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Classique International De Blainville (Jumping Blainville) Wrap-up, July 14-18, 2010

Written by: Rebecca Walton
Client: Jumping Blainville
Release Date: 2010-07-20

Blainville, QC – July 20, 2010 - It was a hometown victory on Sunday at Jumping Blainville when local rider Francois Lamontagne showed his top mount Anton to an exciting win in the $60,000 World Cup Qualifier. Sunday’s class was this week’s highlight event and it did not disappoint when four riders advanced to the jump-off and made a dash for the cash. Lamontagne’s stunning double-clear round was the fastest of the evening and it was just enough to push Ljubov Kochetova and Aslan into second place to lead the victory gallop.

Ljubov Kochetova was the first the first rider to complete a first round effort with Aslan and the first to tackle the jump-off course. The pair had a consistent gallop throughout the course and Aslan made an incredible effort over each fence. They galloped through the timers in 38.59 seconds to set the pace and eventually earn the second place prize.

Next in the ring to show over the short course was hometown hero Francois Lamontagne and his stellar mount Anton. The duo picked up a quick pace to the first fence and never held back. As they nimbly made their way over each of the obstacles the pair lengthened their gallop to the final fence and soared over it with ease. They stopped the clock at 37.06 seconds to take over the lead and eventually win the class.

“The course for today was big and I was not sure how my horse would do because we do not have much experience at this level,” commented Lamontagne. “He is a smaller horse and he doesn’t have the biggest stride. He goes with his heart and if you really want it he’s going to give it to you.”

Lamontagne began showing Anton in the 1.15m classes three years ago and he has worked hard to bring him to this level. Next week plans to compete at the International Bromont Horse Show and he hopes to compete in more FEI classes. “I think I am able to compete at that level with this horse, but at the same time I do not want to go too fast and put too much pressure on my horse.”

The young rider is a Quebec native and is thrilled to have a victory in his hometown. “It’s really special for me to win here because there are a lot of people that know me,” he smiled. “I spend many weeks here in the summer, it’s my backyard.”

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Jumper Highlights: Wednesday – Saturday

It was a beautiful day at the Equestrian Park of Blainville as the second week of competition got underway during the Classique Internationale De Blainville (Jumping Blainville) on Wednesday. Christine McCrea took home the day’s top prize in the Grand Prix Ring as she rode Twister to a stunning double-clear victory in the 1.45m Open Jumper class. Also earning a blue ribbon was Gabrielle Cousin who showed Aramisse Des Pins to the top of the 1.35m Open Jumper speed class.

Yann Candele and Redefin, owned by Susan Grange, were the first to advance to the jump-off after completing a clear first round. The pair had an unfortunate rail at the single vertical and their four fault score held up for the second place position as they stopped the clock at 42.810 seconds.

Next to show over the short course was Christine McCrea with Twister, owned by Candy Tribble. The pair had a beautiful, clear opening round and they continued their excellent effort during the jump-off. Twister soared over each fence and his large stride ate up the ground. The duo galloped across the finish line in 43.039 seconds and jumped to the top of the leaderboard to score the day’s big win.

Jonathan McCrea was the final rider to show in the jump-off with Colarado, owned by Candy Tribble. They also accrued faults at the single oxer for a four-fault score in a time of 44.495 seconds, earning the third place honors.

“Today there was a nice welcome course; it was not too big and it put you all over the ring,” noted McCrea. “There was a double and a triple and overall it was a good opening class.”

McCrea has been riding the ten-year-old stallion for two years in the grand prix classes. “He’s a really big horse and he has a really big stride,” she commented. “He is not the easiest horse for me to ride because his stride is so big. I have to always be thinking about that with him because I get to the jump a lot quicker than I realize sometimes. He jumps with great technique and he is very careful and very scopey. I really love him.”

Earlier in the day, riders had the opportunity to test their horse’s speed in the 1.35m Open Jumper Speed class. The top prize was awarded to Gabrielle Cousin and Aramise Des Pins who stole the show when they galloped through the timers in 64.02 seconds with all the rails in their cups.

