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Mariano Gracida and Polito Pieres

Marianito Obregon

Augustin Obregon, Matias Magrini, Marianito Obregon, Polito Pieres and Julian de Lusaretta

Polito Pieres 2.6.15

Santi Torres and Nick Manifold

Kris Kampsen, Sapo Caset, Alessandro Bazzoni, Santi Torres and Joao Paolo Ganon

Kris Kampsen 2.6.15

Peke Gonzalez

Mason Wroe, Sugar Erskine and Gillian Johnston

Magoo Laprida and Sugar Erskine

Mason Wroe

Sugar Erskine

Jeff Hildebrand

Jeff Blake, Juan Bollini, Guille Aguero, Grant Ganzi and Gonzalo Deltour

Mark Tomlinson and Inaki Laprida

Guille Aguero

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Valiente and Coca-Cola Both Win 9-8 in OT; Casablanca Over Tonkawa 9-8; Villa del Lago Takes Gateway Merchants 12-9

Written by: Alannah Castro & Darlene Ricker
Client: International Polo Club Palm Beach
Release Date: 2015-02-06

Valiente and Coca-Cola Both Win 9-8 in OT
Casablanca Over Tonkawa 9-8
Villa del Lago Takes Gateway Merchants 12-9

Of the four games Friday at the International Polo Club Palm Beach, three ended 9-8 (two of them in overtime) as the Ylvisaker Cup continued. In the OT matches, Valiente beat CT Energia and Coca-Cola took Lucchese. Casablanca completed its 9-8 win over Tonkawa in regulation time, and Villa del Lago bested Gateways Merchants 12-9.

Valiente Victorious Over CT Energia, Wins 9-8 in 4-Minute Overtime

In a contest that could have gone either way, Valiente beat CT Energia 9-8 in four minutes of overtime Friday in the Ylvisaker Cup at the International Polo Club Palm Beach. The two teams were so evenly matched that for most of the game the score seemed to be tied more often than not.

Valiente                                     CT Energia
Bob Jornayvaz   2                      Alessandro Bazzoni   2
Santi Torres   7                          Kris Kampsen   6
Sapo Caset   10                         Joao Paulo Ganon   7
Peke Gonzales   1                      Nicolas Manifold   5

*Peke Gonzales substituted for Robert Jornayvaz  

Valiente took an early two-point lead, with Sapo Caset and Santi Torres each scoring once in the first chukker. Joao Ganon got CT Energia on the board with a penalty shot in the second chukker. A foul by Valiente resulted in an automatic goal awarded to CT Energia, tying the game at 2-all. On a safety, Caset hit an undefendable shot high in the air, sending it 60 yards across a defended goal. Just 12 seconds before the warning horn, Nic Manifold tied the game at 3-3.

The action picked up markedly in the third chukker, with control of the ball swapping back and forth between the teams and numerous lengthy charges down the field. CT Energia picked up momentum early in the third, taking the lead for the first time in the game. But Valiente didn’t let that stand for long, retying the game at 4-4 on a slick handoff from Caset to Torres, who slammed it through the goal posts on a neck shot. From a throw-in 62 yards out, Peke Gonzales ran the ball downfield to score. Skillfully keeping the ball on its side of the field, CT Energia tied it right back up on a smooth-as-silk play from Kampson to Ganon and back to Kampsen, who ran the ball through the posts.

Caset came through as a consistently strong (and often creative) force for Valiente, lending the game an interesting twist, every so often. On occasion he turned the sideboards into a fifth teammate, effectively passing the ball back to himself. One of his best moves came shortly before halftime. He faked making a run to the left and a split-second later did so for real, scooting around a couple of blue shirts to tear off with the ball. He and Manifold each made goals for their respective teams during the match, Manifold from the field and Caset on penalty shots (the last of which decided the game).

The second half opened with a 5-5 tie. Both teams flew into the fourth chukker on speed sticks. Taking an open backshot, Gonzales made the only goal of the chukker, which ended 7-5 because Valiente picked up an extra point on an automatic goal.

CT Energia earned two points in the fifth chukker, courtesy of Kampsen and Manifold, while Valiente was scoreless. The fifth ended with a 7-7 tie. Within the first 25 seconds of the sixth chukker, Manifold scored. That was promptly followed by a goal by Caset, who reinstated the tie at 8-all and scored again in overtime to secure Valiente’s victory.

