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Bromont Organizers Join FEI to Highlight Hosting 2018 World Equestrian Games

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Bromont Organizers Join FEI to Highlight Hosting 2018 World Equestrian Games

Written by: Courtesy of Client
Client: Phelps Media Group, Inc.
Release Date: 2016-06-17

Ottawa, Canada - June 17, 2016 - The 2018 FEI World Equestrian Games Committee (COJEM) is committed to hosting the Championships, August 12-26, 2018 in Bromont, Quebec, Canada, and making them the most successful Games yet. On June 8, 2016 members of the Organizing Committee, along with stakeholders from Equestrian Canada and the Fédération Équestre Internationale (FEI) met with government officials including Federal Members of Parliament and Senators at a reception to discuss and raise awareness for the 2018 Games. Mason Phelps of Phelps Media Group and Kathy Meyer of were invited to attend these meetings and learn more about the mission of the 2018 Games.
Prior to the reception the Honourable Denis Paradis, Member of Parliament, Brome-Missisqoui, spoke before the Parliament and Senate highlighting the significance of hosting the 2018 Games, sighting the economic benefit to Quebec and the pride that would be brought to Canada.
The Board of the COJEM has been recently restructured and believes that they are positioned to successfully run the 2018 Games.

Interim CEO Rosiare Houde said in a statement, "The remaining members of the Board are working very hard and we have been looking for people who can help us because the challenge is now two essences; one, time because we have time but not too much and the second one is money. So we are here today in Ottawa to convince the Federal government to get on board with us and to make evidence that we are supported by the equestrian community in Canada," Houde, continued by saying "It went very well, Mr. Paradis introduced the principle members of the team and I know most of the MPs are supporting us."
In the meantime, the COJEM is ready to keep moving forward with the planning of the Championships and overcome any hurdles that remain in their path.
"I think we can overcome the challenges we have as long as we work very hard, we're loyal to our goal, stay with it and keep a smile on our face and be big-hearted," said Susan Burkman, COJEM Strategic Advisor.
While striving to receive full governmental support, the 2018 World Equestrian Games have also received full endorsement from the FEI.

"Bromont has the right people on board and I think the venue is beautiful," said Sabrina Ibáñez, Secretary General of the FEI. "What we need now is for the government to support the event because it does require a major confidence from the government itself."
Canadian show jumper and 2002 WEG veteran, Mark Samuel who also serves as FEI Group IV Chair and Bureau member, confirmed the FEI's support of the Games being held in Bromont.
"This is the most important championship the FEI supports, they have a vested interest in seeing it be a success. They have been very supportive of Canada's effort."

In addition, to receiving support from the International Federation the COJEM has also received strong endorsements from Equestrian Canadian, who believe that Bromont will host a great Games and that they in turn will boost the profile of equestrian sport in Canada.
"Equestrian Canada is very interested in making sure the Games take place and are a great success," said Equestrian Canada Vice President of the Board of Directors and COJEM member Tony Eames. "I'm an optimistic person by nature and if we can go ahead with the Games, and that is our intent, then we certainly have a commitment and obligation to make them the best Games ever and I believe we can do that."
"It's a massive undertaking, it's a massive challenge but it's an important undertaking and I think as a country it would be incredible to host these Games," continued Eva Havaris, CEO of Equestrian Canada.
2018 will only be the second time that the World Equestrian Games will be held outside of Europe, in the championships' 18 year history and unlike in some of the previous Games all eight disciplines will compete at the same venue. 
Canadian event and Olympic and WEG veteran, Jessica Phoenix attended the reception praising the venue, "Bromont is an incredibly important facility for us, it's top of the line, to have the WEG at Bromont would be unbelievable and would leave a legacy that we could build on for years and years to come," continuing she said "It's incredible to have something in your own backyard and your whole family can be there and have all your supporters in one place, it's amazing."
The Games are anticipated to mark a lasting legacy on the sporting culture of the area and are expected to have a great economic impact, as well.
"We have an economic impact study that was done a year or so ago, which shows an economic impact of more than 200 million dollars to Providence of Quebec and to Canada," said Equestrian Canada President and COJEM member, Jorge Bernhard. "And a viewership worldwide of a couple million people that will watch on different media that will bring great exposure to the Providence."
As excitement for Bromont's legacy and the Games' economic impact continues to grow, logistics planning are in full swing to accommodate the expected 600 horses that will travel to Canada from all around the world.

"Six hundred horses of all different disciplines (will compete at the Games) and they all have special requirements. And of course the other big concept is the transportation and importation of horses from all over the world and making sure they can compete at the World Equestrian Games," said Yves Rossier, Veterninary Service Manager.    
When questioned about accommodations for athletes, support staff, officials, and spectators, COJEM members are not concerned , "There is a lot of housing in the month of August because it is a ski resort, so in August there's a lot of condominiums available more than we think and we also are only 45 minutes from Montreal," said Roger Deslauriers, COJEM member.
Watch the videos to hear more reaction from major stakeholders regarding their vision and commitment to making the 2018 FEI World Equestrian Games happen for Canada.
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