Kevin Maxie scored the second place honors aboard Legende De B’neville, owned by Ron Nolan, after stopping the clock at 67.38 seconds with a clear effort. It was a close battle for the top as the third place finisher, Jonathan McCrea and Windsor Show Stables’ Viktor VDL, broke the beam at 67.62 seconds. The fourth place award was presented to David Arcand and Tarzan, who had a clear round in 67.81 seconds.

The 1.25m Open Jumper class was also held this morning in the Grand Prix Ring. Top honors were awarded to Paul Halpern and Austerlitz, owned by Kellie Anne Langston, who had a double-clear round in 37.43 seconds. The second place prize went to Melissandre Lincourt who was aboard Southshore Farm’s Rainy Day. The pair left all the fences standing during the jump-off and stopped the clock at 38.31 seconds. Kevin Maxie and Julia, owned by Ron Nolan, finished in the third place position with a double-clear effort in 38.572 seconds.

Thursday marked the second day of competition at the Classique Internationale De Blainville (Jumping Blainville) and the top jumper riders once again returned to Grand Prix Ring to showcase their talented mounts. The highlight event of the day was the 1.35m Open Jumper class where the top accolade went to Keean White and Concas. The pair had the fastest clear effort during the jump-off and took home the top prize. Later in the day the Junior Amateur 1.30m Speed class was held in the Grand Prix Ring with blue ribbon going to Liam Dumont-Walker aboard Lilius, who sped through the timers in 66.047 seconds and left all the rails in the cups.

Margie Gayford was the first rider to successfully tackle the first round course and advance to the jump-off with Winston, owned by Wingberry Farm. The pair was able to leave all the fences standing as they found their way over the track in a time of 44.216 seconds. Their clear effort set the pace and would eventually hold up for the second place prize. Kelly Robinson also had a successful short course with Cimarron Farms’ Caberlay, but their time of 44.299 seconds would fall just short of Gayford’s pace and earn them the third place ribbon.

Keean White and Concas, owned by Elm Rock, LLC, went late in the class and the opportunity to watch the other horses and riders compete proved fruitful. The new pair entered the ring with confidence and were able to leave all the rails in their cups, qualifying for the jump-off. They picked up a quick pace for the short course and soared over each fence easily. The duo galloped through the timers in 43.269 seconds with a double clear effort to take over the lead and win the day’s top prize.

“This is the first class that I have shown Concas in because we only got him three weeks ago,” noted White. “My plan for the jump-off was just to be efficient and stay on the gallop. He’s such a fast horse on his own and he’s quick in the air; today was a great day.”

Concas was purchased as new horse for Leah DeMartini, who will take over the reins in a few weeks. “I’m just feeling him out at this horse show and I may show him in Saturday’s Speed Derby or Sunday’s World Cup Qualifier,” said White. “He’s a simple horse and all you need to do is find a good gallop and sit still.”

The Junior Amateur 1.30m Speed class was held next in the Grand Prix Ring under the afternoon sunshine. Felix-Antoine Moulin set the early pace over the challenging course as the third rider in the class with Cormack. The pair left all the fences intact and stopped the clock at 74.516 seconds, which held up for the third place award. Seven riders later it was Liam Dumont-Walker and Lilius who jumped to the top of the leaderboard with a clear round in 66.047 seconds. Fares Kabbani tried to catch the duo’s time with Oriander but fell short when they crossed the finish line in 71.44 seconds for the second place prize. Dumont-Walker and Lilius set an unbeatable time with their clear effort and were awarded the first place honors at the end of the class.

Earlier in the day Paul Halpern earned his second 1.25 Open Jumper victory, this time riding Tonic, owned by Stratford-Fox Run. The pair dominated the speed class with a clear round in 57.78 seconds. Stephanie Mathers-Verville was award both the second and third place ribbons for her efforts with Caetina and Nala Gesmerat, respectively.

Lauren Hunkin had a stunning victory aboard Larry 0146 during the FEI Open Welcome class at Jumping Blainville. The pair edged out Christine McCrea and Baloubet Junior Z during the two-horse jump-off with the fastest clear effort in a time of 31.96 seconds. Friday’s exciting event was held this evening at the Blainville Equestrian Park under a beautiful blue sky with the world’s best riders.