“It was good to get a win under our belt. It was our first game together, so we did pretty well, considering,” said patron Bob Jornayvaz.

All the Valiente players agreed the game was tough.

“We suffered a lot,” said Caset. “At times I thought we had control of the game, but then (CT Energia) scored two at the end of the fifth and tied the game. I missed a penalty – if I had made it, maybe the last chukker would have played better for us. It was a good game, but I know we can play much better. Now we have a couple of days to recover, and on to the next game!

Coca-Cola Wins in Overtime against Lucchese

Coca-Cola defeated Lucchese 9-8 in overtime in bracket play for the Ylvisaker Cup at the International Polo Club Palm Beach.

Coca-Cola                       Lucchese
Gillian Johnston   2          John Muse   A
Sugar Erskine   6             Magoo LaPrida   8
Julio Arellano   8              Nico Pieres   8
Mason Wroe   4               Andres Weisz   4

The first chukker started out full speed ahead with Julio Arellano taking off on a breakaway for a wide goal attempt from the bowl-in. Nico Pieres made a pass to Andres Weisz, who took it in close to the goal mouth, where Magoo LaPrida zoomed in to score.
Arellano responded by delivering a pass to Sugar Erskine, who made a fast drive into goal, tying the game 1-1. Erskine followed up with another goal, making the score 2-1 in favor of Coca-Cola at the end of the first chukker.

Shortly into the second chukker, the game took an odd twist with back-to-back goal attempts bouncing off the goal posts. Arellano broke that streak by scoring on a breakaway, putting one on the board for Coca-Cola. LaPrida promptly drove in a goal for Lucchese, making the score 3-2. Pieres followed that up with a penalty conversion to tie the game once more 3-3. Erskine battled his way through heavy traffic to score, ending the second chukker 4-3.

The third chukker was full of defensive play that had both teams vying to put points on the board. LaPrida scored on a neck shot that tied the game 4-4. After strong defensive moves by both Erskine and Arellano, Coca-Cola was within feet of scoring when the ball was backed out by LaPrida. When a safety penalty was called, Erskine picked LaPrida’s pocket and broke the tie 5-4.

The fourth chukker had Lucchese once again coming even with Coca-Cola. Pieres converted a penalty to make the score 5-5. Coca-Cola's trademark passing game served the team well as Erskine passed the ball to Mason Wroe, who sent it along to Arellano for a goal.

In the fifth chukker Wroe gave a stellar display of ball handling, blocking a shot by LaPrida in mid-air. LaPrida recovered the ball and scored, making it 6-6. Erskine sent a long pass to Gillian Johnston, who hit Wroe for a goal to break the tie.

The sixth chukker remained tight as Pieres converted another penalty to keep the pressure on Coca-Cola and make the score 7-7. After more wide-open play that clearly demonstrated the skills of both teams, LaPrida converted with a lofted shot in heavy wind. After a wide cut shot by LaPrida, Arellano tapped in a goal to send the game into overtime. Arellano sent a long shot downfield to end the overtime after three minutes and secure the victory for Coca-Cola.

Erskine recognized both teams for their efforts. "That's one of the better teams out there,” he said. “We left everything on the field and played our horses as best we could."

Arellano knew that today's win meant big things for Coca-Cola. "That was a huge win for us," he said. "We really wanted to win today. That guarantees us a spot in the quarterfinals. Now we can focus on the horses."

Villa del Lago Gallops Away with a 12-9 Victory over Gateway Merchants

Villa del Lago rebounded from a first round Ylvisaker Cup loss to ride way with a second round 12-9 victory over Gateway Merchants at International Polo Club Palm Beach.

Villa del Lago                Gateway Merchants
Jim Zenni   A                  Scott Swerdlin   A
Agustin Obregon   5        Marianito Obregon   7
Polito Pieres   9              Matias Magrini   8
Julian de Lusarreta   6     Mariano Gracida   4

Gateway Merchants entered the contest with a new lineup, as the injured Luis Escobar was replaced by eight-goal Matias Magrini, and Pelon Escapite was replaced by Mariano Gracida to keep the team under the 20-goal handicap limit. The Merchants started with one handicap goal on the scoreboard as a 19-goal team, but Polito Pieres needed all of 11 seconds to equalize the handicap as he won the first lineup and ran the ball into goal. Pieres added a second goal on a steal, and it looked like Villa del Lago would run away with the game, but the revamped Gateway Merchants lineup started to gel and they fought back with a penalty goal and a run by Marianito Obregon, who got a lot of help from teammates Magrini and Gracida clearing the path to goal for him.

