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Margaret Duprey and Woody

Todd Flettrich and Otto

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Margaret Duprey and Todd Flettrich Make the Perfect Team

Written by: Kendall Bierer
Client: Cherry Knoll Farm
Release Date: 2014-10-09

Wellington, FL – October 9, 2014 – Margaret Duprey dreams of having a horse on the Olympic podium. She believes that International Grand Prix rider Todd Flettrich can help make that dream a reality. Since 1998, the two have worked together to develop Margaret as a rider, while also using Todd’s talent in the saddle to bring his international career to knew heights with equally as talented of mounts.

Margaret was transitioning trainers when she first approached Todd. She was at a point in time in her training where she felt Todd’s further instruction would help hone her talents and better her Grand Prix scores.

“Todd is a fantastic trainer,” Margaret described. “He explains what he is looking for, and he knows how to get through to you, and even when you don’t understand something, he finds other ways to teach it. He thinks outside of the box, and understands that people learn differently. He takes everything into account.”

Todd and Margaret continued with a trainer/student relationship for several years, and as their relationship grew, they both realized that they had the same dream of going to the Olympics. Mutually, they decided that the next logical step was to begin the search for a high performance horse talented enough to successfully compete on the international stage. After scouring Europe, searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack, they found Amadeus—he became the love of Todd’s life. The pair had a brilliant career until a heartbreaking injury prior to the championships that halted their dreams of the Olympic Games.

In 2006, Todd moved into Margaret’s facility in Wellington, FL. For many, the relationship would change drastically, but for Margaret and Todd, it brought them closer together as friends and business partners. It is communication that makes their business relationship so transparent.

“Margaret wants to do it right,” Todd explained. “As long as I have a plan, she is there to put it into action. Margaret is a true horsewoman. She knows what it means to take care of a horse, whether it is competing or in retirement, she truly tries to do what is best for the horse, and she trusts my judgment.”

Todd has continued to train Margaret throughout the last 16 years. He continues to guide her towards her dream of not only watching him compete at such prestigious events as the World Equestrian Games in 2010, but hopefully future Olympic Games, and one day finding her own spotlight on the international stage.

Todd commented, “From a trainer’s point of view, Margaret trusts and believes in me. She tries to do everything I ask of her and suggest to her. Communication is the key to our success. She is ears open, totally has the heart, and wants to do it. She believes in my teaching 110 percent, and I believe in her.”

Before returning to Wellington, Margaret and Todd are working closely to prepare for the winter season at Cherry Knoll Farm in Pennsylvania. For more information on Cherry Knoll Farm, Inc. please visit


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