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David Distler and Brian Lenehan

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Taylor Harris Insurance Services, Inc. Agents Tout Excellence of Service and Office Staff

Written by: Chrissy Lane
Client: Taylor Harris Insurance Services, Inc.
Release Date: 2007-02-13

Wellington, FL – February 12, 2007 – The expertise and knowledge of an organization’s members can make or break the reputation and future of an existing business, and in the case of Taylor Harris Insurance Services, Inc., (THIS) the agents and employees make it.

Brian Lenehan, an agent and active member of the equestrian community, has worked with the company for about 13 years and became involved when the industry was experiencing a series of fraudulent cases. Michael Taylor, THIS president, had asked Lenehan to help him find an agent, but he ended up filling the position by default.

“It’s something that I literally fell into. Michael is so easy to approach, and his office has always been on top of things,” Lenehan explained. “There’s never a guessing game when you call with clients or mistakes. Where people have problems with their insurance companies is when they don’t read the fine print. Many who have problems don’t understand all the parts of their policies, but when it’s explained properly, it’s easy. What the company always did for me to make me feel comfortable was explaining all the fine print to me.”

He noted that all Taylor Harris agents have a background in some area of the equestrian industry and they can understand where their client is coming from and what they are going through. And because Lenehan has worked with the company for more than a decade, he has seen it expand significantly while retaining a close-knit, family-like feeling.

“I must say the reason I do it is because Michael and his staff are so easy to get along with. I can’t tell you how many clients that we’ve gotten for that reason and our ‘upfrontness,’” he expressed. “I think those are the important things, the things to keep in mind. It’s no different than the horse business. If you’re upfront about everything with a horse, people stay with you and you have a reputation for honesty and loyalty. The only reason I’m in this business is because that’s how this company is. If there is a payment to be made, it is always made. If there is a question about it, there is always an explanation.”

As an agent, part his job is to solicit clients and connect them with the office. However, both Lenehan and David Distler, another agent, noted that they don’t go for the “hard sell” in soliciting clients.

“For our part, it’s knowing the clientele, being at the right place at the right time and being able to offer a client a product they can use. I think people respect that, not following them around with a notepad or waiting outside the warm-up ring. I think in the long run you get more business with less solicitation that you do with browbeating people,” Lenehan commented.

Distler continued, saying, “When I started asking people about other companies, I never heard anyone say anything bad about Taylor Harris, whereas I’d get at least one bad comment about other companies, maybe more. That was impressive to me. When you start talking about premiums, I don’t think that there is a lot of difference between companies. What you have to depend on is the service, and I think Taylor Harris comes to the forefront. The service is exceptional. The office in Virginia is just wonderful, easy to get along with, and they’ll bend over backwards to help.”

With almost 20 agents located throughout the country, Taylor Harris is available to meet all equine insurance needs. THIS offers the following coverage plans: Full Mortality, Major Medical and Surgical, Expected Foal Insurance, Guaranteed Live Foal Insurance, Permanent Infertility Due to Accident, Sickness or Disease, First Seasonal Congenital Infertility Insurance, Limited Perils, Transit Insurance, and Short Term Coverage. In addition, THIS can provide Farm Package (Property and Liability Insurance) Care, Custody and Control Insurance, and Liability Insurance for private and professional owners and equine operations.

For more information about Taylor Harris Insurance Services, Inc., please visit or call 800-291-4774.


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