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Debbie Witty COO of PoloGear

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Taking Florida by Storm! Debbie Witty, of Trilogy Saddles, brings a Unique and Fresh Approach as PoloGearís New COO

Written by: Kendall Bierer
Client: Polo Gear USA
Release Date: 2014-08-08

Wellington, FL – August 8, 2014 – PoloGear® jumped to join forces with renowned saddle fitter and owner of Trilogy® Saddles, Debbie Witty, in January 2014. Witty recently installed at PoloGear’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) and has permanently relocated to Wellington, be at the forefront of PoloGear’s corporate office.

What keeps professional saddle fitter and new PoloGear® COO Debbie Witty’s approach to saddle fitting fresh and unique? The incredible educational opportunity to regularly work and share concepts with top veterinarians, chiropractors, farriers, short/long-listed riders, as well as a number of Olympians builds one’s knowledge base exponentially. Witty has the depth of a 25-year foundation evaluating horses and riders that is distinctive in comparison other fitters. Witty invested countless hours studying and evaluating the fit of the saddle, movement of the horse and the positioning for the rider. During a saddle fitting, the client will hear this information regularly with the Trilogy® saddle fitters and other customers throughout the country.

She is available for consultations and flocking on all wool flocked saddles throughout Florida, eventually expanding into Georgia.

Part of PoloGear®’s excitement to partner with Witty, is her passion in every aspect of her life. After spending 10 years running the Exercise Physiology Program at the Veterinary College Cornell University, Witty was determined to find solutions for the back, body and hindquarter issues that mounted equestrians face when trying to keep their horses sound. Witty is the epitome of the industry standards PoloGear® maintains and she is acknowledged by her clients as one of the world’s foremost experts in their fields. As COO, Witty brings to PoloGear her expansive knowledge of saddle fitting, equine structure and devotion to customer satisfaction.

“It is interesting because when I walk into a barn I see everything, from the way they manage the horses, to their feet, coats, and conditions—you do this with a business, as well,” Witty described. “Gary [Fellers] and Jeannette [Sassoon] approached me about further involvement with PoloGear than just the saddle line. I was confident I could make some beneficial contributions and be a productive addition to an already outstanding store staff.”

The merge between Trilogy® and PoloGear® also included Witty’s national force of saddle fitters. Each of the 20 representatives is the epitome of passion, focus and drive. They are committed to achieving the enhanced performance for which Trilogy® and PoloGear® are known to offer.

The secret behind Witty’s expertise in the field goes back to her formative years, while driving her father’s Standardbreds. “When you sit behind a Standardbred racehorse every day, you can tell everything about their body. I could tell you the level of each hip, which line they were on, and where their feet traveled,” Witty explained. “You begin to notice everything about the horse’s muscle asymmetries, their stiff and hollow sides, structure and build. I then applied all that I had learned to saddle fitting and locomotion, all of those elements are an integral piece of the saddle fitting puzzle.”

After years of working with a saddle company, and owning her own tack shop, Witty knew her calling; to take all that she had learned along with her acute attention to detail—to fit saddles, educate her clients and create comfortable horses. In fact, Witty was one of the first saddle fitters in the United States to become a Qualified Saddle Fitter by The Society of Master Saddlers of England.

“Once I learned how to flock a saddle and make adjustments, I just loved it. I didn’t want to be the mechanic or the saddler,” Witty elaborated. “I want to make a distinction for the client with how the horse is performing; the person that has the intimate knowledge, with their hands on the horse, of what is going on with the horse’s body. It is gratifying to help the rider and the horse, truly making a difference there. Education is such a huge focus for me. After experiencing a saddle fitting, all customers have a deeper understanding about the importance of proper saddle fitting. Consistently, customers are able to put the fit and feel into words by the time we are done.”

Witty and Co-founders of PoloGear® Gary Fellers and Jeanette Sassoon, have proven compatible from day one as they work together on a number of exciting projects. Currently, they share two specific objectives—to improve the company and positively influence the equestrian industry. While Fellers and Sassoon take a macro approach to the future of PoloGear®, Witty’s focus rests in the ongoing daily focus of steering a business.

“They always have a mission and see every encounter as an opportunity, and I am the same way—I have been my whole life,” Witty describes.  “I saw that they were true visionaries, where as I am the day-to-day person, I saw PoloGear® as being a great fit. I believe this is an unlimited opportunity for me to make contributions to the whole company and support everyone. I am totally invested in the success of the PoloGear® team and our future together.”

Alongside the Trilogy® saddle line, PoloGear® is the leading provider of every product equestrians need to walk onto the polo field or walk into the show ring. PoloGear’s boots are second to none, and are the footwear  all others in the industry are compared. PoloGear® has succeeded in producing a helmet that goes far and beyond USPA safety standards, all while maintaining a classic and stylish design. This helmet was the product of extensive research efforts by PoloGear, just another way in which the company goes out of their way to ensure customers are buying products rivaled by none.

To find out more about Debbie Witty and what the PoloGear® team will offer next, visit and and like PoloGear® and Trilogy®: Performance Saddlery on Facebook.


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