McCrea was the first rider to complete a successful first round course and advance to the jump-off with Baloubet Junior Z, owned by Candy Tribble. The pair picked up a quick pace to the first fence and made a tight turn to the double combination. They increased their gallop to the final fence and soared over it with ease, completing a clear round in 32.65 seconds.

Twenty horses later Hunkin entered the ring for the first round with Larry 0146, owned by Synergy Farm, and they were the only other pair that was able to leave each fence standing and stopped the clock without fault. Hunkin mimicked McCrea’s tight turn to the combination and opened her horse’s stride to the final two fences. Larry 0146 leapt over the last obstacles and galloped across the finish line in 31.96. The pair’s incredible clear effort took them to the top of the leaderboard and they led this evening’s victory gallop.

“Today’s first round was a really tough track,” explained Hunkin. “It was wide, it was technical and to be honest I was a little bit concerned about the width of the oxers. I didn’t start off quite the way I wanted to at number one but eventually I got into a rhythm with him and I got a whistle from a friend in the crowd to pick up the pace for the time allowed after fence 10. Larry fights for me every time he goes in the ring.”

Jumping Blainville is one of Hunkin’s favorite competitions and she travels from Kemptville, Ontario, with Synergy Farm to compete each year. “I love Jumping Blainville,” she said. “The park is beautiful and it is right in the middle of town so we get a nice crowd during the weekend. The ring is fantastic and the organizers do everything they can to make sure we have a nice ride.”

As Jumping Blainville winded down the week, Saturday’s highlight competition was the Speed Derby. The Derby took place in the Grand Prix Ring of the Blainville Equestrian Park beginning promptly at 3:00p.m. Melissandre Lincourt and Rainy Day took home the win completing the course in 101.04 seconds. Winston and Margie Gayford missed the top prize by only a second earning them the second place honors. Tomorrow will mark the final day of competition at Jumping Blainville and will feature the $60,000 World Cup Qualifier in the Grand Prix Ring as the feature event.

Melissandre Lincourt was the first rider to complete the course leaving all of the fences standing. Lincourt was aboard Rainy Day, owned by Southshore Farm. The pair was quick and accurate as they made their way through the course, even taking a sharp turn up the bank. They crossed the finish line in 101.04 seconds without any additional time added to take over the lead and eventually win the class.

Margie Gayford made an excellent effort to catch Lincourt’s time with Winston, owned by Wingberry Farm. They also left all of the rails in their cups but they stopped the clock just one second passed the leaders in 102.11 seconds for the second place award.

Lincourt was very happy with Rainy Day’s performance because this is her first time showing the young mare. “I have only ridden her twice this week, once in the 1.25m and once in the1.35m,” she explained. “She has been jumping clean but she is a little out of shape because she just finished her quarantine. Today, I wanted to jump, clean, safe, not too fast, and very accurate. There wasn’t a place where I was supposed to run as fast as I could; I wanted to keep it under control pretty much.”

Rainy Day was very fast over the course and proved that she could cover the ground without picking up a fast gallop. “She kicks really high when she jumps so I have the capacity to turn her a little quicker than some other horses,” noted Lincourt. “Coming to the combinations I slowed down and gave her a good gap, but I would turn as tight as I could when we landed and she wasn’t losing any time in the air.” Lincourt is very excited about the future possibilities with Rainy Day and hopes to eventually show her at the grand prix level.

The 1.40m Open Jumper class was held just before the rain started at the Blainville Equestrian Park. Two riders qualified to compete in the jump-off and it was Laurie Bucci aboard Lidalgo B that led the victory gallop. Angela Covert-Lawerence was the first to show over the short course with Candidate Du Marquet, owned by Emmanuelle Bolduc. The pair has an unfortunate rail coming into the double combination and also had three time faults for a seven fault score. Bucci knew that all she had to do was leave all the rails in their cups and that is exactly was she did. The duo crossed the finish line in 45.379 seconds and also accrued three time faults, but their clear effort earned them the day’s top prize.


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