipper, more current luxury image are following those changes.

After his time in England, Roldan will once again join with Grand Champions Polo Club-based professional team Audi and head to Aspen for two months. The United States Polo Association (USPA) has once again reached out to Roldan to play in September’s FIP Super Nations Cup held in Tianjin, China, although his participation has not been confirmed, it would be an honor for Roldan to return to the Tianjin Goldin Metropolitan Polo Club. He will return to the Grand Champions Polo Club to kick off the fall season, and then head into the high-goal polo season with the Audi Team.

“I have a year-round job with Marc and Melissa Ganzi of the Audi Grand Champions Polo Team, and I cannot thank them enough for allowing me the opportunity to travel abroad for the summer,” Roldan concluded. “They have been very kind to let me go to England and they know how important it is for me to play over here. The exposure for the PoloGear® brand is crucial, whether it is in England, Argentina, China or the United States.”

PoloGear’s dedication to quality and attention to detail is paramount to their production and they are always on the cutting edge of new products. To stay up to date with PoloGear® please or to order products, visit

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