Villa del Lago patron Jim Zenni then tallied two field goals for Villa del Lago sandwiched around a Marianito Obregon penalty goal. The second goal from Zenni was a beautiful play. Zenni accepted the pass from Pieres at midfield and drove the ball down to goal past the defenders on a very athletic horse named Red Bull.

Zenni praised Red Bull after the game, “He is a great horse, a machine!”

Red Bull and Zenni gave Villa del Lago a much needed jolt and the team in black went on to outscore Gateway Merchants three to one in the fourth chukker to take a 7-5 lead into the halftime break.

Villa del Lago won every bowl in during the fourth chukker and capitalized on the possession of the ball to outscore the Merchants four to one in that period. Marianito Obregon brought hope to the Merchants with a great goal where he tapped the ball through a scrum of players and emerged out the other side to shoot to goal, but the Villa del Lago team was clicking and they went on to add another field goal to start the fifth chukker, courtesy of Julian del Lusarreta.

Gateway Merchants was staring a 12-6 deficit in the face at the midpoint of the fifth chukker, but they refused to give up. They kept pressing and capitalized on foul shots to come back within three goals with three minutes left in the game. At that point Magrini shot a penalty four attempt, but it was blocked handily by Augustine Obregon, who passed it over to Pieres to stop the comeback attempt.

After the match Pieres said, “We know they are a good team, and we have to play well to beat them. They are 19 goals and they start with a goal so we have to do more at first.”

Casablanca Defeats Tonkawa 9-8

Casablanca defeated Tonkawa 9-8 after a close game on the Isla Carroll East field at International Polo Club Palm Beach.

Casablanca                       Tonkawa
Grant Ganzi   1                   Jeff Hildebrand   A
Guille Aguero   6                 Gonzalo Deltour   7
Mark Tomlinson   6              Inaki LaPrida   7
Juan Bollini   5                    Jeff Blake   6

The first chukker kicked off with Casablanca in the lead by two points due to their 18-goal handicap. Aguero whistled at Tomlinson to alert him of his position and Tomlinson shot him a long pass in traffic to score the first goal of the game 3-0. Aguero continued his hot streak by taking off on a breakaway from the bowl-in to score another goal and give Casablanca a four-goal lead.

Gonzalo Deltour converted a penalty two to score for Tonkawa. Supported by the entire Casablanca team, Inaki LaPrida drove another goal through the uprights to end the first chukker 4-2. After some intense play, Tomlinson made a penalty conversion to make the score 5-2. Deltour converted another penalty shot in an attempt to close the gap on Casablanca, ending the second chukker 5-3.

In the third chukker, Deltour converting another penalty shot for Tonkawa. He “crushed” a penalty three shot, as described by announcer Gus Whitelaw, to tie it up 5-all. Tonkawa took the lead for the first time when Jeff Hildebrand took off determined to score on a breakaway. He succeeded, making the score 6-5.

At the start of the fourth chukker, Tomlinson hit a line-drive pass to Juan Bollini, who scored, tying up the game 6-6 once again. In a stellar defensive play, Grant Ganzi, hooked LaPrida within yards of the goal line and his teammates backed the ball out of Tonkawa territory. Bollini hit a precise neck shot to Aguero, who scored and reclaimed Casablanca’s lead to 7-6 at the end of the fourth chukker.

Tomlinson completed a penalty conversion and scored again for Casablanca at the top of the fifth chukker. Deltour completed a penalty three shot to make the score 8-7 at completion of the fifth chukker. In the sixth chukker, Tonkawa attempted a comeback with a Deltour penalty conversion tying up the game to 8-8. But Ganzi would have the deciding goal of the game, sprinting off from a Tonkawa knock-in on a breakaway and sewing it up for Casablanca.

Aguero credits his team's composure for their victory. "I think we kept our cool, so that helps," said Aguero.

Tomlinson felt that Casablanca's teamwork was the significant factor in winning the tough match-up. "It was a good team performance,” Tomlinson said. “Everyone on the team worked. That's what this team is about."

The Ylvisaker Cup continues with three games Sunday. CT Energia plays Orchard Hill at 10 a.m., followed by FlexJet vs. Audi at noon. In the featured match of the day at 3 p.m., Enigma plays Palm Beach Illustrated.


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